Knowing My Left From Right

My unconscious Left
distrusts shadow Right.

And my reductive subconscious Left
mistrusts Win v Lose
Light v Dark
Ego v Eco shadow sacred Right

And fully conscious Left
polypathically trusts WinWin
Ego/Eco bilateral balance
ego Left with eco Right,
Positive as at least notnot Negative Energy
politically empowering Trust.

When Left plans high priority
policy practice procedural learning events
with Right mistrusting subconscious anxiety,
cognitive Left v Right
as Ego v Eco
as Yang v Yin not caring
daring to notice
each revolutionary bilateral Other,
then it could be therapeutic
to bring WiseElder EarthMother
holonic EcoSpirit
subshadow yin
cooperatively WinWin along
my evolutionary Yang planning highway
of yin’s revolution
practicing healthy democratic trust
generating more resilient systems.

Not so much investing hundreds of millions
of taxpayer money
on corrupt undercover
absence of health care giving
and receiving nonsystems
still wearing mission statements like
“Always and only invested
in the child’s best interests.”




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