Healthy Natures

A distinction between Earth’s regenerative nature
and healthy human nature
implicitly divides
what has been a leftbrain predominant verbal history
of multigenerational learning
and abstractive
extractive reflection
and unhealthy spirit deflection

Culminating in a competitive difference
between Earth’s healthy Nature
and each individual’s over valued
and often under performing humane spirit.

Where once,
before leftbrain either/or
all or nothing
before nature/spirit divisions,
deductive reductions
into verbal boundary labels
and exclusive classification
of vested systemic categories
building discontinuous
win or lose fundamental distortions

Of Earth and EgoMirror reflection
on both/and sides of natural/spiritual nonduality,
between exterior phenomena
and interior neuro-sensory experience
of memory patterns searching
for win interior health
to win exterior Earth safety
in resonant dialogue

Out producing anthro-inflicted debate
between natural ecological health
and spiritually felt humane
and resilient economic wealth

Where no such dualism
is even feasible
for multigenerational right hemisphere
interdependent past through future relationships
in-between independently articulate
and compassionate
verbal and non-verbal
humanely regenerative communicators,
co-bodhisattva teachers
co-listening within
and upon
Earth’s multicultural healthy riches.

It seems a strong
and humbling coincidence
that human spirited inhale
and exhalations
sound and feel like Earth’s oceanic surf
sounds of out
and then back in
and that transitional in-between
Yang out
then Yintegral rememory
of pre-historic
non-leftbrain dominant
revolving analogical light and dark
health and fear
thrive and struggle
to survive Tao boundary times.

Whether these regenerative two nature/spirits
are co-gravitating
or co-arising
depends on where you choose
to begin pre-historic nondualistic memory;
with oceanic worldview
or ego’s compassionate view
of MotherEarth.

But, in either case,
we could not enjoy anthro-economic health
without prior management
and ecological governance skills
for developing multi-enspiriting wealth

Within EarthMother’s sea surf
resounding original womb
of CommonWealthy
natural/spiritual energetic
multicolored life.


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