Memes of Dreams in Paradigm

He said
Permaculture Design and Naturally Reconstructive Development
applies Regenerative Evolutionary ConScience.

Well! she promulgated
Evolutionary Science
applies Positive Teleological Faith,
and Love,
on good days.

Not to be undone,
he responded
good Evolutionary Science days
and nights, perhaps,
apply Revolutionary Systematic Theology
for co-arising

Hah, that was a good day one!
she more cooperatively replies,
Polypathic parasites
apply natural systemic development
to spiritual systemic co-arising evolutions
to evolve co-intelligent regenesis
of spiritual development
with eco-natural therapies.

Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that.
he thinks to understand,
Polycultural polypaths
polymorph eco-normative paradigms
of metaphysics
by deeply comprehending
ecological systems
of nature’s (less-meta) physics.

Well done!
she warmly enthymemes,
Polypathic translators
of 4-fractal seasonal syntax
uncover analogical laws and meanings and value
by recovering ecological functions and purpose
and co-arising frequencies
of bicameral consciousness.

He began,
Breathe in Left deductive
to exhale Right seduction,
love as beauty functions,
life as function reforms
most holy-healthy beauty,
balancing 4-prime polynomial harmonic octave,
universal-left loves unitarian-right,
and vice-versa.

She ended,
Co-arise full-functional content
within contentment
conjoining contentious dissonance
through timeless eternity
of Time’s positronic space pace.

He reiterated
as she began iterating his begin,
Permaculture Design and Naturally Repurposing Development
applies TransParentive
Evolutive-Revoluting ConScience.

And so they and we continue,
through endless loops
of soupy regenetic issues
racing toward confluent


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