Zen Math

Listen up but learn deep,
said the non-existent Zen Math teacher.
I’m only saying this once
and it will be on your test
now nearly finished.

1. All nomials are part of the universal network of polynomials,
just as all memes are part of an integral memory system
or there would be neither nomial
nor meme.

2. All nomials are also binomials
for the same reason we call half a moon
a Full Moon
and refer to a quartile of moon
as a Half Moon.

3. Which is also why digital information
is always binary,
and why double-binds are also double negative oxymorons
of equivalent co-arising coincidence.

4. And why,
on a Zero Zen-centered Earth,
all polynomials are equivalent to double-negative polynomials,
dualdark shadow yin square roots
trending Yang notnot empty virginity,
remembering (0)-soul bilateral regenerativity
of co-arising Time.

Those are my questions.
Now, could we become a more resonantly comprehensive answer?



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