Growing MultiCultural Health Zones

In PermaCulture Design
we have orthodox healthy outcome trends
which we call polycultural development,
and we have decompositional unhealthy outcomes,
when life does not go as integrally planned,
which we call, by comparison,
monoculturally unfortunate results.
More of a weedpatch
than the organic Paradise we had in mind.

This broad range of negative monocultural
and positive polycultural outcomes
we map from ego-center on out
to extended families and guilds of ecosystems
and globally cooperative/competing ecopolitical networks,
inclusive of all Earth as a Whole Open System
wombed by a presumably ecobalancing Original Intent.

Zone Zero: -,- notnot 0 emerges each individual egocenter,
originating from a long continuous Earth-matriarchal line
of humaneing mindbodies,
Left/Right bicamerally-bilaterally-binomially normed
for WinWin co-regenerative planning and governance.

Zones One through Four: +/-1 through +/-4
EcoCenter defined as habitat, home,
positive means healthy,
negative means pathological-decompositional-degenerative.

Zone One: Home, house, household, residential family,
for better and worse.

Zone Two: Healthy ecopolitical inter-relational systems, nutritional communions.
LeftBrain deductive orientation–objects, tools for health care industry,
gardens and grocery stores,
exercise routines, meditation, medical care-giving and care-receiving,
places of employment, learning, vocation, therapy, healing.

Zone Three: Network space for nutritional catch and re-invest wealth
of health resources
for optimizing nutritionally abundant fairness,
democratic co-operating communion,
guilds for financial and governance functions,
administration of healthy ecosystemic inter-relationships
between Zones 0-2,
culture of integrity and solidarity ecopolitical services,
integrated cooperative re-investment governance networks
informed by WinWin Golden Rules
applied across all multiculturing (0)sum rooted
ego/eco-centering traditions.

Zone Four: Earth and Whole EcoSystemic Habitat,
universal communion of integrity, solidarity,
mutually subsidiary mentorship, freedoms, authorities, responsibilities,
care-giving Zones 0-3,
polypathically care-receiving inclusive of Zone 4 OurSelves,
Earth as Commons Cooperatively-Owned Communion,
LeftBrain dominant–Objects with health-wealth objectives
for ego/eco balancing long-term polycultural abundance.

Zones Zero-Four Negative–dualdark cosmological
delineated as notnot positive light ecological.

Appositionally dipolar co-arising degeneration, exformation.
Regenerative DNA-RNA fractally-seasonally-nutritionally valued,
degeneratively disvalued as double-bind negative polynomial Yin
subliminally implicating positive polypathic interdependent co-operative Yang.

-,-0 RightBrain YinSquared = +1 Yang LeftBrain
N(NP) = Polypathic YinSquared/Yang ethological bilateral cosmology,
(0)-sum eco/ego R/L balance,
original evolving/revolving intent,
hypostatic thermodynamic ergodic
bi-septic mindbody assumption
favoring health as positive nutritional/nurturing WinWin reiterations
of YangForm with YinNurturing CoFunctional EcoPolitical Balance.


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