Fight and Flee Free

Some would say,
although not LaoTse,
and maybe not the Lakotae,
certainly not Animae,
or my Aunty Mae
on Mary Jae,

Egos just wanna fight or flee
or something strangely Other
than with or against
ego-viral identity.

But Taoists
healthy-Yang with wealthy-Yin display,
In-between fight and flee
lies our more ambiguously WinWin transubstantiating Way,
already there,
for those who Left with Right see
what we could be
with actually quite a bit more integrity.

Synergy between opposing Elite/NonElite emotions
need not necessarily end in quick-sand
UnHoly Spirited chaos
of alien ambiguous Other,
mere positive or negative or not-not double-boundup intentions
hiding on Other side
of ego fragmentation–

Integrity remains Earth’s original eco-interdependent
RightMind intuition
of and for creative dipolar apposition
between active fight and passive flee
non ego-narcissistic
non anthro-hubris
WinWin RealTalk communication,
too non-violently curious to fight,
too non-aggressively courageous to flee.

between fight and flee
and you
and me,
I prefer to listen to divinely majestic mountains
and whisper through Earth’s HolySpirited valleys
promising to return
to our originally democratic
blue-green surfing sea.


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