Spontaneous ReGenerations

About eighty generations before Jesus of Nazareth,
Zoroaster predicted the continuing
virgin birth
of Earth’s Savior.

Could he have foreseen you
as our CoRedeemer,
as he was part of this same regeneration story
leading toward your fertile Time?

Virgin, for Zoroaster’s encultured time,
yet potentially fertile,
both Empty and Interdependent health and vitality,
diastatic nutritional becoming
promise reborn,
through Sun’s prime relational sacred regenerating Mother Earth,
virginal multiculturing Original Promise
of (0)-sum co-redemptive Yang-political/Yin-nurturing-economic flow
root systemic
nondual co-arising virginal (0) soul lives
reweaving EarthTribe CoMessianic Empowerment,
ego/eco-balancing consciousness,
gifting forward karma
born of virginal embryonic childlike grace
recovering permacultural Wisdom’s vast nutritional climate,
deep learning (0) sum eco/bio/geosystems.

YangFull/Empty Universal EgoSun
YinInterdependent notnot-kind naturespirit dynamics,
WinWin reiterative revolutions, revelations
of (0) fractal virgin births,
double-binding light of regenerate ecoconsciousness.

He was probably listening,
feeling empathic (0)-CoPresent Source
of light’s virgin/efficacious Yin/Yang Angels,
hunting and gathering Wisdom stories
of Earth’s virginal Yin,
yet regenerate Yang,
birth of (0) balanced nutritional unfolding
of reverse-time defusing RNA,
4D spacetime equivalence
of PositiveUniverseYang with NotNot EcoLogicalNurturing Abundance-YinYin
as Uracil is dipolar with Cytosine
and +1 is to co-arising (-/-)0-squared,
as fertile Yes! speaks to notnot empty yet/still,
CoRedeemers of integrity
bicamerally balancing virgin Time.


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