Wisdom v PowerLust

Is there a difference between growing wisdom
and love of wisdom,
or are these the same?

The same,
because love and wisdom always and everywhere nondually co-arise,
so long as we have the wisdom to remain clear about what is love
incarnating cooperatively
and what is lust
divesting into monocultural competitions
of seeking power-over,
when and where only power-with could possibly result in wisdom’s wealth
as healthy WinWin outcomes.

because comprehensive comprehensions of wisdom
often fail to achieve multicultural empowering greatness,
stepping into history with fame
rather than outrageous competitions in egocentric infamy,
without co-arising love of health
as more than sufficient for eternal ecopolitical wealth.

To become a great lover
without so much wisdom
is to become known, at best,
as a profoundly unsatisfied luster
for other people’s,
and even all EarthTribe’s, power.

Jesus of Nazareth had something to say
about non-Solomonic powers
distracted from love of wisdom
by lust to hoard vast wealthy stores of power
to vainly secure oneself against future drains away
from more lively cooperatively invested organic health.

Such lust corrupts love’s wise potential
for our cooperative polypathic comprehensive powers
within health-investing Ego,
and positively networking co-redemptive Others,
people chosen by Time’s coincidental birthing powers,
and Earth as sacred Gaia timing
Her revolving DNA/RNA organic Self.


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