Prodigal Sons and Daughters

Why do you always forgive
and invite me back home?

Why do I respond to my Prodigal Son
with prodigious love?

I guess.

Because we share an Older RightBrain Stem,
right down into our DNA-drenched bone marrow,
that always feels cooperatively drawn toward WinWin co-empathic trust
and always unconsciously dissonantly struggles
with competitive Win-Ego v Lose-OtherEco compromises
with how Earth and Ego would health and wellness thrive
if we all could remember
we have all been both Prodigal Sons and Daughters
and Prodigious Elder WinWin Ego/Eco Mentors
who could never become happy choosing between
ecosystemic LeftBrain deductive natural health
over ecopolitical RightBrain inductive nurturing wealth.

Like having your LeftBrain deductive self-regenerative cake
while RightBrain ecosystemically decomposing it too.

Said like a WinWin Prodigal co-investing Son/Daughter.

I guess.


I appreciate the return invite
but it is this habit of yours about always needing the last polysyllabic word
that continues to drive me nuts.

What can I say that will help you feel better
about this annoying habit of mine?

Preferably nothing.


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