Political Accuracy

Politics is about power.
We have over-powering competitions,
so we also have disempowering
lack of being competitive.

And, we also have power with.
Cooperative power.

In game theory,
these are WinLose politics
and WinWin co-empowering local
through global politics.

Political correctness
is about correct use of power
for political health,
political wealth of system-wide power;

Political incorrectness
is WinLose disintegrating power
while WinWin integrity
is about growing more powerfully correct,
resiliently interdependent
more of a hand out
than a stick up.

Those of us with the great good fortune
to be guests on this Earth at the same time,
more or less,
share our personal empowering journeys

A power pilgrimage
from past unfortunate incorrect events,
rooted in WinLose competitive power-over habits,
habitats sometimes including inappropriate humor
at the expense of those who can least afford further abuse,
on toward democratic equity
and interdependent power resilience,
cooperative solidarity held and nurtured.

Political correctness
is not necessarily fastidious,
nor ritualistic
nor merely calculating and mendacious;

We could more correctly settle for some healthy accuracy,
about what leads toward robust mutual empowerment
and what leads in the other Have/Have-Not
business as WinLose usual direction.

For example,
we can probably not successfully
or even correctly
wage an overpowering war
against many things,
but we most certainly cannot correctly succeed
in warring against war.

That’s like declaring
You win!
before we all lose even more.

On the other hand,
We also can never successfully fight for cooperative love,
For in this fighting
we have already lost the only thing politically
even fastidiously
healthily worth loving for.


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