Trees of our Forest

Trees in a mindbody forest
work together in hidden ways
and through this cooperation
increase their shared resistance to disease,
mutually held immunities from shared pathologies.

In this way,
densely muticultural forest systems
with mature cooperative resistance
co-evolve even more robust
and mutually creolizing resonant;
not exactly might makes right
but more like right relationships emerge eco-flowing might.

This fertile resonance
is a cooperative face
of mutually competing resistance,
and vice versa.

A glass half empty of mistrust
also half full of trusting climates
and landscapes of emerging proactive health.

We used to have a bicameral legislature
that worked together in hidden and public sector ways
but now has voted more for less through competition
thereby Either/Or reducing our shared WinWin resistance
to mutually terrorizing pathologies,
and avoiding any taint
of mutually creolizing informed and fertile resonance.

We have all heard of
and feared becoming
dumb as a post,
but our larger ecopolitical forest
appears to behave less co-intelligently than a tree.


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