When Natural Houses Are Safe Homes

Which is more important to you
natural beauty
or spiritual truth?

I guess I didn’t notice any difference.

Maybe there isn’t.
Which is more important to you
an aesthetically rich and bountiful house
or a safe home?

You realize that’s not necessarily the same question.
An aesthetically optimal house
may or may not be a type of natural beauty,
depending on whether my habitat is primally within Earth’s beauty,
or divorced from this OverSoul CoMentoring Source
of yintegral grace and flow,
by virtue of embryonic matriarchal exodus
from my Original nutritionally abundant,
Beloved Safe Home,
which, yes,
is a spiritual truth,
or at least must have seemed like transubstantiating reincarnating enspirited struggle at the climax time
of Ego Matriarchal/Patriarchal Imprint,
when Left EgoPatriarchal/Matriarchal was not yet differentiated
from Original Ecological Matriarchal Nutrition CoOperative
Economy, of and for EcoPolitical Empowerment,
within my new aesthetically developing natural polypathic beauty
and permacultural design,
my Ego’s Safe Home OverSoul.

I think you just said that my second question could be different than my first,
but that in your particular situation,
it is not,
and therefore you do not see a difference worthy of further notice?

Well, yes, I did say that.
But I hope I also said
that anyone born of a healthy nurturing mother
might also see their EarthTribe of ReGenerative Gaia
prodigal polypathic integrity potential in this Yang/Yin,
Ego/Eco Way.

Might thereby more easily recognize,
as children,
Earth as ReGenerative Goddess Gaia,
safe spiritual home,
aesthetically natural integrity of beauty with healthy, robust, fertile goodness,
secular if you insist on being LeftBrain dominant about it,
yet, either way,
any way you choose to share our interdependent journey,
WinWin ecopolitics
is both an economically spiritual ecology win of truth,
and a natural
regenerative prime-matriarchal
politically robust relationships win of eroticLeft-agapicRight
Integrity of BeauteousTruth.

Shouldn’t that be True Beauty?

Only if you’re LeftBrain Dominant.

What were we speaking of again?

Don’t you mean
what were you talking about?

Probably both.

Now you’re getting the hang of it!

More like the bilateral swing of it.

An the spiraling-fractal DNA fertile healthy-wealth of it.

There you go.
Now you’ve really said it.


What we were talking about.

Which is more important
beauty or truth?

Didn’t Plato already cover that?

Probably, but you wouldn’t get away with a dualist assumption so easily
back in the prior millennium,
before LeftBrain dominance matures enough
for our minds and bodies to speak out of two different sides of our mouths
about conserving short-term ego identity health and beauty
and progressing longer-term regenerative
eco-logically robust
deep learning wealth of truth.

So, short-term beauty win outcomes
are also long-term true-win ecosystemic health outcomes?

I think this is a more important question
than the one that assumed they were different.
But, I wonder if beauty wins as beauty does outcomes
are also rooted in long-term climate health incomes
for ReGenerative Virgin
0-Soul Empty
BiCameral PolyPathic Goddess Gaia,
icon of Mother’s Nutritional CoOperative Network.

The good old Golden Rule days.

For the well-fed and nurtured;
not yet for all,
and I believe humanity is teetering on the downside
of that future climate of health and safety trend.

Don’t blame me.

If our climate health were a matter of assigning blame
to move on toward ecotherapy,
then surely there is enough blame to be shared by all.
But, it remains my integrity of faith and hope and love
that blame is riskier
than cooperative responsibility
to co-mentor health’s authoritative
joint ecology of mutually subsidiary authority,
reverse hierarchical matriarchal cooperative networks
for further graceful
nature-beauty spirits.


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