Abundant Life

Economies are positive when consuming and producing balanced nutrition,
and are depressed when consuming and producing too much
by way of dissonant toxic loss and suffering,
un-ecological hubris,
climate pathologies suboptimizing WinWin potentialities
for multiculturally healthy outcomes.

Economic nutritional abundance
sometimes labeled as wealth,
is an artifact,
neither exclusive, much less supremely, significant
in and of its own dance,
within politically empowering multicultural health,
internal polypathic cooperative EgoLeft/EcoRight solidarity
externalizing Earth’s tribally landscaped
nutritional extended family enculturation wealth.

Wealthy cooperative economies
consume polypathic ecological health
to politically produce Earth-trusting nutrition,
deep learning landscapes
regenerating co-empathic climates
of bicameral DNA/RNA dialects
reweaving syncretic TaoTime balance.


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