Prince Among Paupers

While I’m not so sure
I would go so far
as to exchange our WhiteHouse Prince
with our homeless shelter Paupers,

I would support
a matriarchal unlobbied petition
that our WhiteHouse Prince
could best reside in nearby resonant shelters
where he will find all the advisers
and secretaries
and counselors
he may need,
and more,
about what not to do
to further offend
those who could never afford
even a part-time lobbyist,
much less an ecopolitical therapist.

A Prince among Paupers
is what I patriotically seek
to relearn by listening
to Mother Earth’s hard cooperative lessons
in what is a cultural climate of and for health
and what are failing economic landscapes of pathology,
disinvestment away from well-sheltered regenerativity.


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