Prodigal Sons and Daughters

Why do you always forgive
and invite me back home?

Why do I respond to my Prodigal Son
with prodigious love?

I guess.

Because we share an Older RightBrain Stem,
right down into our DNA-drenched bone marrow,
that always feels cooperatively drawn toward WinWin co-empathic trust
and always unconsciously dissonantly struggles
with competitive Win-Ego v Lose-OtherEco compromises
with how Earth and Ego would health and wellness thrive
if we all could remember
we have all been both Prodigal Sons and Daughters
and Prodigious Elder WinWin Ego/Eco Mentors
who could never become happy choosing between
ecosystemic LeftBrain deductive natural health
over ecopolitical RightBrain inductive nurturing wealth.

Like having your LeftBrain deductive self-regenerative cake
while RightBrain ecosystemically decomposing it too.

Said like a WinWin Prodigal co-investing Son/Daughter.

I guess.


I appreciate the return invite
but it is this habit of yours about always needing the last polysyllabic word
that continues to drive me nuts.

What can I say that will help you feel better
about this annoying habit of mine?

Preferably nothing.


Politically Therapeutic Empathy

To paraphrase George Lakoff, and maybe Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi,
and maybe Julian Jaynes,
and possibly Gregory Bateson,
and Laura Brown,
and then there was…

Nurturing empathy is the only doorway through healthy effective
LeftBrain Deductive and RightBrain Inductive
nondual co-arising communication,
whether the message pattern is WinLose debate,
Either This EgoYangElite Or That EcoYin-NotNotElite
or WinWin dialogue,
Both This EgoYangPatriarchal AntiPathic-Deductive Competition And That EcoYinMatriarchal Empathic-Inductive-IntegralNurturing CoOperation,

Or some hybrid of WinLose LeftBrain Dominant
and WinWin RightBrain Yin struggling appositionally with,
but preferably not struggling oppositionally against WinLose suboptimization strategies,
short of co-empathic WinWin relational outcomes.

These two, W/L and W/W,
X/Y and Y/Y,
U/C and A/G,
regenerative discernment evolutions
emerge co-empathically trusting outcomes,
U.S. democratic Original Intent,
Friends of Extended Family are empathically trusted as Friends to regenerationally-fertilely thrive toward Earth’s humane enlightenment,
and not at all the less enlightened and more pathological-patriarchalElitist,
NonElite Allies [not Western White Straight Strict Males] of my Extended HealthySafe Family are antipathically untrusted and unempathized as our probably competing against us to survive Enemies.

Mutual empathy is our constitutionally protected,
key toward regenerative communication
as mutual antipathy degenerates,
so too does active dysfunctional and unhealthy distrust,
motivating further Win/Lose survivalist Elite EcoPolitical assumptions.

Follow the light,
in ecological language,
also means
follow our most fertile-cooperative owned and facilitated
economic and political healthywealth.



Imagine you live in a daily environment
where and when everything you like
is already yours if you simply ask for this whatever with gratitude,
and is more frustratingly ungraspable if you cannot acquire sufficient gratitude to ask.

And, it doesn’t even matter whom you ask.
So you need not be troubled by complexities,
historically epic narratives,
about who owns what,
and who does not,
because everyone you meet knows it is their vocation,
it is among their reasons for being,
to give you whatever you want,
whenever you want it with sufficient gratitude.

How might you respond to such power and riches,
to both give and to receive
such fertile perfection potential?
How might we cooperatively rule our fertile rich black soils
and sparkling clear clean rivers,
and smile back at our mutually-held blue sky?

And yet, these powers are not yet polypathically magical.
You do not have powers to be someone else.
You cannot look at a perfectly beautiful body
and gratefully claim it as your own.

You do have the power to speak and listen with each of those perfectly beautiful bodies
and/or minds
about how and why and when and where you treasure them,
value them,
and would become a mind and/or body exactly like theirs,
an identical twin.

You do have the power to ask them, with gratitude,
to help you see and hear and smell and taste their beauty,
but not to become their beauty for them.

Becoming health and beauty powers with others
grateful for our most intimate mutually grateful availability,
cooperatively trusting accessibility,
because your powers of acquisition
are constrained only by this magic
of mutual gratitude.

Imagine, as you mature in LeftBrain dominance,
the magic of mutual gratitude
and its more paranoid secretive absence,
when you were a child
was simply Left/Right deep learning chemistry.

Imagine how you might have heard,
You can be anything you sufficiently desire to become
as not so much,
You can have whichever magical powers of acquisition you can imagine,
but more like a child,
We are continually becoming whom and what we wish for
within an ecology of mutually trusting chemistry
we call regard, and sometimes wonder, and even awe,
and we are discontinuously becoming whom and what we do not wish for
within a climate of paranoid
overly acquisitive and competitive
LeftBrain dominant pathology;
this lack of RightBrain outflowing,
self-as-also-other regenerating gratitude.

Imagine you live where and when
all you can take in is ours to give
each grateful trusting other.

What happens in your imaginative chemistry
when WinLose games of Keep Away
revolt into WinWin games of Give Away,
but only when productive for
and consumptive of
co-empathic gratitude?