PostMillennial Polypaths

Let’s be as clear as zeroism
could notnot ever eternally become,
we settle for Einstein’s Theory of 4D Relativity,
while RightBrain easily transliterates
as complexly square-root systemic
geometric-biometric networked
fractal square nurturing organic regenerative
ecosystemic cooperative synergy,
reverse-temporal hierarchy of empowerment
as cause-effectively gifting grace forward,
more matriarchally associated,
as patriarchal structures favor power top-heavy structures.

Which feels very much ecologically like not being able to uncover your LeftBrain
notnot YangForce EgoCenter
for lack of RightBrain EarthTribe-listening
with equivalent YinSquared EcoConscious BiCameral Balancing Health
as Wealth (0)-sum Theorem of ReGenerativity,
trans-millennially reweaving as we cooperatively research
and speak across more differentiated paradigms.

I’m just as peace
truth as beauty
’cause my proportion and rhythm RightBrain
intuitive truster/mistruster
is trying to draw this dynamic ecologically full-octave ReSonantly Hued sight-sound-smell-taste-feel EcoConsciousness Conjecture,
of ergodic co-arising nondual appositional verbs
of time’s reweaving,
decomposing Yang-Yintegral Tao
unwinding PostMillennial PolyPathic Zeroism.

Reiteratively speaking, notnot double-binding
WinWin as regeneratively fractal-seasonal
global climate and landscape LeftBrain ecopolitical
as also RightBrain ecological health insurance,
avoiding further development of Cognitive-Affective Dissonance Theorems
in favor of BiCameral Polypathic EnthyMematic Communication Conjectures
on behalf of,
as in advocating,
as in Occupying,
as in becoming hybrids of Western messiahs and Eastern bodhisattvas
ReGenerative Climate Healthy-Wealthy EcoPolitical Scientists
and other EcoTherapeutic Sacred Artists
interested in ecological climates,
without as within,
above as below
interdependent as empty,
light as dualdark,
(0)Mega Point as BlackHole (0)Riginal Projection
of EarthTribe’s sacred-natural Promise,
co-arising integrative potentials.

Relative, of course,
but also ReGenerative-(0)-Sum Positive
with DeGenerative-DualDark BiLateral not-future/not-yet-past Empty (0) Negative
RightBrain Paranoia about
Trees of Life
require Root Systems of Decomposing-ReGenerating SpaceTime Matters.


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