Where Winning is Playing

Compile a list of all your losses,
worst moments,
fears and hatreds,
your defensive fears
and most angry
paranoid dualdark bilateral margins,
boundary issues
and double-binding love-hate dipolarities
of gooey too-yin stuckness
in ambivalent waves
of notnot yet
notnot past
so all is left
is Lose to Lose
notnot (0) remainder hopeless.

Now compare a fractal spiral
of all your gains
from embryonic Winter
WinWin (0)-sum Mother’s Womb,
through pre-pubescent LeftBrain growing dominant languaged Spring,
on into full middle-aged
and gendered Left and RightBrain balancing Summer
of egalitarian ecopolitical EarthTribe peace
with global ego/eco-justice,
through Elder RightBrain’s sacred ecological Fall
as Autumn Harvest Yang-with-Yin Solidarity Strength
and not so much Original Sin of Monocultural Hubris
acting against, to oppress,
MotherEarth as Yin RightBrain EcoCentering Wisdom
about how to play our cooperative
Boundary Issues
from marginalizing birth
through demarginalizing death,

Now compare and contrast
listed losses
with spiraling gains
toward WinWin.

As marginal victims flow through boring Business As Usual
economic and political and psychological classes
on how best to not measure progress
transcending military-industrialized competitive violence,
way too much LeftBrain dominant
over-Yanged hubris,
way too pre-millennial
to even think WinWin
bipolarities now new-edged
Yang with Yin,
Left with Right, double-margin wu-wei
ego with eco-therapeutic bilateral opportunities,
health care giving and receiving for all
and landscapes,
and relationships,
marginalizing issues
and bicameral ego/eco-systemic opportunities
to play polypathic WinWin.


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