What Assault Rifles Teach

Arming teachers
to prevent assault rifle tragedies
in schools
Is like arming preachers
to prevent epic sins and unorthodox errors
in church.

Are we teaching peace
and restorative justice
or war-mongering
and retributive injustice?

More hate
and fear
and anger?
Or a touch of love
and kindness
and cooperative consciousness,

More climate pathologies
or finally some climates
of multiculturing health?

How to evaporate promising youth
or how to facilitate resonant resilience
of youth through WiseElders
mentoring GoldenRules?

Just because Trump
does not believe in No Gun Zones
does not discourage me
from continuing to believe
that Earth did rather well as a No Gun Zone
for several tens of thousands of years
before we came along,
adding desecrating gunpowders
and militarized self-righteous assaults
with deadly automated weapons
to Her sacred mix.


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