Life’s Ups and Downs

and communities,
hopefully becoming like extending families,
and that would make them some form of faith communities,
relying exclusively on top-down authorities
to empower today
and tomorrow’s cooperative faithfulness
to ourselves
to each other
to Earth
to the Universe, perhaps,
are also families and communities
bottom-up maturing co-empathic responsibilities
to learn nutritional elements
and synergetic trends we democratically trust
and multiculturally feel
for their optimizing wealth of health potential.

And, those other darker
not clearly articulating our Golden Ruling DNA-RNA dialectal heritage,
and those clearly pathologically distrusted
as anathema and terror’s immunities from growing healthy egos
and evolving nutritiously faithful communities
and revolving Earth’s regenerative spiral revolving trends,
bilaterally co-arising
ego/eco consciousness of Earth
as sacramental cooperative fulfillment
further seeking positive faithful WWW promise,
Win self-economics
Win Other ecologics
Win Earth ecosystemic
sacramental spacetime
0-sum co-investing moments.

What cooperative fulfilling authority goes down
equivalently invites and resonates with
co-empathic promising responsibilities
emerging from below shared day dreams,
not nightmares,
rising synergetically up.

Climates of health recycling down
so landscapes of wealthy global democracy
rise revolutionary
and sacramentally
and cooperatively
faithfully up.

Earth’s changing from above climate
seeps and sweeps up and down
into each community’s communicating climates
seeping down and sweeping up
ectosymbiotic and endosymbiotic
creolizing and transubstantiating
into and around
each individual’s internal climates
of sacramentally faithful experience
and desecrating despair, dismay, competing dissonances,
and, so, thereby,
vice versa,
preferably more actively cooperative WinWin
than reactively competitive WinLose
capitalistic and patriarchal
over-extended gamesmanship.

as sacramental communities
cooperate best both sweeping up
and seeping down together
of and for tomorrow’s greatest faithfulness,
and minimal monoculturing
climates of despair.


Social NonDarwinists

We need to talk.

Is this one of those times
where you need to talk
and I must pretend to listen
while you rant?

Well, yes,
if you could extend this favor.

Your topic?

Social Darwinism.

Isn’t that the birthplace of unfettered Capitalism
and Fascism
and Totalitarianism
and anthropocentrism,
and plutocratic ecopolitics,
where greed to breed
and bleed-out others
is doing what comes naturally?

Umm, yes.
Or at least those are its long-term degenerative faces.

Do you find any hope
for a happy face
when talking at me
about predation and piracy
and chronic competitive survival issues?

I mean no..

Or yes and no.

That’s why we need to talk.

And listen.

Yes, to both sides of Darwin’s evolution;
I mean, our revolution;
and both.

The Win-Lose survivalist competition’s zero-sum side…

And the sexier cooperative side
of WinWin cooperative fertility.

Yes, this living organic world
in which rights and responsibilities of reproduction
are Earth’s more matriarchal cooperative vocation,
understory of all our blood and gore
climate of pathology,
monocultural competing histories.

Please tell me we are not heading
to Left and Right reprise,
for this anthem grows exhausting
to my cooperative WinWin ears.
You preach to our gospel choir
as if we were Pirate Darwinists
rather than socially regenerative evolutionists

My chronic frustration shows
only to those who agree with me already
as those other aliens will not WinWin BothAnd listen.

Well baby, we all hear in stereo,
or at least most of us can.
Just lay out Darwin’s BothAnd experience
and scientific observation.

I’ll try to keep this short.

Already too late for that
I fear.

and human people with reproductive experience,
or even just reproductive desires,
live and breath and beat within and to Earth’s cooperative rhythms
of mutual WinWin fertility.
If this were not our understory of ecopolitical multigenerational
and multiculturing change
and healthy long-term growth,
then the WinLose competitions of prey and predator
could not sustain
as a majority norm,
as a median status,
much less as a monopoly story of nutritional economics.

So you would remind us
of what we already know from cooperatively fertile experience,
any system,
to remain a viable system,
must capture a WinWin double-binding positive feedback yield
within its interdependent ecosystemic environment
adequate to multiculturally sustain perennial development.
Those systems that fail
with predominance of producing WinWin outcomes
over consuming WinLose incoming
are failing Win/Lose ego-centric,
yet not ectosymbiotic eco-centered,

I hope that was why we needed to talk
and listen.

what about this Type A personality argument,
that too much contentment,
hoarded wealth safeguarding egos from discomfiting challenges
and Win/Lose threatening competitions
produce Queen Bee satiated outcomes,
absence of motives to get ahead
or behind something better,
and long-term dysfunction
of over-bloated monoculturing egos
and supremacist families
and elitist tribes
and anthropocentric dis-humaneing species?
Nothing breeds failure
like too much WinLose success.

That is,
although I hesitate to say it,
LeftBrain Either/Or deduction,
and reductionism of RightBrain’s apppositional agreement,
finding discomfort
from excessive barriers to active ecpolitical cooperation,
cooperative-systemic supports for co-ownership and democratic governance
without which reproductive rights and lefts bilaterally unbalance,
leading to self-dissatisfied suboptimizing depressions,
lack of regenerative motivations,
and eventual chronic stressed Type B behaviors,
like suicide
self-anger and loathing,
fear and paralyzing paranoia
about overcrowded climates of growing pathology,
Earth’s landscapes of deadly Win/Lose demise.

I’m not sure what is my double-binding both-and positive take away,
much less yours.

I wish we could stop hearing Social Darwinism
as an antisocial oxymoron of capitalism.
like all those enraptured within Earth’s reproductive nature,
heard and saw both our cooperative WinWin understory
of matriarchal-line regenerate fertility
and the competitive WinLose history
of predator piracy over preying victims
that someone else will be today’s weaker loser,
even if I might have to help Mother Nature along
just a bit
by giving some other barely standing person
a nudge under the train
so the rest of us have more room
to get on
and stay on our trembling train
for one more daily ride.

You know, dear,
sometimes we get lost in your mixed analogies,
and yet the days of the Great Train
requiring a daily human sacrifice
to continue our torturous ride to hell
are largely behind us.

I hope that’s true.
Yet, I hope we might all cooperatively board
a more regenerative SocialEvolution Train
of Left and Right
WinWin thrivalism,
to let go of Left or Right
WinLose survivalism.

Sounds more like a prayer for revivalism
of reproductive rights and wrongs
of social ego/eco-systemic bountifulism.

Did we talk?

You tell me.
You’re the one with Type A need
to competitively talk and act out
in your speaking means not listening
assertive way.
When I speak,
I assume the only person deeply listening
for what we might say next
is me.

Which is why we need to talk more.

But also why you always want the last endless word.

I resemble that.

[Yes you do,
but if I say this out loud
then you will continue more language
about what both is and is not true
and when
and where
and why;
an anthem as well sung
by a WinWin hopeful cricket.]

I can still hear you,
you know.
I feel more like a hammering away red-headed woodpecker,
not ever, even once, satiated.

[Now that you’ve had the last word,
perhaps a bit less hungry.]

Still hungry.

[0-sum WinWin namaste]

That won’t work either.

[ ]





Bucky and Julian

Buckminster Fuller and Julian Jaynes
recently reviewed their cultural and scientific influence
on health and well-being,
ecological and economic positive outcomes,
during the current CoOperativist NonDual Transitional Era.

I wish I had spent more time speaking as a Unitarian Positive Teleologist.
Perhaps that would have taken care of the overly recessive trends in cultural awareness
of what,
in retrospect,
was exhaustively published
but not really read or comprehended fully;
undervalued and ignorantly ignored:

1. “Synergy,”
everything I ever published about the topic of “synergy,”
is spiritually and intuitively defined as love,
in Western cultures,
and naturally and organically defined as compassionate mindfulness
in Eastern traditions.

2. The encoded regenerative fractal structure of Physical Universal Intelligence
follows DNA/RNA thermodynamic,
psychological and sociological and political,
and ecological Prime Yang/Yin Relationship balance;

and evolutionary dynamics are fractal-dipolar revolving
harmonic Convex-Exterior-Yang OVER Concave-Interior-Yin
(0)-Core Vector Rooted octaves
with branching tree structures.
if I had run into Lin Yutang and Taoism before I published,
I think I would have connected Yang metaphysical principles with Convex-Exterior physical principles,
and Yin metaphysics with Concave-humane natured Interior physical principles
of bicameral-cooperative flow
double-binding both LeftYang/andRightYin consciousness.

I can see that same sense of ethological and ecological and teleological dynamic
and emergent awareness in the Left-brain’s evolution
out from RNA regenerative temporal RightBrain affective-aptic memory.

My neural theory of bicameral older-right v. linguistic-deductive organized left information processing,
and historical development,
seems to support your equivalency between “synergy” and “love-confluent consciousness,”
and positive psychological ecopolitics as rooted in co-empathic trust,
as well as Gregori Perelman’s cooperative bilateral work,
and William Thurston’s too,
in Group Theory,
and I wonder if there isn’t something in there that pertains to the ecologistics
and statistical/strategic trend predictions
of Cooperative Game Theory,
using reverse-hierarchy Win-Win assumptions.
You know,
so no one id-entity can optimally win
until the weakest link in our chain of interdependence
achieves equivalent nutritional outcome-balancing values?

Synergy and love retain universal multiculturing integrity,
harmony between Left-languaged deductive memory
and Right-proportional inductive experiential conscience codex
of positive v. negative feeling and personal awareness,
like what Polanyi calls “Personal Knowledge.”

So synergy and love and confluence are neurally appositionally responsive to messages
that do not cause cognitive dissonance,
lack of equivalent symmetric balance and energetic harmony.
Compassionate bicameral mindfulness becomes ego/eco-comprehension
optimized through balancing Left-brained Yang
and Right-brained Yin
ego/eco functions.

Yes, I wish the Clay Math Challenge folks would have realized that Synergetics is really all about the Polynomial v. Not-Polynomial information
lack of bicameral integrity v. notnot binomial entropy problem,
just as Thomas Kuhn’s work
in deductive cultural creolizing revolutions
became troubled with the Problem of Incommensurability.

If +Polynomial information
does not equal rational and sustainable Universal Optimized Intelligence,
then positive does notnot equal a double-binding negative.

(-)(-)Reverse-Polynomial Right-brain DNA/RNA regenerative syntax
evolves eco-systemic Prime Relationship balancing trends.
Yet when disrupted,
discontinuous competitive degenerative closed-set system devolutionary assumptions
become ecopolitically normed.
These ego-eco competing norms cause cultural over-grazing
polynomial-population depression,
autistic trend development in populations that feel over-crowded
and competitively over-Yanged as under-Yin nourished,
post-millennial dismay,
too abundant
climate change as self-correction urgency,
sense of bicameral polypathic/notnot polynomial dissonating crisis.

You want to bet on how long it takes the scientific
and religious
and competing public sectors
to recognize
that binary/bilateral information systems
translate Both/And CoOperative +/-(0)-Core QBits
of formfractal-strength and octave-flow function
as humane natural comprehensive GroupFour Bayesian ecosystems
transliterate binomial Yang+P 4D SpaceTime Exterior Landscape = (-)(-)P-YinYin
ReversePolynomial DualDark DoubleBind Time Interior BiLateral Landscape?

Well, sure.
But I always bet on Here-Yang = Now-Yin,
to cooperatively optimize Universal Intelligence
as bicameral multicultural comprehension.

Yes, and you are also the Plan B guy
who understood Universal RightBrain SuperEco = Panentheistic God/dess
= Mutual Messianic Interdependent Speciation and Evolution,
but those Transition Generation permaculturing bicameral brains
almost inevitably ask,
“Bucky who?”
and what is a Julian Jaynes?
Isn’t that some kind of an orange drink?

That is so notnot Both/And
Ego/Eco CoFunctional
polypathically true!


ReConnecting Think with Feel

Why is digital form always binary functional?
asked the student of self-surmise.
Why is polynomial information
always binomially self-reflective?
asked the student of self-surprise.

Because analogical neural function
evolves temporally bilateral,
double-bound as negative
with dipolar positive polynomial future balance normative,
ergodic yet open systemic
bicamerally nondual deductive/inductive consciousness
of spacetime perception,
bosonic universal,
double-elliptical relational,
zeroistically permaculturing.

Why do two negatives seem to play OK together
while two positives act like mutually immune homophobes?

While not as strong as the co-ionic Yang/Yin bond
of positive on and over,
surrounding convexly
what remains bilaterally concavely negative enclosed,
this co-dependent lust forms one Yang-strong dipolarity
while YinYin mutual subsidiary win-win double-binding co-gravitation
remains Janus-equivalent empowered midway
tipping point,
on its way toward double lose-lose mutually aggressive ego-positivity,
encultured oppositional disorder
of competitive economic history.

Not-Not rhyming Yes!,
a neutral bilateral nest
of equivalent conjoined contentment,
cooperative mutually balancing identity,
midway between polynomial universality
and reverse binomial unity,
riding a razor’s edge mutuality
within this great cooperative transitional revolution
of bicameral nondual co-arising theory of evolution.


Normative-Balanced Revolutionary System Development: ReGenesis

For one minute, imagine that the information coding of every living/natural/organic system is Uracil = +(0/0/0)-bio/geometric and syntropic [string-regenerative = implicate/intuitive binomial eco/geo-structure] functional sequence OVER Not-Thymine (Not-polynomial information)= -(-/0/0)Negative Deviant frequency [-e-function], implied, potential, dissonant, negentropic, chaotic, climatic, frequency trending toward Millennial Re-Valuation Synergetic comprehension that +1Yang (polynomial space and time, deductively understood) = (-)0-souled (Perelman, 1994) yin (NP); if, and only if, this comprehension is quickly incarnated to restore thermodynamic balance for sustainable CQI outcomes for human lungs and hearts, and minds and brains, and bicameral information processors.

Important mutually defining meme-polarities, tools for our journey toward a retro-future:

(0)-Soul: In Group Theory, a binary +50%/-50% elliptical Core Vector (Positively Deviant) and Vortex (Negatively Deviant from the core prime axial/4 +/-Binary-based space/time tetrahedrally spin-balanced perpetual equipoise).

(1)-Individual: Holonically/holistically co-valent, confluent, with (0)-Soul

(2)- Prime InfoMetric-Relationship of +Yang1.00% Complete Boundaried Universe Explicated (In-Formed-Polynomials) Syntropy  OVER –Yin0.00% Empty Unboundaried Non-Relationship Neg-Entropy OVER –Yang1.00% Complete Un-Boundaried (NotSpecial Case-Metaphysical Only) exforming reverse-trending toward Syntropic (from the past,  intuitively predicted for the future-in-reverse). Polynomial information perceived as Binomially organized due to binary information-processing cooperative structural network-building positive bias toward dynamically intricate regenerative string-development cultures.

Syntropy is analogous to  +1.00%/-0.00% perpetually trending love and mutually-regenerative gratitude.

An ecology of grace is analogous to an ecology of cooperative value exchange in which the greatest effect with least effort meets CQI standards for Binomial Information System Integrative Development. These may also be expressed as mutually transparent Win-Win Game Theory strategies in a double-helixed interactive revolving window of optimally inclusive opportunity.

Perhaps it is easier to step into this way of seeing Spaceship Earth, and her bicameral research species, for any child receiving the overwhelming, exegetically-delivered, message that what s/he feels to be Positively Deviant is, in fact, really and truly, according to all cultures in all times, Negatively Deviant. If we are fundamentally “wrong,” we suffer from an autistically struggling self-identification wound. To grow up “queer,” “defective,” “dysfunctional,” “perpetual underachiever,” “disabled,” “insane,” “bipolar,” “oppositional”  is to develop a core-identity protective layer of cynicism about “orthodox” values, and the exegetical role of culture itself.

Bipolar deviance erupts into cognitive dissonance about what is Positive v. Negative Deviance from Business-As-Usual, what is teleologically helpful or harmful for “Self” preservation. Stigmatization of bi-polarity, from shaman to Transgender, is itself a primal sociopathology emerging with Left-brained cultural dominance. The evolutionary trend toward Left hemispheric dominance has over-valued deductive-only information since the alphabetization of symbolic icons, glyphs, and nature-based audiovisual-information values were psychologically centric, and normative (Abram, 1996). We used to believe that the Golden Rule really, literally, proportionally, normatively, ecologically, economically, cooperatively is a Prime Rule of Relationship. This view seems to be making a comeback.


Order of Universalist Unitarian Intent

I have a concept for a dissertation.  Want to “think it out loud” to you to get your visceral reaction about whether this feels like a fit for the Holistic Theology program and whether you would, could, recommend a “faculty advisor” for the topic.

Working Title: Regenerative EcoTherapy Development  and Universal Research and Design

[“Eco,” as in EcoTherapy, is a double-intent abbreviation for both ecology and economics. EcoMinistry always holds these two paradigms as inextricably bound values that became separated when humans began to perceive themselves as alien from nature; contrary to the aboriginal Original Intent understanding of Gaia.

Thesis: Universal faith paradigms, including OUnI and the Unitarian Universalist Association,  are explicit actors in the human species’ holistic therapy design process. They are also implicit explorers of a regenerative theory of global evolution. Whole Open Systems Development Theory is a universalist design paradigm now quickly, and ergetically, unfolding to reveal a Regenerative Theory of Integral Evolution.


Antithesis: Dividing the resources and continuing evolution, the EcoMinistry power and values, of integral interfaith networks, epitomized by OUnI, from the UUA infrastructure is transparently inefficient and costly, a sacrifice to the power of our shared Sociopathology Myth.

Implications: If EcoMinistry follows PermaCulture Design principles that are widely accepted as meeting Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and LEED energy efficiency standards, then OUnI and UUA might want to give universal strategic planning priority to:

1. cross-recognition of each other’s ordinations–EcoMinisters would have dual ordination as UUA Interfaith EcoMinisters,

2. AIHT and UUA blended academic and M.Div. preparatory institutions offering interdependently accessible class offerings, incorporating face-time requirements for those who choose UUA physical classroom options and those who may also choose AIHT on-line-only options (retaining autonomous fee-structures),

3.  developing an inclusive public sector EcoEquity tax and public revenue global advocacy agenda.  This EcoEquity Universal Value Agenda will be carefully rooted in PermaCultured regenerative development principles of equity, nonviolence, and Cooperative-Gratitude Original Intent Prime Relationship Assumption. This Prime Relationship Assumption (geometrically, biometrically, and eco-theologically expressed by Buckminster Fuller, a Universalist) is continuously, and therapeutically, incarnated in proto-historic, aboriginal, nature-based, value systems. Earth, water, air, information, and health belong to the Holistic Gaia Commons; their intrinsic values are the basis for our species’ cooperative economy. This intrinsic value cannot be consumed, bought, or sold; but can be noticed, understood, explored, discovered, developed, enculturated, planted, harvested, facilitated, learned, synergized, replicated, and regenerated. The Gaia Commons is our bicameral species’ therapeutic design space for healing our pre-cameral Sociopathology Myth (see Julian Jaynes, John Bargh, and Edward Podvoll regarding sanity, pathology, and Right-hemispheric pre-conscious awareness).


The Global Cooperative Development Network: CQI PermaCulture Design Team Project

Day (0)


I woke up this morning remembering my Time Traveling Math Historian dream, wondering, actually kind of obsessed about it, like a schizophrenic trying to see through his meds.


But, Ivy had a poopy diaper, and so did Daquan, and Sunday morning rudely returned to Business As Usual.  Which is OK, I think.  I rather like Business As Usual at home.  It helps when we are all here, rather than just some of us.  It helps even more when all of us work together, rather than choosing not to invest in each other, at the time, and in the ways, and amounts of time, that I prefer.  Although, of course, I have never bothered to tell any of them what those ways and means might be.  Anyway, Business As Usual.


Today I have to design a PermaCulture Development class for the global Cooperative Economy Network, started by a consortium of social investors, public facilitators and community organizers, new economists, permaculture and ecology-missioned groups, intentional communities, including research cooperatives and funders, some public sector, most of the grant-making entities. In a sense I guess each of these subgroups is an intentional community, with its own language and justice issues, priorities, concerns, specific missions and vocations on behalf of our planet. Yet it feels like they share a common value and active disvalue infrastructure. I can see why this social constellation wants to look clear-eyed at their shared mission: to optimize Continuous Quality Improvement, natural growth, re-establish a global permacultured economy and ecology, inclusive of all species, with this Transition Generation, and the 7 generations to follow.


So that’s why I told them I would write up a cooperative contract proposal with them (not for them) and that proposal begins with asking each adult participating in this PermaCulture System Design training to bring one person under the age of 25 with them, if at all possible one of their own children, or a younger relative, down to the age of 12. These are the people that we all need to listen to about how to design their PermaCulture Planet.  In Group Development Theory they act as a Lie Group, but that is certainly not appropriate for this event.  I don’t know.  For now, let’s just go with the “Shaman Team” and the “Observing Team.”


OK, so let’s see. 


 NSF, Division of Social and Economic Sciences: Science of Organizations


Organizations — private and public, established and entrepreneurial, designed and emergent, formal and informal, profit and nonprofit — are critical to the well-being of nations and their citizens. They are of crucial importance for producing goods and services, creating value, providing jobs, and achieving social goals. So, how do we improve the design and emergence, development and deployment, and management and ultimate effectiveness of organizations of all kinds?


The Cooperative Economy Network (CEN) is committed to our fundamental understanding of how cooperative systems develop, form and operate. The PermaCulture Design Project will develop and refine Regenerative System Development Theory, and  develop new measures and standards for Continuous Quality Improvement of community and global development projects. Educational, Communication, and Information Systems implications may be of value to the business practitioner, policy-maker, educator, parent, and research communities.


The PermaCulture Design Project will illuminate aspects of organizations as organic systems of coordinated diversity, self-management, and inclusive governance.


Germane theoretical paradigms include (but are not limited to) organizational theory, behavior, sociology and economics, business policy and strategy, communication sciences, entrepreneurship, human resource management, information sciences, geometrics and Group Theory, Synergetics (B. Fuller), managerial and organizational cognition, operations management, public administration, social and industrial psychology, and technology and innovation management.

Phenomena studied will include (but are not limited to) value and power structures, iteration frequencies, choice-making effectiveness, competitiveness, innovation, communication  and Binary Information System dynamics, change and evolution.

Levels of analysis will include organizational, cross-organizational cooperative relationships, and global implications, and will include individual and team value metrics.

Research methods  include archival analyses, surveys, simulation, comparative case studies, and network analyses.


Intellectual merit: The Cooperative Economy Network’s final report will further articulate a Cooperative-Appositional System Theory of Evolution.


This Cooperative Development Research Project has the potential to provide globally inclusive societal benefits, meeting sustainable value optimization standards for a socially, culturally, and ecologically balanced cooperative economy.


First Day:




Welcome, and thank you for saying yes to our invitation to spend some time listening and speaking with each other. Those around the walls are our Observer Team. They are also your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or maybe even that crazy adult who asked you to do this with them, as a partnership. You around this inner circle are members of a Transition Generation, ages 12 to 24.


Here is what David Orr predicted for your future:  “The generation now being educated will have to do what we, the present generation, [this was published in 1997, so you would be 22 now if you had been in kindergarten at age 5 in 1997] have been unable or unwilling to do: stabilize a world population that is growing at the rate of a quarter of a million each day, stabilize and then reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which threatens to change the climate—perhaps disastrously; protect biological diversity, now declining at an estimated rate of one hundred to two hundred species per day, reverse the destruction of rain-forests (both tropical and temperate), now being lost at the rate of one hundred and sixteen square miles or more each day; and conserve soils; now being eroded at the rate of sixty-five million tons per day.” You must “learn how to use energy and materials with great efficiency.” You “must learn how to utilize solar energy in all its forms.” You “must rebuild the economy in order to eliminate waste and pollution.” You “must learn how to manage renewable resources for the long term.” You “must begin the great work of repairing, as much as possible, the damage done to the earth in the past two hundred years of industrialization. And, you must do all of this while addressing worsening social and racial inequities. No generation has ever faced a more daunting agenda.” (Hannum, ed. Environmental Literacy: Education as if the Earth Mattered)


I believe the life trajectory situation of your children and their children has reached a transition era of crisis. Those of us in this room are hear to listen to what your experience has been like so far, and what you think you might like to do as a Transition Generation before your kids arrive (if kids are in your future) and maybe even with your kids as you imagine your adult futures.


We begin today with three fundamental questions for each of you.  In the first round we will ask these questions in reference to what happens in this room, with and to these people.  Then we will talk about the same three questions in reference to what happens outside this room, with everybody else.


1.  What interests you most? What is the creative or learning scenario that feels most compelling to you? You would do more of what if you could?  If you had the resources, time, money, property, health, education? What seems most compelling to you right now, in this situation, that we might even be able to do together here?


[High faith power indicator.]


2.  What makes you angry, gets you really riled up? What is the specific scenario that is most likely to get you to erupt, that could conceivably happen to one or more people in this room, yourself included? What will really tick you off if somebody does it, or doesn’t do it, today?


[High hope for justice, equity, mutual respect.]


3. What makes you sad.  What is the scenario in which you are most likely to imagine yourself as lonely, isolated, incapacitated, depressed that could happen to you today?  What would really shut you down and out, and make it impossible for you to care to participate any further? Imagine yourself really sad and hopelessly bored by mid-afternoon today, what happened to get you into that mental space?


[High enthymematic reverse-resolution.  Compare to “1” above.]