Same Old Differences

Why is it that philosophers and scientists,
and sometimes even theologians,
find healthier and less degenerative ground
lies in defining what their loves and great pursuits
are not?

Positive self-regenerating definitions
are what lie within
these negative encircling boundaries
of what it,
whatever “it” may be,
is not.

Religion is not science
and philosophy is no longer scientific
and scientific religions are an abomination
(too totalitarian, you see)
and history is none of the above,
but potentially about all of those below,
especially if they were men.

These traditions born of human experience
grow paradigmatic double-binding walls
to co-define what’s in
as what’s not yet out.

Yet, ecology of natural-spiritual systems
respects no such boundaries,
where history/herstory is our global story
of unfolding experiential reunion
with leftbrain scientific
and rightbrain religious flow
nondual co-arising
ecology of karmic grace
as climate health
defined by encroaching ecopolitical
and historical
and too-industrial
climate pathologies of inhumane competing hubris.

Western religious traditions
may differ from Eastern
through telling an historically embedded tale
of co-redemptive grace
rather than timeless nondual philosophy of being
yet both are within one ecological ecopolitical umbrella
of love’s contenting
co-arising regenerativity
as climate health
co-defining decompositional degenerativity
as further Too Busyness
hunting and devouring as competitively usual
far more than gathering and absorbing could balance
and cooperate
drawing LeftBrain boundaries
around what God/dess Earth
has also brought nutritionally

Scientific philosophers,
and sometimes even theologians,
find healthier and more regenerative grounds
defining how our ecological loves
are great transitionally storied
cooperative pursuits.


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