Shocking Senior Chakras

It feels difficult,
and more urgent in advanced single age,
when mind and root dominant chakras,
perhaps highest and deep best,
conspire against heart
and root resonant chakra,

to conspire toward short term positive outcomes
such seniority should actively deploy
and then peacefully enjoy

While also entertaining
how to deeply respirate toward long term
resilient incoming
and resonant outgoing relationships
such wise elders
could fluidly compassion

With non-violent communication,
win/win cooperative ecopolitical development
conjoining these places
traces toward one’s own theological temples

Are another’s inviting ecological
co-relational passion
of mind
and heart
and deep rooting chakras.


YangWin-YinWin Economics

She started our discussion of EgoWin-EcoLogicalWin
Eastern NonDual CoArising PoliticalEconomic Theory,
by reminding us that Deductive LeftBrain
has not always been WinLose competitive dominant;
there was a prior emerging moment in prehistory,
more of a herstory,
when WinWin cooperative EgoYang and EcoYin
were both LeftDeductive and RightInductive co-dominant,
when WinWin cooperation
knew life as happy and healthy and robustly bilaterally self-regenerative
and too often interrupted by competitive flee and fly and fight
Business As Unusually Oppositionally Defiant,
calling for active antipathy for physical survival
but normally WinWin cooperatively normed co-empathic trust
for nature/sacred-nurture health and wellbeing thrival.

just as we were about to fall into another revolving trance,
she unexpectedly went off script:

So, here’s one of my growing climatic number of collective stupidities
that really pisses me off.
She said, but strangely without exclamation,
as if too nearly exhausted
to expend-expand further scarce positive purifying,
yet also creolizing, multiculturing, polypathing,

Here in this DisUniting,
formerly bicamerally functional, States,
we not only invest good taxpayer money and time
in Uniting Earth’s Nations and Species
for multiculturing Health and Climate WellBeing,
but we ironically host this WinWin ecopolitical hive of cooperative activity,
of positive polypathic becoming,
in the very heart of our Walled Street
financial industrial military invest in WinLose
Anti-WellBeing Constitutional,
every royal-elitist WhiteBread Man for Himself
Empty (0) nihiistic secular UnderSoul
of PreMillennial Survivalist Evolutionary WinLose Pathology.

While, at the very moment in Earth’s climate-therapeutic history
we need to cooperate and groom and feed and nurture
these Uniting Nations and Species
of and for ReGenerative Health,
we elect that goddamned AntiChristian
patriarchal elitist LeftBrain denialist of RightBrain ecological feelings
for health and safety through DNA-RNA solidarity roots,
ecosystemic healthy nature LeftBrain-Win
making agapic nice with wealth nurture RightBrain-EcoWin,
whose only investment in the United Nations
is disinvestment from Global Health and WellBeing!

Now She was getting prerevolutionarily stirred up.

What the Hell kind of tragic-comedy is this
for Earth’s vast stage of emerging humane-democratic
multiculturing polypathic health history?

Why would our collective WinWin intelligence
toward optimizing Health and WellBeing Outcomes
settle for OldSchool WinLose survivalist competitor throwbacks
when we know their governance outcomes will always
ecologically and economically
and politically and socially
and psychologically suboptimize,
will incur risk more than health/wellbeing opportunity,
when WinWin ecopolitics optimizes healthwealth development
over degenerative risk of less future generations
to continue cooperating United Nations and Species?

We began nervously looking around our discussion circle,
avoiding Her too regenerative exclamatory direction,
hoping this was a merely rhetorical question,
some argument She was struggling with
within Her Ego/EcoSelves,
while we continued feeling like prey
who only knew how to co-arisingly pray.

In the brief ensuing silence
no one seemed surprised
when He twittered back,
You’re just a sore and sour WinWin Loser,
like YangMe.

Together we induced back,
We stand apart
Yang struggling against Yin
for all that is UnHoly and Ego/Eco Systemic Loss.

He had the last LeftBrain word,
but we still have our WinLeft-WinRight
alpha through omega cooperative-empathic feelings.

We have created Him
to regenerate WinWin HisElite-HerNonElite Uniting Nations
and CoOperative CoOwnership CoMentoring
Health and WellBeing Species.

He twittered back
i’m still not feeling you,
or even capable of hearing us as one extending resilient family
for Health and CoOperative WellBeing.

That seemed rather long
for a WinLose twitter.


EcoPassionate Pillow Talk

Here’s my problem, dear Yang.
It sounds good and healthy and right to me
that your Cooperate-ReGenerate (0)-Core ReProductive Theorems
are how we most fertile play our WinWin Game,

Did you also hear me,
dearest Yin,
that Competing-DeGenerate +1/(-)0,
Win some Lose some Devolutionary Theorems
of AntiClimatic Dissonance
(both secular and sacred)
are how we too competitively wage LoseLose,
both anticonserving Yang Patriarchal Egos
and antiprogressing Yin RightBrain Matriarchal Suppression.

It’s hard for me to look at such ugly oppressive neglect
of healthier climate opportunities
of and from your Yang-Hubris.

Well, I’m not saying I’m thinking this is a good and healthy thing
with long-term health and safety outcomes
for our co-arising nondual EarthTribe!

Yes, I know.
But couldn’t you just once
remind me of how much you love to say
more positively
only YangEgo Win with Yin FourSeason EarthFlow Win
is our co-arising way to best regeneratively spin?
That sounds so much nicer,
more inviting,
more transparently transcultural.

Sure thing, my polypathic Love.
So, are you busy?
Have time for a hot eco-political,
cooperative tango?

but you had me at ‘hot’.


To Love is Divine Empowerment

The SunGod of ReGenerative NOWtime
is not a jealous lover.
S/he is an omnipotently bilateral lover of integrity,
revolving spirals of Earth’s multicultural confluence,
abundant divinely humane polyculturing climax landscapes
co-arising lovely diversely healthy subclimates,
our promise and endowment
for future regenerations.

The chronic anxieties of lesser idols
speak through cognitive-affective dissonance,
unfolding a too-worn path toward competitive WinLose suboptimal choices
and collective paranoid condemnation
of ourselves
of others
of our future potential
of our Elders
of Earth and Her blighting Sun.

By evolutionary experiential contrast,
synchronic nondual regenerativity,
harmonic symphonies of epic heroic becoming together,
are our co-arising opportunities to reweave degenerative anxieties
into regenerative integrity,
sacred universal unity.

The opposite of vengeance and condemnation
are divine wonder and awe.
These are our affective choice,
empathy or immunity
influenced by and influencing
our belief/faith systems
in ourselves and others,
in Earth
and Her cosmological nutritionally evolving
revolving/devolving networks of nondual spacetime.

Our individual and family and tribe and clan economies
of invested/divesting emotional climates
nondually co-arise ecologos of political trust in orthodox beliefs,
mistrusting eisegetical doubts and wonderings and ruminations,
and pathologically malforming distrusts,
rooted in ancient fears and angers and deaths
from mutually toxic immunities, disharmonies.

Pathologies within our landscapes,
like rattlesnakes and scorpions,
mosquitoes and biting flies,
deadly tornado and sunami,
are to be respected teachers,
revered for their powerful toxicity,
yet not to co-arise our own autonomic immunity
from exceptions to Earth’s more benign Golden Rule
of revolving evolutions toward ecopolitical integrity.

It seems easier to comprehend Yang as politically empowering resonance
in harmony with Yin’s abundant economic flow of nutrients,
regenerative potential,
when we step inside Eastern philosophy’s nondual assumption
that natural and spiritual nurture and pathology
interdependently co-arise
from Empty timeless eternal bilaterality
of past with future time,
NOW co-present.

From within this ecopolitical nonduality
it is easier to remember I cannot help a child,
much less a maturing adult,
become a happy healthy helpful old wise person
by way of tough love condemnation.

We simply are not therapeutically enriched
through passing along condemning affective and cognitive pathologies,
generation through generation.

Healthy climates do not derive sufficient co-redemptive freedom to sustain
except when free of freezing hellfire’s dark pathologies,
suboptimizing idolatries.

Wellness incarnate young people
cannot remain
after years of chronic pathological messages:
It’s OK with us that you remain malignantly neglected,
bereft of nurturing intimacy,
vulnerably isolated by economic and political divestment,
hungry for most anything
other than further blazing hazing bullying days
and freezing nights of ecopolitical condemnation.

Politically powerful Gods and Goddesses of nutritionally balancing Time
are never stingy with their ubiquitously democratic integrity of love.


Mutual Messiahs, ReMix

Who’s vision are you unfolding for whom?

Are you aware you carry a basket of bread
on your head
and still beg at every door? (Rumi)

You love nature.
Like bread, Earth’s nature feeds you
and, like yeast, absorbs you,
is that of which you are made,
and making,
and resolve to eternally create and recreate,
if only you could.

But, you can and you are
and the manna in your head already knows
healthy yeast redeems regenerationally
diastatically incarnational,
with smooth-souled omnicoherence,
comprehensively balancing deduction with induction,
eco-confluent paradigms and dreams and language
and permaculture,
ecological teleology systematically grows panentheistic,
balancing cooperative economies with networking political vocations
to permanently eco-logicize Earth.

This is your Day, your EcoTribal Self
our EcoLogic metaculture and Transhistory,
our EcoTherapy synergy,
tipping toward balancing points and principles
of blinding spiritual intuition with restrained scientific deduction,
harmonizing Left-brained language
with Right-brained confluent v. dissonant inductive awareness
of this bicameral basket on our head
as our balancing supereco and my id-entity
engaging your ego/eco balancing praxis,
whether hope-filled or hopeless,
triumphant or despairing,
you know this already,
throughout this manna that is your nesting culture,
decomposing through unraveling death’s long post-millennial process
to regenerate as
“redistributed [positive-therapeutic] subfunctions
of Other” informing ecosystems. (B. Fuller)

Born of stardust,
messiahs mutually mentoring
our pilgrimage toward Earth’s starlight;

e-squared function = c-crystal (cubed)
subatomic polyculture,
waiting behind each begging door
for you to return Other’s cooperatively gravitating namaste
mutual unfold.

Optimized Living Systems are to metaphysical teleology
as ecosystems are to physically regenerating (“special case”) economies,
as EcoTherapy informs design, intention, empirical research,
learning and consciousness,
love, and active peace, and justice,

and RNA self-optimizing fractally-dynamic information
QBit Quirky Byting Octaves, harmonic CQI Win-Win yinyin syntax,
ionic and ergodically balancing value systems.

Your bicameral basket holds no non-polynomial information
because this is an oxymoron,
we already intuitively know everything and all not-thing metaphysical
as diverse resolutions of Prime +/- (0)-synced Relationship,
polynomial information negatively correlates wild binomial yeast
soaring surf of time’s double-bound equinox divide.

Please continue unfolding our permacultured cooperative co-arising political vision,
mutual investment
biosystemic and ecosystemic and information binary-network systemic
and stop begging from competitively unbalanced economists,
it’s just not dignified,
or anything close to wildly, creatively, fun.


YangyYolks with YinYin Whites

Start and end each day,
and life,
with a taoist egg.

I doubt my eggs are religious.

No, but they are natural,
organic incubators,
co-arising binomial yolk form
with white-transparent regenerative function,
and cosmology, maybe,
if you’re a chicken,
or a turkey, or a sitting duck.

So you say.
I guess these eggs are merely metaphysical.

You might best remove “merely” from “metaphysical”
lest you perpetuate an oxymoron.
Metasystemic physics,
like life,
at their best, and most permanently encultured,
have room for religion and spirituality,
as well as economic science and eco-logical nature.

OK, but I’m not absorbing this metaphysics
of a co-arising incubator,
or an egg,
or whatever.

Eggs are temporary organic incubators.
Therefore, comparatively Closed-Set,
double-boundary individuated.
Only their exterior shells
remain actively interdependent with their environ-mental
risk and opportunity.
This double-boundary formating eco-centric development
responds to thermodynamic balance
at both yolk-cellular
and transparent organic/holistic fuel,
compost levels
of 4-RNAchannel co-operatively balancing synergetic organization.
Eggs are sensitive to co-gravitational pressure
and have bilaterally limited tolerance levels for speed of climatic change,
which interact with their relative temperatures,
temporal sense of heat and cold,
breathing in and out,
slower warm and faster cold.

Maybe I am lost in the forest of your analogizing
but sounds more like you are co-arising
well-composted ego in these eggs.
And, this shell sounds like a scientific paradigm,
with some seriously revolutionary boundary issues,
mutually incompatibility building up a defensive perimeter,
anti-inductive while pro-deductive
of in-formation dissonance
protecting internal design process,
even language and enculturation,
secluding indigenous specialists to research within,
Still not seeing the Tao in this egg,
or ego,
or co-arising incubator,
or whatever whenever
and cultivates
new life.

If Yang is the power of yolked formation,
while Yin is bilateral flow and function
of ecologically positive octave-frequency nutrients,
regeneratively composting embryonic fractal forms
of RNA-rooted teleological function,
then which is this full-colored economic health-yolk
and which is this transparent ecological webbish white,
and is it healthier if they tango gracefully,
or tangle bad karmically?

OK, yes, now I see the taoist, well-timed, egg. This begins to feel like egg-cooking class for a vegan. Now what?

An embryo is a “budh”,
if you are a conscientific Buddha-brain
co-arising embryo,
and a “bud”
in English.
If you imagine your Left brain ego-identification
as your egg’s DNA’s yolk-center
being fed most eco-nutritiously
by your RNA-inclusive
SuperEco Right-Only Bilateral
TransParenting cultural fuel-power
of yin bilateral light squared = c-squared
= e-squared Wisdom,
that might be how a post-millennial eco-scientist
would incubate,
and research,
and nondually bicamerate incarnation,
comprehensively con-scientific
polyculturally co-operative
co-arising consciousness
as co-regenerative enlightenment.

So, we are all economic scientists balancing ego-logical
as eco-normative systems.
Homo Bicameral Sapiens as EcoNomists.

But, because Yang (+) ego/eco-bodies
are dipolar incarnations
of Yin’s transparently co-arising eco-soul intention,
Yin is Yang equivalent only as squared,
or double-negatived,
or double-bound,
or double-identified,
or both-and
as well as either-or,
or dipolarly frac-taled,
like RNA strings of regenerating in-metaphysic-formation,
coincidentally co-arising
balancing eco-binomial
[prime root of “polynomial”]
Right intuitive fractal-octave frequency harmonic
in RNA’s spacetime natural co-arising systemic consciousness.

Wow, dude, that’s some really esoteric shit you’ve been smoking!
Left-yolks just bangin’ gracefully away
with Right
ransParently flowing evolutionary information
of eco-conscientific revolutions.

but sticking with generic embryonic Left-brain beginnings,
embryonics, genetics, metaphysics,
a bicameral Taoist ego language developer
might re-paradigm “esoteric” as “eco-terra”–
Earth’s ecological syntax-normative
autonomic intelligence,
as ubiquitously displayed
in fractal-root tree structures
of healthy temporal-spatial cellular development,
emerging from aptic-universally transparent
perma-cultural awareness
appreciation of a more aptic-thru-synaptically inclusive
bicameral Right-unitarian with Left-universalist eco-consciousness.

Now you’re saying we are a species of anonymous Buddhists,
and also Unitarian Universalists?
You know,
that “anonymous Christian” conjecture
by Hans Kung
really didn’t get great reviews
from many multi-religious exegetes.

but Christianity is a theistically framed view
of our shared eco-consciousness,
our Original Story,
while UUs,
and Buddhists
emerge naturally bilateral co-arising principles of shared consciousness
as self-proclaiming exegetical teleology
incarnating systematic theology;
an ecologic of Fuller’s Universal Intelligence,
Yang-Form with Yin-Function, nondually unitarian,
assumes co-gravitational balance as transparent purpose
toward discerning ego-satisfactory meaning (and “meme”ing),
for “Universe”,
“Earth”, and all DNA/RNA encrypted Earth Tribes
sharing a cooperative vocation
to balance our co-gravitational solidarity
with our thermodynamic eco-DNA/RNA harmonic default preference
for Win-Win mutual Yolk and White subsidiarity,
reverse-hierarchical governance eco-norms,
electromagnetic with elder webbed transparent nutrients
co-mentoring infant yolk.

I think more rainbowed folks
will like these yolks
but I’m not so sure our whites
will appreciate such co-arising/co-falling transparency.

Time’s natural evolutionary
and revolutionary purpose
is primordial and eco-centric gratitude for being,
as compared to human nature’s language of meaning,
becoming some intent we are not yet.

The evolution of our human natural culture
our cooperative vocational
ecological purpose,
from this exegetical core of consciousness
we each are free to discover
those meaningful outcomes
most likely to enrich our ego/eco balancing identity
as a binomially implied SELF+OTHER=WE vocation.

Our ego
bicamerally evolved
asks how my environmental risks and opportunities
intersect with my internally responsive opportunities
and dissonant risks
to arrive within this karmic here/now moment?

Ionic balancing = bionic fractal co-arising
polynomial prime relational metaphysical
eco-consciousness that positively radiates convex
fractal-ergodic universal balance
remains eternally
timelessly transparently bilaterally incarnating
and excommunicating,
inhaling and exhaling,
bionic unitarian inclusive-octave harmonics.

I’m still not feeling the love and passion
within this hard-shelled scientific Taoist metaphysical egg.

Fertility, rather than sterility,
producing love
rather than merely consuming life’s essential nutrients,
these are timing,
tipping point,
temperature systemic
familial regenerative flow and function issues.

To Optimize Continuous Quality Improvement
of comprehensive egolove and therapy,
we cultivate equivalent confluence
with our larger eco-logical health values
for economic cooperative networks
and guilds,
neighborhood eco-justice intent
as politically eco-nomic permacultural steering practice.

Polycultural Climax of Beloved Community
and Family
and Tribe
is our RNA-rooted vocation objective,
our full-yolked ecological purpose,
theological sacred eco-normic vocation,
while Permacultural Design and Development
is our transparently shared ego-logical web
holding deductive/inductive Left-Right brain co-dominantly
co-arising meaning;
the opposite of cognitive and affective dissonance,
which is more like scrambling eggs.

Which brings us back to breakfast?

We need to be vigilant
to neither over-incubate our yolks
nor under-cultivate our transparent white yins.
Freedom from half-baked inwardness
evolves freedom for just-right
twice-fried out organic hypotheses.

We regenerate our full-yolked ego-life cake
by consuming 100% eco-polycultural
full multi-systemic therapeutic
comprehensively informational conscience of
reverse-hierarchical Common solidarity-governance,
fractal-cooperative syntaxed,
0-Prime-Soul temporal-spatial eco-identity.

To incarnate our full eco-fueled potential:
Reduce deductive-only knowledge-power to 50% of consciousness value,
To free up the additional 100% of “sub”consciousness=Eco-Consciousness
intellectual memory and tipping-point power.
Reduce “human nature” = “ego-nature” by 50%
and all Earth Tribe will reconnect their love of inclusive ecotherapy.
Reduce ego’s cunning, calculating, commodification,
value for immediate power outcome efficiency over long-term effectiveness,
confusing values for inhaling life and exhaling death
with Left-brain dominant language of “good” and “evil,”
so all Earth Tribe comprehends we already are who and what
we can eternally depend upon:
Reveal eco-self as double-yin function Right,
to confluently
optimally embrace HomoSap(o)yinned eco-revolution,
Reduce ego-centeredness by half,
to add Earth’s intuited ecotherapeutic exegetical wisdom,
Deduct 50% of ego-desire
to discern EcoSelf’s tipping point
desire for full rich love of each composting moment.

Which brings me back to breakfast choices.

Try walking meditation with ginger-root tea.

I knew this would turn vegan on me.

Root systems tend to nourish information branching trends
most optimally
with contented environ-mental gratitude.

Root systems tend
to nourish in
formation trends,
with con-tented
tall gratitude.


Economic Content

Y/our relationship with ecology and economics
incarnates polypathically,
multisystemically therapeutic,
like positive human relationships
and richly fertile dreams
between DNA’s biological unfolding and Vitamin D’s
absorbing ways.

Y/our actively cooperating economic design,
fuel poyculturally multisystemic therapy,
appositionally driven by competitive lose-lose long-term practices
feeding anger,
silos of fear and suffering,
haunted by monopolistic monochromatic mindless monocultural nightmares
of Black Hole entropic proportion,
socioeconomic pathology
wilting and suffocating purgation.

Black hole reverse-eco-normic competition
never ends with enough,
timelessly continues searching for infinity of heaven at hand.
Ecological cooperation soon builds diversely inclusive sufficiency,
healthy warm kinda wealthy,
but just right,
pricklygoo culture.

If we don’t fly apart first,
we might learn to fly and swim together,
drinking from the same aerobic/autonomic fountain of knowledge,
in bull-bear fueled nutritional fields and markets
with permaculturally optimized design.

EcoTherapy practices peaceful Earth development,


Zero-Soul Timeless Consciousness

In a surprise announcement today,
President Plan B Sandman’s EcoMinster of Economics
translated bicamerally balanced ecologic
into “Full-Budda Bilateral Consciousness.”

rather than presenting metaphysical support,
he seems to offer analogical support
for his ecological assertion
about logic,
or logos,
or language,
or whatever the hell he was talking about.

“Prevailing winds of temporal electromagnetic
and thermodynamic change flow counterclockwise,
Western culture toward Eastern;
while sun’s Reiterative-Unitarian-Common
CoGravitationally CoArising light/nutri-nomials,
double-bound transparent in each Now point of Time,
flow Eastern history toward Western culture,
at this point in time,
as through all time and transitions.

Consciousness of Time moving forward is in formation.

Consciousness of Time flowing backward
in a bicamerally balancing mind,
with normal mental and physical health,
is ex formating.
In other words,
permaculturally decomposing,
which is to sustaining nurturant life,
as RNA/DNA healthy balance is to regenerating living organic systems.

Permacultural decomposition
bicamerally sorts through
and Win-Win ecological scenarios,
to produce climaxing beloved outcomes,
sifts through affective and deductively dominating distance
apparent mutual immunity of egocentric with ecocentric,
dissonating analogical-fractal rhythms of RNA/DNA normation.

Julian Jaynes
and Charles Darwin
and Albert Einstein
shared an assumptive problem,
sub-optimizing ecological consciousness.

Jaynes’ evolutionary/revolutionary theory
of birthing a deductive languaged
Left-dominant ego-selfconsciousness,
flew away from Left-Right hemispheric nondual co-arousal
of Self as Other consciousness,
by only looking at the history of madness,
struggles between internal mortality and divinity.

Ego-Left is an intrinsic deductive DNA self-consciousness
child of SuperEco Right’s co-arising Buddha consciousness,
balancing Yangish-Left with DoubleBinding YinYinish-Right
to intuitively know as Elder RNA has mentored,
but never allowed to speak
beyond the folds of co-gravitating time’s fractal-Fullerian
RNA syntax.

Their mistake in common,
to confuse the endo/ecto-symbiotic relativity of evolutionary change
with the bilateral-fractal rhythm and Commons-patterned relationship
of ecological Buddha consciousness.
While dipolar related
as logic-form
to eco-function,
it is the prime relationship between
deductive-Left polynomial information
and inductive-Right’s intuitive health-as-wealth consciousness
ruddering our way through individual lives
and tribal evolutions
and transitional revolutions.

Erik Erikson’s evolutionary theory
of human cultural development
spread across our history of nations
supports Positive Psychology
as social-cultural maturation.
Combined with Jaynes,
Erikson’s model might suggest
we are in last stages
of releasing adolescent anthrocentric religiosity
to embrace a deeper balanced
confluent ecology
of Buddha egoLeft/ecoRight-consciousness.

This Buddha eco-consciousness
appears to have emerged nondually
as co-arising dynamically regenerative intelligence,
with double-elliptical dipolar dynamisms of balance
and full-octave-fractal harmony,
bilateral strings of negentropic nuclei
networking toward this timeless Time
in Beloved Individuated-Integrative Space.”

While I hesitate to comment,
the EcoMinister did not appear to anticipate applause,
much less future headlines.