Like Fish in Fresh Water

Like fish
for whom water might have the transparent invisibility
of ubiquitous healthy atmosphere,
our primal natural-spiritual nondual first love
and last hope
is for ever-more regenerative health trends,
and not degenerative pathology trends.

That being so,
if indeed I have this Left-Right balanced accurately,
conserve-progress polypathically,
economically and politically,
then health optimization for both LeftBrain ego conservatism
and RightBrain ecoconscious nondual freedom of integrity,
can never settle for WinLose choices,
instead, using these emerging competing choices
toward discerning WinWin multicultural regenerativity.

This could be true within a humane-divining individual,
within secular-sacred families and households,
within natural dynamic-enspirited,
cooperatively-owned and managed economies,
and between politically incorporated governments,
as it is true within any regeneratively trending healthy ecosystem,
whether explicitly,
or merely implicitly,
bi-lateral balancing our nondualist co-arising journey
toward WinWin healthy ego/eco-consciousness.


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