God’s Zen Voice

Once upon this time
I was listening to the Christian Fathers
retell traditional stories
of God’s election and predestination.

is like being born into royalty,
privileges of humane Earth’s regenerative grace.

Election is more democratic.
Selection based on God’s vote for mercy,
because one of these stories
is God’s preferential option for the poor,
meaning God’s most merciful election,
ballot cast on behalf of capitalism’s
loser scum of the Earth.

Now here we have some patriarchal creative tension building
as necessary for every matriarchally well retold story.

Because patriarchal writers
with good and kind hearts
blather on and on about God as advocate for those least wealthy
within our competing social systems,
yet forget to solve this more matriarchal embryonic riddle
of God’s predestination of poverty
in the first place,
so to speak,
of nakedness,
of incapacity,
of vulnerability,
more normal within embryonic new life systems
than in maturely developing self-selecting systems,
evolving baby-mother co-nurturing dependencies
into adult-adult interdependency,
active trusts of cooperativity,
mutual selection and election and preference
for those within our daily and weekly realms
with greater needs
and insufficient resources
to participate in story telling
on their own two self-advocating feet.

PermaCultural story tellers
remind us of God’s apparent creation story preferences
of simple, but not impoverishing, design:
God predestined Earth,
and all Her matriarchal embryonic systems,
to begin with,
and developmentally prefer,
modesty of co-dependent scale.

Earth shall select,
and find good and healthy,
what is cooperatively well-designed
for long recycling life
and regenerated from easily, democratically, accessible materials,
rich in their redundancy
so poor in their individuality,
enriching through mutual solidarity,
impoverishing in our individualism
which is a most immodest stepson
of partriarchal dualism
as re-creatively tensioned with matriarchal nonduality
co-arising predestination of wombed function
and election of and for God’s EarthTribe
of nature-spirit hybrids,
nondual co-arising healthwealth systems.

Goddess said humane-divine lives
shall be simple to maintain,
yet not cooperative maintenance-free.

PermaCulture’s God predestined by selecting
multi-purpose and easily co-adapting co-acclimations,
creolizing and democratizing fertilities
of cooperative design preference;
the opposite of planned revolutionary obsolescence,
and mutually assured LoseLose destruction.

This story of God’s predestination and election
begins with two co-arising centers.
Early tribal fires of narrative memorization
but also with bedtime homes of matriarchal retelling
by those who were less likely to write the Great Patriarch’s
predestined history of individual strengths
and more likely to recall women and their too-often orphaned children
as MotherEarth’s selected
first choice for recreating even more nurturing inclusion,
designs of humane-divine protrusions
nondual co-arising
through impoverished and naked hearts
with regeneratively revolutionary ideas
about Earth’s preferential predestinations
for cooperative matriarchal governance over patriarchal competitions,
for regenerative redundant designs
of nutritional as nurturing solidarity
within each and all of Earth’s co-designing climates
of too wealthy Patriarchal God’s
too-independent, dualistic voice,
self-selecting and predestining
further fires of LeftBrain dominance.

PermaCultural Design
recognizes God/dess’s DualDestiny Voices.
To catch and store, then re-invest, energy
also retells Mother Earth’s
Universal PreDestination of Nutritional Catchment Choice
and CoReinvestment of and for Self/Other Selection,
bilateral Yang/Yin;
just another ecosystemic re-creation story,
where everyone lives happily and healthy-wealthy
ever after regenerative predestination.


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