On Capitalizing Plants

A Commentary on

“A Note on the [Patriarchal-Capitalist] Treatment
of Plant Names”
by Robin Wall Kimmerer, p. 385

I too often accept
with nary a LeftBrain dominant thought
that our verbalized labels
for individual EgoPersons

To write
“Marvin Appletree”
would be to strip my tree
of His/Her sacred status
as an EarthTribe indigenous
child of MotherEartha
long before my own anthrosupremacist
sense of owning Real Estate
and all the Othered squatters
breathing anonymously on It.

It would be LeftBrain laughable
to write “Mosquito”
if this were in reference
to a flying insect,
any non-individuated
yet potentially annoying
predative Other.

LeftBrain Capitalization
conveys a certain Either/Or divisive distinction,
pejorative dissociation,

The anthrosupremacist position
of humans
normatively communicating outside
our sacred Grand Canyon spaces
and our own Creations
and our own proprietary Estates
esteemed private and corporate ownership
within a Patriarchal hierarchy

Economists have widely adopted
the win/lose Capitalism convention
of not sufficiently capitalizing
investing in the common sacred values
of organic plants
and animals
unless they are included
in a HumanNature narrative
for an official sacred space
place LeftBrain labeled
Holy Spirit Natured Sanctuary.

Thus, the first blossoms
of my favorite RightBrain cooperative gift:
Spring bursting flowers forth
in sacred organic Forests

Are LeftBrain written
as bloodroot
and the pink star
of a California Yosemite National Park
tiger lilly.

This seemingly natural
non-spiritual LeftBrain normative
verbal rulemaking
in Either EgoMine/OrAlienOther labeling
expresses deeply held competitive win/lose assumptions
about HumanNature monopolized
dualistic exceptionalism,

That ego-privileged speakers
and writers
are valued sacredly different
and monotheistically better
than other EarthTribe
Holy Nature/Spirited species
acting as our Othered
also-ran un-invested backdrop,

Mere organic environment
with only the Truth
and Beauty
we so royally assign
on our magnanimous best healthy days
and benign wealthy nights
to revere our Sacred Elders.

Indigenous wisdom
polycultural co-relationship
of all interdependent organic Beings

As equally 7th Principle
unitarian sacred
and ecopolitically
universally important

RightBrain imported

Not in a Patriarchal hierarchy
of ecopolitical scarcity
to merely win/lose survive
otherwise degenerative lose/lose nihilistic
ecocidal outcomes

But a PolyCultural Blue/Green Global Communion
eco-revolving gifts
spiraling circles
of EarthTribe Left/Right balancing life
includes RightBrain emotive love impressions.

So, in my LeftBrain universal ego-narrative
as in my RightBrain sacred
unitarian love life,

I break,
disconnect to reconnect,
without ego-LeftBrain partisan blinders,
to write
and speak
and sing
and dance freely

With my MarvinGaye AppleTree,
with they WiseHeron
and Boisterous Walrus
spirited natures
when I value a panentheistic
human Holy NatureSpirited,
or not;

And sing Health and Safety
Truth and Beauty
bicameral secular/sacred Anthems
of EarthTribe maples,
and bicameral balancing humans

When I value a LeftBrain
EitherMe/OrWe category
AND a RightBrain
polypathically felt
polyvagal complexly abundant
co-passionate win/win

secular/sacred reconception
of consumer commodities
as productive
mindful BiPartisan Gifts

Voting by sacred presence
for resilient EarthTribe
and Right sacred safety

Democratic recycling
dynamic breathing in from above
as out from below
co-passion balancing
MotherEartha energy.


Octaves for Belonging

I studied liturgical theology in seminary.
Even so, I was struck by the simplicity
of Robin Wall Kimmerer’s First Nation observation,
is a vehicle
for belonging–
to a family,
to a people,
and to a land.”

what is necessary difference,
if any,
between ceremony and life,
between liturgy and loving words
and actions,
between medicine
and healing therapy?

is a vehicle
for RightBrain sacred personal meaning
and LeftBrain exegetical purpose–
for co-arising ethology of Earth’s sacred creation
and ecology of evolving and revolving,
spiraling lands and oceans
speaking in plant through harvest voices,
then Advent silence in-between
this great secular-sacred nutritional cycle
and divide.

Language of four-dimensional RealTime Seasons
with sacred and secular co-arising dynamic Reasons,
cooperative purpose
for gift economies

Flowing back toward (0)Soul Prime Relational meaning
for bilateral revolutions
of exterior Yang winds
covering interior Yin co-bilateral evolutions
of Earth’s Sacred Baptismal Waters

Water minds
winding bodies.

Elder Sacred Right
speaks through ceremonies
of cooperative light,
ethology of Western Grace
and Eastern Karma,
co-arising Sacred Ecology
of polypathic love,
surpassing any creed,

Both (0)Sum Prime Relational Source
but also divinely sacred expanding love,
more perfectly cooperative Unions,
radical ecopolitical Welfare
of a species
within Earth’s Great BiCameral Tribes

Speaking sacred Right meaning
and secular Left purpose
of restoring co-redemptive global vocations,
ego- with eco-therapies,
meditative medications,
bilateral secular-sacred co-intelligent consciousness.

Some of this
goes a bit deeper and yet wider
than what I love most
about Ecological Liturgy Studies.
consider our (0)Soul BiCameral Source,
breathing Yang meaning and purpose in and up,
exhaling Yin ceremony and therapy out and down

Left 4dimensional SpaceTime Special Case,
Right Sacred PolyPathic OtherWise.


Kimmerer quote from “Braiding Sweetgrass” p. 37.


Haunted By Wonder

I have become haunted by wonder,
within wonder,
surrounded by Wonder,
made of Wonder
these past few days
and troubling nights.

I have also become terrorized by vindication,
vindictive Win/Lose relationships
learned from retributive justice philosophers
who are also parents
and teachers,
so also soldiers
and Win/Lose economic and political leaders
vindicating themselves,
vindictive ourselves
against others who stand
in our colonizing,
rather than creolizing,

Robin Wall Kimmerer
shares a Wonder dream
in a village market
where fresh bread and strawberries
are exchanged in a gift economy
of Wonder at what we have made
with God’s MotherEarth,
“the merchants were just intermediaries
passing on gifts from the earth.”
(Braiding Sweetgrass, p. 29)

Gift economies,
when healthy and fair,
mature and cooperatively-owned and managed,
learn everything about Win/Win Wonder
and lose sight of Win/Lose
much more Lose/Lose
vindictive ecopolitics.

When love is optimizing
we find no room for punitive vindications.

Wonder is the land of
Restorative Justice,
Permaculture Design,
CoOperative (0)Sum Feminist PostMillennial Economics,
ReGenerative (0)Soul ReVolutions
rather than same tired DeGenerative Vindications
of retributive justice
and angry,
patriarchal gods,
false idols of anything less than
both metaphysical spiritual Wonder universes
and physical natural planet EarthMother CoOperatives
with loving Wonder as Original Constitutional Intent
of the Ten Commandments toward love
but not the AntiChrist Jihad
of retributive ethnocentric vindictiveness.

God nor Allah
ever play Lose/Lose games
of mutual vindictiveness,
retributive justice positions
that settle for means to destroy,
without thought of how to first love
in a conscious state of Wonder
for this Win/Win gift economy
of restorative justice
invited by Gaia (0)Soul Principles
of nondualistic philosophies,
therapeutic religions promoting Positive Win/Win Wonder spiritualities,
devoiding fake-spiritual monoculturing paths
that would settle for mere vindication
of one’s right to breathe
and speak freely,
when these could be multiculturally celebrated.

We individually,
and as a species of potential Wonder and Love,
have this fundamental choice to make
each minute of each revolving day
to see ourselves and our environments
as justified from Win/Lose retribution
or justified through mutually therapeutic Win/Win restoration.

These last few days,
and months,
here in the USA,
thinking about,
Does patriotism invite restorative justice more
and vindictive punishing blaming and shaming less?
I have also stood in stunned wonder
about how our Elders’ political and economic independence
from vindictive oppression of royalist plutocrats
provided such a rich fertile nationalism
for further vindictive plutocratic oppression
over our natural world,
reduced from nature-spirit nondual Wonder
to further vindictive climates for further oppression,

This is not what I expected
from an Office pledging patriotic allegiance
to the more perfectly uniting health and welfare
polyculturing democracy
of and for WinWin Earth-restorative justice.

It has been said
it is our healthy role of governance
to make it easier for compatriots
to do mutual good,
to restore Win/Win just relationships
of mutual Wonder
through cultures where gratitude
is planted and watered and harvested
so that monocultures of vindictive ingratitude
will evaporate
like the paranoid patriarchal fascinations
from which they broke through
our normativity of regenerate Wonder.

Restorative healing processes
are also liturgically co-messianic transubstantiations
of Wonder
(0)Sum CoOperative EarthTribe Peace
as Ego-EcoJustice
restoring Eden’s potential balance
through gift redistribution
restoring Wonder
about benign nondual predation
while actively wondering
what therapeutic gift do I most owe myself
and others?

What restorative gifts do we most owe all Nations
this day
of Win/Win Wonder?


Balancing EcoPolitical Systems

Balanced systems normally calibrate
through double-negative dipolar feedback loops,
in which a change in one cause
incites an oppositional change in another effect,
so they balance each other out over reiterative adjusting time.

Hungry systems eat.
Devouring systems become satiated systems, potentially,
or at least less hungry systems.

Time-to-stop feedback,
time-to-start feedback,
are two nondual dipolar faces of reciprocity,
a hypostatic union of internal causal subsystem
and responsively effected/affected/effective environmental subsystem
co-creating mutual sustainability climates
and landscapes,
mutually echoing
dipolar co-arising
discerning reiterative delineations
between 0-sum optimizing WinWin outcomes
and 0-sum suboptimizing WinLose competitions,
heading toward runaway LoseLose.

Double negative feedback loops
are also positive/negative mutual sufficiency feedback loops
accessible to double-bound listeners,
also responsive co-empathic,
polypathic loops feeding and starving back
to strengthen WinWin self-as-part-of-other ecosystemic disciplines,
building resistance to runaway viruses
taking too monoculturally much
through WinLose competitively suboptimizing acclimations
not yet fully resolved WinWin potentiated.

Ego survivalist rampage
is the monolithic megalopolis monster
recreated in reverse of creation stories,
in which antiheroes encourage us to recoil
from greedy hoarding feedback loops within.

Like looking in the mirror
expecting to find a positive healthy democrat,
and finding a too-fat plutocrat
still hungry for yet more

Inspired by, and sort of a paraphrase of,  pp. 305-306 of “Braiding Sweetgrass”, Robin Wall Kimmerer, with gratitude.


Slow-Sure Building

“The idea of building something once to last
tends to occur to…practical people later in life,
after they have reconstructed a few things
they thought were good enough
at the time.”
David Holmgren, “Permaculture Principles and Pathways”

There is only
of each moment’s potential.

We are yintegrity flow
of yang’s x promise.

Where “x” equals:

Ecology, in Earth sciences
Biology, in life sciences
CoOperativity, in economic trans-actional evolutionary/devolutionary sciences
Democracy, in political sciences
Creolization, in evolutionary linguistics
Synergy, in Bucky Fuller’s 0-prime fractal geometrics
Syncretism, in religious and cultural studies
Deep Learning, in pedagogical theory
Consilience, in E.O. Wilson
Bilateral Processing, in Edward DeBono
Bicameral Balance, in Julian Jaynes’ ethology of anthropological history
Wisdom, in literature
Deduction, in-duction diction
ExFormation, in-formation
Reversion, in spacetime
3D causal space, in reverse temporal 4D image reflection
spiraling waves, in reiterative communication theory
feedback looping space, in two-dimensional pace
fractal bilaterals, in regenerative RNA/DNA systems
WinWin 0-sum harmony-seeking reiterations, in Game Theory
double-bindary, in digital polynomial strings of theory
double-negative thesis, in positive hypothesis
zero, in appositional dipolarity
notice, in understanding progress
value, in calculating qualitative quantities of symmetry
Golden Ratios, in Golden FlowRules
positive, in notnot
Yang, in YinSquared
Eulerian prime 0 relation, in speed of light fractal correlation, apposition
EcoLogos, in Earth’s creolizing ego democratizations of YangYin Center

“See the [impatient egocentric] dark,
recognize its power,
but do not feed it.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer, “Braiding Sweetgrass”

And certainly don’t vote for it.
Don’t even nominate it
for further self-infested powers.


Gathering Roots

“Gathering roots holds up a mirror between the map in the earth
and the map of our minds.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer “Braiding Sweetgrass”

Permaculture Design
is about landscape shaping programs and projects
with nutritional goals
and ethical/aesthetic WinWin cooperative processes.

In Apache,
the verbal label for land
also means mind.

To design landscapes for healthy polycultural progress
is also to mindscape for wealthy polypathic process.

PermaCulture Land/MindScaping,
like Positive Health Psychology,
is not restricted to external roots of nutrition,
although these are our internal root Elders.

Forest root systems are largely planted through cooperative self-governance.
But, when Designers plant roots
we usually feed and water those we are most invested in,
and sometimes those with greater internal needs than others,
harvesting their combined effects, affects,
resonance and dissonance,
and culling the most regenerative for replanting
to continue evolving next year’s deep diverse rooting system
of cooperative associations,
mature foresting networks.

So too, our sensory-neural mindbody root systems
we appositionally and oppositionally plant and grow
in reverse tree hierarchies of co-subsidizing responsibility,
resonance feeding
and dissonance bleeding
our cooperative and competitive roots most exegetically invested
in each other
to continue harvesting resonant and dissonant climate effects, affects,
culling the most polypathic LeftYang deductive
and most resonantly polyphonic RightYin inductive,
dipolar co-arising
future internal landscape progress
through mindscaping process,
cooperatively recreating WinWin
enculturation of cooperative health norms, ethics, aesthetics
optimizing ecopolitical wealth
of lands and minds,
avoiding dissonantly pathological WinLose landmines.

It may help to see and explore
parallels between interior and exterior root systems
if we ease off on LeftBrain’s more form-labeled static view
of organic root nutritional networks
and invest a bit more in RightBrain’s ego/eco-functional view
of root health purposes.
How root systems act nurturingly
in Yin-matriarchal symbiosis
with their Yang-patriarchal trunks and branches,
both within concave Right
and without convex Left
quite so awfully dominant.

Formed knowledge is to LeftBrain deducting roots
as function-flowing wisdom
is to RightBrain inducting roots,
and breaths,
and bilateral models of tree functions,
symbiotic acclimation networks
of health-rooting systems.


Proposing Cooperative Disposals

“The plants adapt, the people adopt.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer, “Braiding Sweetgrass”

Plants conservatively propose;
people liberally dispose.

RNA organisms nature,
DNA humans nurture.

Economic environmental systems co-invest,
Ecological political systems absorb
to re-invest.

Earth bleeds cultures of health
and pathology.
Humanity feeds histories of wealth
and poverty.

Legislative economists cooperatively propose
and occasionally choose.
CEO public service administrators
competently dispose
and occasionally build cooperative WinWin ownership.

Earth natures cooperativey adapt,
Human spirits regeneratively adopt.


Full-Container Capacities

“I fear that a world made of gifts
cannot coexist
with a world made of commodities.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass, p. 374

We fear that Earth made as gift
cannot coexist
with a planet infested by mere self-marketing
of the fittest.

I fear Earth made of organic containers
of deep ecological memory
as sacred gifts
cannot coexist
with a commodified planetary economy
made of and from and for
capitalism’s Win/Lose ego-dissonant pathologies,
no longer healthy wealth of cooperatively owning
multiculturing creolizing
Golden Rules
and Sacred Ecological Ratios
and Logos-Mythos Elixirs
of harmonic cooperative spacetime,
(0)-sum ecopolitical balance.

“Here is the arrow
that weakens the monster
of overconsumption,
a medicine that heals the sickness:
its name is plenty.”
Kimmerer, p. 376

Here is our deep ecological refilling of full-organic historic containers
that weakens the racist and sexist patriarchal
white males preferred
of over-indulged capitalistic hoarding and hypocritical greed
competing against Earth’s embryonic dualdark mothers,
a cooperative medicine that heals our hypocrisy of whiteness well-washed only
purely relapsed absence
of full-historic internal/external polyphonic memory:
our container capacity
is polypathic bicameral WinWin plenty.

We all have immigrant status histories
if only from Mother’s
historic WinWin womb.



Braiding Dawn with Eve

In “Braiding Sweetgrass”
Robin Wall Kimmerer
favorably contrasts Skywoman’s creation story
with Eve’s less abundant vocation.

In our shared Right hemisphere,
Skywoman “created a garden
for the wellbeing of all.”
While in and out of the more extractive Left hemisphere,
Eve was banished from her forest garden
“and the gates clanged shut behind her.”

To live as fully as possible,
Eve must subdue the wildness
“into which she was cast.”
Skywoman remains an active matriarchal agent
of this casting and forecasting

This feels fine to me as it is.
Yet I can also recognize Skywoman
as RightBrain Dawn
migrating through these four languaged millennia
to re-emerge this Eve of Earth’s climate pathologies
re-approaching reweaving gates bilaterally opening
with no more need for violent slamming shut
gates designed for polypathic bilateral nudging,
Dawn through Eve,
forward through back again,
surfing Left to Right
nondual co-arising.

In my version
of this Skywoman Dawn meets Eve,
Dawn says to Eve
“Sister, you got the short end of the stick…”
while Eve hears and dreams therapeutic response,
resonant resolutions
to lead with longer and deeper
and wider more inclusive nutritious carrots
this seasoning of Earth’s dualdark bicameral health
braiding dawn then eve
toward dawn’s DNA again.