What Goes Squirrel Must Come Turkey

One who does not know
really knows,
and one who knows
really does not know.

Squirrel medicine
under-stands external relations
of stimulus leads to response
leads to ever competitively hoarding stimulus,
toward ever more response
of trees with tasty treats
of linear systems unfolding time’s next natural response.

Turkey medicine
COMPREHENDS internal interrelationships,
economies of ecologic,
dipolar revolving appositions
of apparent contrasts
co-arising within stimulating squirrels
and responsive nuts,
hunter and hunted
on their path toward mutually transformative cycles,
poop and pee feeding tree root systems
feeding leaves and flowers and seeds
feeding squirrels and turkeys.

Who rejoices?
We are.

What reckons and redeems dissonance?
Competing reiterative cycles of informating consumption.

When reconnection?
We are Now’s integrity potential.

Where confluent revolution?
Space’s where is Time’s when,
co-arising nondual redundancy.

Why recommit, rehabilitate?
Toward cooperative healthy purposes
of nature’s co-productive eco-normic meaning,
understanding what we already comprehend.


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