Full-Container Capacities

“I fear that a world made of gifts
cannot coexist
with a world made of commodities.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass, p. 374

We fear that Earth made as gift
cannot coexist
with a planet infested by mere self-marketing
of the fittest.

I fear Earth made of organic containers
of deep ecological memory
as sacred gifts
cannot coexist
with a commodified planetary economy
made of and from and for
capitalism’s Win/Lose ego-dissonant pathologies,
no longer healthy wealth of cooperatively owning
multiculturing creolizing
Golden Rules
and Sacred Ecological Ratios
and Logos-Mythos Elixirs
of harmonic cooperative spacetime,
(0)-sum ecopolitical balance.

“Here is the arrow
that weakens the monster
of overconsumption,
a medicine that heals the sickness:
its name is plenty.”
Kimmerer, p. 376

Here is our deep ecological refilling of full-organic historic containers
that weakens the racist and sexist patriarchal
white males preferred
of over-indulged capitalistic hoarding and hypocritical greed
competing against Earth’s embryonic dualdark mothers,
a cooperative medicine that heals our hypocrisy of whiteness well-washed only
purely relapsed absence
of full-historic internal/external polyphonic memory:
our container capacity
is polypathic bicameral WinWin plenty.

We all have immigrant status histories
if only from Mother’s
historic WinWin womb.



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