Professor Weasel’s Weaving Game Theory

The object of life’s cooperative game,
began Professor Weasel
in his low-voiced stealthy ways,
is to continue deferring to Others
with mutually subsidiary
positive intention
to co-arise Win-Win.

We only know life’s regenerative game
has become more monoculturally Win-Lose,
when we are no longer offered a turn to play.
Until that time,
we default with positive psychological intention
toward Win-Win heuristic assumption
that Win-Win is appositional confluence
of systemic logic and strategy,
while Lose-Lose is cognitive dissonance
of chaotic random absence.

That our game continues
becomes permaculturally
and then polyculturally,
benign Win-Win reassurance
of ego/eco-conscious balance.

That our game continues lop-sided
becomes permaculturally threatening
to Win-Lose evolutionary theories
unable to explain regenerative revolutions
of life’s continued gaming story.