ReConnecting Think with Feel

Why is digital form always binary functional?
asked the student of self-surmise.
Why is polynomial information
always binomially self-reflective?
asked the student of self-surprise.

Because analogical neural function
evolves temporally bilateral,
double-bound as negative
with dipolar positive polynomial future balance normative,
ergodic yet open systemic
bicamerally nondual deductive/inductive consciousness
of spacetime perception,
bosonic universal,
double-elliptical relational,
zeroistically permaculturing.

Why do two negatives seem to play OK together
while two positives act like mutually immune homophobes?

While not as strong as the co-ionic Yang/Yin bond
of positive on and over,
surrounding convexly
what remains bilaterally concavely negative enclosed,
this co-dependent lust forms one Yang-strong dipolarity
while YinYin mutual subsidiary win-win double-binding co-gravitation
remains Janus-equivalent empowered midway
tipping point,
on its way toward double lose-lose mutually aggressive ego-positivity,
encultured oppositional disorder
of competitive economic history.

Not-Not rhyming Yes!,
a neutral bilateral nest
of equivalent conjoined contentment,
cooperative mutually balancing identity,
midway between polynomial universality
and reverse binomial unity,
riding a razor’s edge mutuality
within this great cooperative transitional revolution
of bicameral nondual co-arising theory of evolution.


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