Economic Content

Y/our relationship with ecology and economics
incarnates polypathically,
multisystemically therapeutic,
like positive human relationships
and richly fertile dreams
between DNA’s biological unfolding and Vitamin D’s
absorbing ways.

Y/our actively cooperating economic design,
fuel poyculturally multisystemic therapy,
appositionally driven by competitive lose-lose long-term practices
feeding anger,
silos of fear and suffering,
haunted by monopolistic monochromatic mindless monocultural nightmares
of Black Hole entropic proportion,
socioeconomic pathology
wilting and suffocating purgation.

Black hole reverse-eco-normic competition
never ends with enough,
timelessly continues searching for infinity of heaven at hand.
Ecological cooperation soon builds diversely inclusive sufficiency,
healthy warm kinda wealthy,
but just right,
pricklygoo culture.

If we don’t fly apart first,
we might learn to fly and swim together,
drinking from the same aerobic/autonomic fountain of knowledge,
in bull-bear fueled nutritional fields and markets
with permaculturally optimized design.

EcoTherapy practices peaceful Earth development,


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