To CareGivers and Receivers

I hope we all at least aspire to become adept caregivers and receivers,
as these two directions seem to be nondualist,
mutually symbiotic;
to give care is neither better nor worse than to receive,
as optimal healthy care giving is also receiving–
these interactions mutually feed and enrich each other.
We call this healthy and growing love.

The best care giving comes out of love and nurturance,
not merely the exterior forms of ego discipline,
the ego-control of negative emotions and thoughts.
Love sublimates negativity,
often with humor at our own ecoconsciously mindful deep learning expense,
looking even deeper at this relationship in this time,
and learning to share this Basic Attendance
in a nondual spirit of co-mentorship.

Put another more therapeutic way,
health care professional training has invested in attorneys
and insurance bottom-line profit-seeking,
risk-management corporations,
to articulate how to defend oneself,
one’s practice,
one’s relationships,
from inappropriate touch and language and aggressive behavior.

This is not a bad thing in our WinLose ecopolitical economy,
but it is the less compelling side of our WinWin opportunity-optimization potential
for both caregiving and receiving
which is all about how to therapeutically touch and speak
and derive maturing empathic consciousness.

Both strict conservatives and progress-nurturers can agree
that our GoldenRule caregiving-receiving journey
within this health v pathology Earth climate,
through both internal and external landscapes of ecotherapeutic touch and language,
is how we further evolve together
toward optimizing WinWin health,
regenerative caregiving-receiving,
communicating with hands and feet and mouth from within mutually cooperative empathic trust.

As this conversion occurs and re-occurs and concurs,
then life becomes all about WinWin optimizing appropriate touch.
Too long enduring issues of WinLose inappropriate touch
become artifacts of a prior benighted millennium,
a former age and stage and life,
our progress-conserving regenerate Elders would not wish stuck upon us
or our great-grandchildren of all Earth’s species.


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