Threatened Organic Economies

“No federal agency should ever…declare war on any sector of our economy”

says EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

I wonder how uncomfortable Secretaries and Parents of Health and Human Services could be

with any Protection Agency

declaring war on all sectors of our human health ecology.


Teaching Power

Teaching can feel depressingly predative
to younger minds
preferring to not evaporate while preyed upon.

Mentoring can feel more hopefully symbiotic
with younger,
less domesticated minds
preferring to mutually stalk
shared prey of symbiotic and creolizing truths
between generations,
ancient to yet unborn.

Parenting can feel parasitic
to younger minds and bodies
ready to break free
of aging hosts,
relentlessly hoping
to pass along some semblance of grace
as gratitude
for Earth’s co-investing gifts.

Parenting could,
in hypothetical theory,
invite mutuality,
more like benign parasites,
who know and love each other,
moving from harboring co-dependencies
to seeking mutual interdependence
for further good-humored
yet vulnerable
exploitations of honest life as mutual gifting forward.

even vibrant health
can feel like unmitigated competitions
where if I win
then someone else must lose,
when all the most important choices
are between Either Yes
Or No.

I suppose power could feel more limited.
Power to mutually avoid
and live in side by side autonomous silos
of live and let love,
where if I win
then so must you
and if you win
then so must I
and if this generation wins
then so must future generations
where all our mutually avoided choices
issue forth within Both Yes for me
And NotNot No for you.

Teaching power can feel predative,
as mentoring interdependent powers
invites deep harmonic ecology,
sacred symbiosis
of me
as also notnot you.


Sorcerer’s Apprentice

S/he knows hot cold felt co-passions
calling to become Bodhisattva Caller,
EarthTown Crier,
co-messianic prophet of brightest gloom
begging prophecies still hiding

winning our least best common denominations
racing diverse nurturing
of ecotherapeutic tranquilities,
resonant resilience
to both call and cooperative calling back
listening through speaking
what has fissured pathological cracks,

powers of matriarchal hurricanes
nurturing yet controlling
Earth’s patriarchal steadfast Peter rocks
deaf to nurturing calls of invitation
but best for flat plane echoing
climates full
calling as we nurture echo-call,
crying as we nature fall,
supplying all we together recall
competing WinWin cooperations,

of and for peaceful piracy,
creolic recreations,
trumping each reweaving species
relearning shared vocations
as Solidarity’s apprentices.

Climatic avalanches self-invite
what we co-invited yesterday
as bounty.


ReCreating MaryJuanita

I noticed that one of the Kennedy patriarchs,
probably a Joseph or John or Ted
or Tim or Matthew or Mark or Luke,
Why do they all begin to look and sound the same to me?
Anyway, one of these informed and educated and good guys
responded to decriminalizing ingestion of THC,
cautioning us regarding potential public health hazards.

While I share some of these bleary and yet specific concerns,
Mr. Kennedy and I do seem to view these potential pathological influences
through two quite different frames of reference.

He approaches dangers of THC influence
in contrast to a population that would otherwise presumably ingest
organic goat’s milk and wild honey.

I see the prospects for a THC cooperative addicted society
in pleasant contrast
to our current alcohol degenerative indigestion
addicted to bipolar competing ecopolitical disculturation.

From a public health perspective,
given only a choice between THC or alcohol decriminalization,
the evidence of history appears to vote
for the more regenerative THC.

if we could addict honey bees to THC pollen,
and goats to voraciously forage on marijuana fibers,
and we became the land of goat milk and THC honey;
that, I suppose,
would be so much more
our healthier wealth of opportunity.


Extermination of Elder MultiCultures

A problem for more successful Nazi leaders
during the early exterminating 1940s
was what would they be
should they no longer have any reason to war against
the soon to be extinct Jews.

Yes, they were a nation of Aryan patriots for FatherLand,
wanting to prove themselves a species of Aryan Supremacists.
but, what is an Aryan supreme over,
when Earth becomes a NaziOnly Nest?

History proved the Nazis wrong
about their military supremacy,
but also about the creolizing democratization strength
of cooperative-regenerative Allies becoming together.

And, already in world history of cultural revolution stories,
even Nazi academics must soon begin to wonder,
Could we have developed Germanic-Aryan ethnicity
had there been no Judeo-Abrahamic creolization enculturation history?

I am concerned
that the U.S. Republican Nationalist Party’s Central Committee
faces a similar problem,
not about AntiSemitism, in particular,
but larger, more systemic, problems
of having only a
“What we are offendedly against”
economic and politically degenerative agenda.

When all Other nations and people and species and plants and Earth’s organic systems
do not look and smell and taste and feel and sound
like the MonoCultural Republican Nationalist Paternalistic Political Central Committee;
when all lesser beings have been put in our rightfully suppressed
and oppressed
and repressed degenerating extinguishing places,
what then?

Who would be left
that anyone could cooperatively trust
to build a more regeneratively healthy world,
much less merely One Elite-Predative WinLose Sustainable Empire?
There is no one left to lose,
except by playing not so nice
amongst their Other-destroying selves.

When political agendas
begin to look like menus
for who we will feed off next,
then essentially cooperative nutritional economies,
requiring deep, rich creole-nurturing norms and values,
curl up and eco-degeneratively die.

It’s called over-grazing,
monoculturing expansionism
toward ecopolitical Tipping Points
of elite-plutocrats left nakedly alone,
bereft of any proletariat ecosystemic fringe
of and for nurturing bootstraps.

RePublican OverDeGenerative Investors,
over-exposed to a very pissed off pathologically barren climate
of drought
and internally rabid
cannibalistic pestilence,
and then further disintegrating entropy
eventually re-emerge WinWin natural organic elements
with more trusting mirror-neural nurture natures
to try slow growth polyculturing re-developmental ecologic,
more democratic transnational climate-regions once again.

While Nationalist-Elitist Committees
continue their old-fashioned Eat or be Eaten survivalist mythos,
Earth continues Her wider WinWin platforms and parties
guilds and coalition networks
for eating and eco-nurturing together
is healthier than biting and tearing off alone.


Art Therapy

My daughter,
with Oppositionally Defiant Chaotic Disorder,
has taught me a role-play therapy,
in which we Both-And build a back-and-forth story,
she plays me,
more or less,
and I play her
Mulatta as I inductively feel her
in my RightBrain resonant positives
and double-binding humorous negatives
kind of cooperative-regenerative way.

So the structure of our cooperative WinWin therapeutic narrative,
rather than oppositionally Win/Lose deconstructed,
might go something like:

Mulatta, speaking as kind of a Prince Charming Donald Trump: Cinderella, please come to my HotChick Inspection Ball.

Me, as kind of a Cinderella EarthMom on her best, most cooperative, day: Thanks so much for thinking of me, but I think I’m washing my hair that night.

Mulatta: Cinderella, you have to come to the Ball so we can dance together, and get married, and I can own you and tell you what to do for the rest of your pathetic life.

Me: Well, when you put it that way, how could I possibly refuse? Shall we dance?

Mulatta: Yes, it’s time for you to dance for me. Put on Ella Fitzgerald, “Love For Sale.”

Me: And then we’ll dance back-to-back to “Strange Fruit.”

Mulatta: And then we’ll be married and you’ll have eight babies.

Me: And they will each become a different healthy shade of brown.

Mulatta: And some will turn different colors when they get old like you.

Me: And perhaps Prince Charming shouldn’t refer to Cinderella as old, because then I fell unhappy and I stop feeding you.

Mulatta: And perhaps that’s why I have so many cooks because I have other things for you to do.

Me: And I have little doubt these will bring me great joy. For example?

Mulatta: Clean your room! And take out the trash!

Me: And why does Prince Charming suddenly sound like the Ugly StepMom?

Mulatta: Cinderella, stop procrastinating with all your questions!

Me: Right. And so they lived unhappily ever after,
planning “Love For Sale” balls
for all their terrified prince charmings.

I found this reverse role-play idea
for conflict-therapy,
as compared more positively to normal WinLose Anger Management,
in Larry Susskind’s co-mentoring work with public planning processes,
in which those who are LeftBrain thinking oppositionally
against other positions taken in the room,
are encouraged to imagine they are RightBrain inductively feeling
both the appositional positives and short-term win-to-lose negatives
that these alien-other positions of mutual antipathy have taken.

For example,
imagine your LeftBrain dominance as WinLose President Trump
having a conversation about the regenerative-fertile Original Intent
of the North and South and Central and Caribbean America’s Constitutions,
with your RightBrain embryonic matriarchal WinWin wisdom,
on EarthMom’s very best health and cooperative safety feeling day.

Who would win what in such a bicameral Left-WinWin
and Right-WinLose regenerative thrival over survival conversation?
And would it feel like more of a BothAnd dialogue
than an EitherOr debate?
And who might be invited to lose their LeftBrain Ego-UnCentered Dominance
to embrace our RightBrain Eco-Multiculturing
WinWin Matriarchal Resonance
with creole-climaxing climate harmonic resolutions
resounding through each Original Intent of ego/eco-democratic
organic co-empathic trusting constitution?

Mulatta: What does it mean, “Love For Sale”?

Me: It was intended to be ironic economics;
not to be taken seriously as appropriate to optimize Health and SafeWealth.
That would be more like “Life For CoOperative CoInvestment.”

Mullatta: Nobody would buy that title.

Me: How about “Life for ReGenesis”?

Mulatta: How about “Love for Exodus”?

Me: How about both
for all Earth’s Chosen Creolizing Species?

Mulatta: Sounds like we’re back to the part about me inviting you to a HotChick Inspection Ball.

Me: And me needing to wash my matriarchal-regenerative healthy hair instead.

Mulatta: Aren’t you confusing Cinderella with Samson?

Me: And maybe Salome.


This Empire Wears No Loser Clothes

You look in your monochromatic mirror
and see a Lincoln Republican.

You read,
“You can fool some of the people some of the time,”
but not all the bicameral folks
all of their deep sacred ecology listening time.

But, you stopped at the HalfTime comma
which felt like giving permission
to step toward twittering condemnational rule
by fake news
confusing to distract,
denying to belittle
in your SaveFace Book of Conflict Management
while issuing Orders
not fooling anyone for any anti-health and safety constitutional time
at all.

You hope you are like Lincoln.
Yet he tried his WinWin best to avoid Civil War;
which means he did not do his WinLose supremacist best
to start an UnCivil Revolution
of Mutual WinLose Destructive Devolution,
competing against all NonUSA
NonAlphaDog Matriarchs,
as preferably servile bitches.

Lincoln thought it politically irrational,
although perhaps economically necessary,
to enslave and rape and sex-market black bitches.
You see the “perhaps economically necessary”
as Lincoln giving you permission
to ignore your own politically toxic intentions
to actively harm those who share your Elder Matriarchal
regeneratively nurturing
Organic Tree.

You, The NakedDonald,
are no Abraham Lincoln Republican.

You do not even pretend to speak softly and listen
while carrying a big stick.
You speak as loudly and often as possible
so there is no time for your LeftBrain Dominant Ego
to listen to your own RightBrain laughing
at the image of you not only carrying,
but nakedly waving for all to see your biggest stick.

You are AntiLincoln UberSupremacist Republican,
which means your SuperDaddy BadBoy CombOver Act
is alarmingly unhealthy and unsafe
in a WinLose Oval Office,
acting like a Rabid Elephant
in an on-line Glass House of EgoCentric-Only Mirrors,
which the Constitution intended to remain WinWin
Ego/EcoCentric Mirrors,
both on-line and off,
within Earth’s WinWin healthier than WinLose
Reality ReGeneration/DeGeneration Show,
in which all Earth’s Multiculturing Empires
wear only WinWin EcoPolitically ReGenerative Clothes.