If We Want Health

Insufficient knowledge for fully comprehensive consciousness
is also
more than sufficient ignorance
of our individual and collective participation
in comprehensive disease, weakness, loss, decay,
wilting climatic change
in both Interior and Exterior Landscapes.

So which do we continue intending to invest in,
insufficiency of deductive, reductive, Win-Lose knowledge?
or climatically intuitive
gathering and steering evolving formating
ignorance of Win-Win emergent possibilities?
Or, co-arising both cooperatively, somehow?

Neither knowledge nor consciousness is optimally measured
in deductive-only information;
optimal-outcome-producing knowledge
is measured with health-as-wealth outcomes
of Best Practices–
which are permaculturally influenced.

If competing for attention to be heard
is too tiring,
wilting your patience outside and in,
try cooperating within your own family
and guild
and workplace
and corporation
and neighborhood
in new ways not yet tried
for retention of solidarity
through mutually subsidiary,
co-redeeming your investment
in co-emergence of healthy outcomes.

If we want Warriors of and for PeaceMaking good,
then we need to mentor each other
in cooperative network gaming strategies
to achieve globally
self-optimizing healthy wealth
as Home,
in our neighborhoods,
at home in our towns,
in our home’s ecosystem,
on Earth–
all in this together,
for better or worse,
co-arising as co-falling eco-consciousness.

I we want to avoid nightmares
then we end each day embracing
our daytime health/wealth horse-powered stories
of heroes and heroines,
masculine as eco-balancing feminist,
Yang with YinYin Zero-Taoism,
counting our best cooperative
and well-permanently-encultured,
assets as sustaining families,
households, EcoTribe,
all positive relationships,
sustaining life through another night
of collectively transitional decomposition.

If we want to optimize our wealth
of mental health
then we decompose nondual co-arising/falling bicameral intuition
toward regenerative multisystemic therapeutic comprehension.

Too much heated war,
too much P v NNP = YangDominance,
then what are all sides saying
causes their shared anger about today?
Cooperative fear and anger
is high risk opportunity
to discover P=NNP Win-Win balance = Yin-squared Timeless Balance.

Too much fear and anger,
disproportionate to stimuli,
then perhaps all sides
might cooperatively discern
universally-held fear
about death as lack of fully conscious
eternal life
for our poyculturing future generations,
and ourselves,
here and now,
timelessly surfing our karmic grace-wave.

Too much disabling
and unhealthy
and paranoid shouting,
and riotous marketing to competitive investor markets,
depression and suppression and economic repression,
and rather ignorant impressions
about health as life’s intrinsic value,
about what is a health-wealth optimizing life,
and economy,

[My answer?
Permacultured Design,
both Interior and Exterior Landscapes
is one of many natural evolutionary progeny
of Taoism as Zero-Balanced Cooperative Economics
of Positive, yet sometimes too clinical, Psychology.]

What opportunities for cooperatively active love
form the opposite side of your current investment spectrum,
bias toward competing
for scarce resources,
including recognition
and collaboratively co-arising communication?

What refuses to feed our shared fears
by relentlessly watering our interdependent health?
I’m working on leading with kindness
where it has not yet been earned,
giving a gift
where it’s light is least expected to appear,
much less thrive,
positive-positive bionic-nomial QBit
(0)Concave/Convex as Ego/Eco-BiDominant
as LeftDeductive/RightInductive co-arising balance;
hopefully our cooperative definition of co-redemption
co-regenerative in-formation systemic outcome development.

When we are exhausted
with knowing we shall never find room for agreement,
We can also rest comfortably
in sure knowledge
we will best begin finding the vast shared room
of what nobody wants or needs.
Then just work in reverse temporal order from there.
Call it diapraxis,
call it reverse-temporal decomposition
toward regenerativity
call it whatever you wish
just please don’t call me before noon
or after five.


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