Paul the Wickedly Queer

Listen my children
and you shall hear
on our NewMoon ride
with Paul
the Wickedly Queer.

Paul, my dear,
beloved muse
conserved his loopy horse
for just GoodNews.

His forest lanes
restored rich in color
resilient and dynamic
yet aging unfortunate duller.

Paul the Queer
rode hard his horse
until at last
he reached WiseElder discourse.

All his Queer Allies
and all his Queer Plants
pushed and pulled their GoodNews Conventions
until WinWin cascading gooey Rights
exchanged prickled glancing passes
with PositivEnergy ReStoring Lefts.

creolizing Civil Energy Rights,
left an also right-now mess,
climate pathologies WinLose bruised
became healthy wealth toward blessed.

Paul’s queer cooperative identity
reached a new polypathic order
revoltingly WinWin bolting
restoring a new polyphonic co-arising border.

Paul the NewQueer
rides his WinWin synergetic horse
restoring DNA with RNA Holy Orders
spoken straight
from sacred, yet sometimes wickedly complex, math
of his resiliently polypathic horse discourse,
of course.

Paul the Queer’s gay horse
to this day and time of NewMoon night
teach this deep sacred learning class
on how to retain WinWin commitments
by not overacting
like a Win-some
horse’s ass.


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