Born to Litter

Is it only coincidental
that pigs have litters
and those who carelessly litter
are Earth-trashing pigs?

Not pigs, dear;
Just not mindful people,
without mature eco-consciousness,
with militaristic habits
of throwing paper and plastic and metallic missiles
out onto our EarthMother Commons,
for all to see and smell and feel badly about,
to suffer tragic loss and deep sorrow.

Like pigs, right?

Well, I suppose
a pig would not distinguish
between ego- and eco-consciousness.
But why would you stigmatize pigs
as opposed to other quasi-domesticated animals
like horses or cows
or sheep
or chicken littles
not the least worried that the climate is failing?

Because those you mentioned don’t have litters.

Yes, but dogs and cats might have litters

and you know how much fun it is
to step in their stinky pooh.

I see your point.
Yet still I feel
this must remain a coincidence
of LeftBrain labeling language.


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