Hope in GoodFlow Timing

Hope is not the positive outcome flower of spiritual faith and conviction,
says political philosopher Vaclav Havel,
nor is despair rooted in WinWin CoMessianic meaning and purpose and values,
eternal promise of future fertility
of omnipotent Yang Bodhisattva Empowering
healthy wealth,
natural-spiritual interior landscapes of abundant health
within exterior ecosystemic multiculturing,
synergetically revolving, climates.

Hope is not only rooted in spiritualized empathic trusts
bu also flowers as multicultural faith
in rationally deductive certainties
that something makes ecologically health sense;
it is WinWin economically and ecologically short-term NOW
on through long-term,
7-regenerations, and all those folks and tribes of future times.

Hope is rooted in ecological climate health v pathology,
regardless of co-arising dissonant shorter-term ecopolitical WinLose
suboptimization of health-wealth outcome opportunities.
This cognitive-affective dissonance, conflicting climates,
is to be expected
as Yang’s LeftBrain dominant resistance
to otherwise cooperatively-dominant
peacefully nurturing
evolution of ecological harvests,
consilient gatherings of regenerative nutritional sensory experience,
Yang exterior ecosystemic,
as ecopolitically, notnot interior YinYin = WinTime-SquareRoot Reiterative,
cooperative bicameral enlightenment,
reflecting visual and audio DoubleFractal-Fused OctaveFrequency wave-linear bilateral equivalence,
(0) sum economic investment Left as ecological enrichment Right,
and (0) TippingPoint dipolar co-arising soul as core nature/spirit
TaoTime wu wei balance,
within 4 spacetime primal equivalent developmental stages,
ethological dimensions of temporal fold-flow-fuseYin-unfoldYang dipolarity.
(Fuller, Euler, Thurston, Perelman, Laotse, et. al.)

Mapping LaoTse sonnets
onto iconic language choices
of political philosopher Havel,
a more syncretically nutritious outcome room
provides this 4D RealTime ecoconscious bicameral network view
as YangLeft with notnot Yang Dipolar ElderRightBrain ecological health trending balance between
nature-regenerative Left sensory (0)-sum receptor balance
moving through ElderSpirit Right’s Interdependently Fertile DNA root
ecosystemically enscribed by c-squared speed of light
primally notnot Eulerian Primal Relationship
of (0) sum and soul squared written (-/-)0-squared nihilistic
dipolar co-arising
bilaterally enlightening
notnot P = P
yin = yang
when notnot Zero-fused double-binary = +1 octave-byte.

Regardless of (0) sum timelessly eternal details,
waving off toward Pronoia instead of Paranoia
Landscapes of ecopolitical climate choices
for health v pathology,
we might all multiculturally agree?
hope is rooted in both spiritual faith
and natural ecologically deduced and replicable,
and regeneratively fertile,
ecopolitically resonant,
rationally co-invested,
positive healthy, and helpful, judgment
that cooperative also means abundantly self-regeneratively nutritional,
as opposed to too competitively LeftBrain Dominant’s not-so-much,
addicted to WinLose evolutionary and revolutionary scenarios,
where Elder Right can only ecologically celebrate
WinWin Integrity
of health ego/eco-storic ReGenerative System,
Nutritional (0) Deep Learning Enculturation.


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