Solomon’s Question

hate to disturb you
but I have a question.
If I could grant you only one greatest love wish
for how you would develop into your greatest strength
which virtue would you choose?

Well, thanks.
Great question.
Do we have such powers? I wonder.
What have others asked for?
Some precedent, including old age healthy outcomes,
could be helpful.

Some of the more popular gift requests
you already have covered,
in large part by being born into wealthy royalty,
but also endowed with those tall,
and handsome genes,
and your unusually healthy organic internal strengths
that will help you sustain your exterior beauty,
in your current masculine incarnation.

Top requests,
in no particular non-random order,
include love of power over others,
to get one’s most effectively nutritious way.

Then there is also love of power with others,
to invite our most cooperative nurturing way,
more popular with the other gender,
probably for evolutionary rhythmic reasons.

Then there are requests for fame,
although these seldom, if ever,
seem to arrive as requests for love of fame,
as this love of, perhaps more truly lust for, fame,
comes with aversions toward infamy
already well-nurtured by neglect
and, too often, even abuse of condemning parents,
habitually threatening to withhold investments
in more positive affections.

Outcomes for love of fame requests, when granted, are double-edged.
What brings powers of fame over some
also brings weaknesses of infamy from others.
Envy, you know.
Any vocation pursued for hope of fame as well-knowledged,
and/or bountifully beautied,
over love of wisdom,
will attract both admirers and dissenters

The stronger this public fame
the more concomitant private concerns develop
about personal future infamy,
loss of altitude,
and, with this concern,
a growing sense of merely going through the productive motions
without sustaining nutritional consumption of positive refueling emotions,
more associated with greater love of wisdom’s healthy wealth.

In the older age end, then,
it seems we have no other rational outcome choice
but love of regenerative power-with positive reputation,
as security about my power-over negative reputation,
wisdom balancing LeftBrain’s deductive powers
over environmental understanding,
as also Elder RightBrain’s inductive powers
with ecologically co-arising ecopolitical trust.

That bicameral balancing wisdom sounds good.
May I have one of those, please?
should you, as others, be so kind
to help me gift life forward.


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