ReStoring EarthJustice

What was it that you said
about English law traditions
with two heads

One for protecting real property rights
of kings
to autonomously legislate their deeds
by dogmatic decree

Unchanging entitled ownership
of land
and all commodities upon Her

Royal manifest destiny over upstarts
and tenants,
too much consumers,
and not enough producers

Descendents of dark slaves,
another form of living property,

Meanwhile, this other mysterious line
inherited from some Mother’s legal culture
which might more civilly prevail
with more domestic issues
about equity,
balance between conservative elitists
royal corporate capitalists
straight white monotheists

And liberal democratic lovers
EarthTribal co-investors
endowed with indigenous
bicamerally balanced
ego/ecosystemic wisdom
of economic and political

I’m asking because,
if it please the Royal Capital Court,
and even if it too democratically doesn’t,

To autonomously own living property
is against my sovereign religious beliefs

Both immoral
and illegitimate
to lord it over plants
and people on organic cooperative lands
and in global co-invested waters
recovering our sacred MotherEartha planet

Advocating for resilient polycultural Communion,
pleading and bargaining for health justice
and safe peace
for All EarthTribal Souls.


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