Aunt Agony’s InFatuation

Her dark
impatient inside AntiGonist declares
left out right in face of
a polyculturally sublime
ProWithiGistic voice within,
if S/He only vulnerably dared
to risk her dark impatience:

I did not choose
to lose
my masculinity

To no longer
and wider grow
against you
just as you could not choose
to lose mistrust
against EcoWe
Aunt defying Uncle Agony

Pitching out
and catching
Anti/Pro BiCameraRolls
of ecstasy

Which reminds me
my dear,
although a bit queer,
a rhyme I recall
never having heard
or ever read
about Royal Leer:

Who feels quite strongly
and yet wrongly
that Queen Allure
invites Royal Leer
to lure
wildly winning spinning
ProWithiGist radically sad

Further flaming and feathering
Aunt Agonist’s unchosen
WinLose troubling
bipolar competitive relationships

Robustly fanned
and GoldenRule unplanned
by evolutionary
theory of secularized might
makes Patriarchal Capitalists right
to be Aunt Agonist desecrating
lusting to destroy
without ecological
or sacred reason
for such treason
against binomially co-arising
lusty dipolarity

But, I’m not your AntiGonistic colonizing threat
story today
and I am your ProWithiGist creolizing therapy
opportunity tomorrow

ProWithiGists alluring
masochistic maids
to please your dissociative
fertility undressed
a not-so-yucky
fornicating mess

AntiGonistic excommunications
grow win/lose pressures
leering elsewhere
appearing to lure divorce,
secularizing monotheistic
and not not sacred expand-theistic

As all AuntAgonist drag queens know,
Patriarchal Acquisitive Leering (PAL)
inappropriately overpowers
what might have been
an Alluring exhibition
of gracefully embodied health
and safe with AuntEartha’s
ProWithiGist mental wealth.

Includes AuntEartha’s indigenous wisdom:

It is not nice
to lure wild AntiGonist voyeurs
into more cooperatively,
transportedly unchosen
unconditional regard
for restoring
and restorying
a more resonant Aunt Agony’s
whole open systemic climate
supporting nonviolent
and warmly compassionate
and sometimes kinda wet
sacred communion

Tipping sacred/secular tables seductively
in-between Alluring ProWithiGist Saints
and Leering AntiGonist Kings

And lusty
crusty AuntAgonist
drag queens.


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