Facilitating EarthTribes

Professional spiritual developers
are sometimes called clergy.

Professional nature-spirit Rescuers
of Earth’s outdoor-indoor
healthy secular with wealthy sacred
are sometimes called body-mind co-facilitators.

Occasionally ZeroZen Zone
Red YangEgo
with Green YinEco-facilitators
of DNA with RNA
past through long-term future
WinWin solidarity,
polypathic integrity,
resilient resonance ecotherapists.

Spiritual leaders growing ego with eco love,
nature-facilitators growing health,
find renewing personal resilience
through weakness, grief,
as well as past embodied strengths, gratitudes
positive attitudes
supporting mind strengths
of transparent caregiving and receiving relationship,
not so much re-investment in body weaknesses,
chilled and clouded absence
from interdependence.

Leaders liberally activate love
while EarthTribe followers
co-facilitate defensively conserving
and absorbing sounds of anger and fear
honing conservation tools for discernment
but never hoarding ballistic weapons
leading toward future hatred,
relieved death,
distressed terror,
chronic anxiety,
entropic dissonance,
complexity of chaos
rather than resilient resonance
of hope.

Liberal with love,
conservative with negative energy.
Two faces
of one nature-spirit
body-mind facilitated growth
toward PositivEnergy Democratic Development.

Yet without too much reactivation
even in SpringSprint lavish pouring out.
Better to be remembered
as love activists
and anger conservationists
than rebuked for springtime
empty-headed activism
followed by autumnal

Facilitating body wars
and mind wisdoms
both come from Northern winter winds.
One is bipolar reductivist.
Another is more PositivEnergy
dipolar love inductivist

of spirit-natured complex choice
for and against active ego-ecotherapeutic
curiosity of EarthTribe.


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