What opposes enlightenment?

You know, like dusk,
end of a day
through end of time
on living Earth.

What opposes empowerment?


What might oppose Earth’s enlightenment
and/or empowerment?

For me
or throughout all multiculturing history?

Possibly both?

I see ego darkness,
inability to cause
and/or perpetuate health,
individual powerlessness.

Do disease
and insecurity
and lack of effective power
feel like ways of experiencing poverty,
absence of healthy robust choice
for you,
as seems to be true of my experience?

but poverty does not feel like a synonym
for dark feelings
or disempowerment.

Poverty, like racism,
feels more political,
more ecosystemic.

What is the opposite of ecosystemic enlightenment
and/or empowerment?

Ego isolation,
unsystemic pathological darkness
and/or disempowerment,
absence of meaning or purpose,
economic depression,
political suppression,
dissociative sublimation,
narcissistic idolatry,
monoculturing rage,
violent zero-sum win/lose capitalism,
religious-cultural apartheid,
ecopolitical suicide,
globally generic genocide,
climate exhaustion,
ego-autonomous annihilation

Do these seem to oppose global
and individual
and local enrichment
for you?
as they do for me.

Perhaps what opposes positive multilateral energy
is always some unilateral form,
of impoverishing experience.


Who Are We?

In the Work That Reconnects,
we have a dialogue exercise
in which Person A asks Person B
“Who are you?”
several times over a few minutes,
as it feels right to reprime this exploratory pump;
then person B does the same for person A.

The person hosting,
enabling this reiterative question’s redundant possibilities
remains an echo-present listener,
noticing diversity within these multiple evolving responses,
without judging good,
or even indifferent,
quietly hearing rhythms of longing for love
between crippling cracks of anger and fear,
compelling and compiling self with other hatred,

The question,
Do all these diverse self-descriptions truly fit
this same love v anger/fear polyculturing elephant?
does not usually arise.

we accept these scrabbling voices
and creolizing hats
and complex feelings
and chaotic ideas
and multiculturing beliefs
co-occurring within one bilateral
positive-health v. negative-pathology mindbody
seeking Alpha/Omega Point zeroistic fullness
holistic richness,
polymorphic communication,
co-empathic investment,
and cooperative-integrative implementation outcomes
at the end of this elephant’s rhetorical event,
if not sooner.

Why is this not always the case
when we ask our friends and families,
our public sector leaders
and financial sector investors,
“Who do you hope we are becoming?”

What loves are we preparing to invest in
and which past angers
and future fears
to divest of?

What indicators can I give
that I already invest in cooperatively regenerate
health agendas,
nutritional wealth platforms,
designs and win/win intentions,
co-mentoring therapeutic diapraxis,
active multicultural listening
of which I preach so positively to others?

I know you support restoring regenerative health
to our soil,
and preserving clean water,
as I do.

So does it bother you
as it does me,
that growing Earth pathology
is bicamerally euphemized
as inevitable climate “change”?

We say we support cooperatively vibrant
healthy local economies
good humors
and empowering political vitality,
so does it bother you,
as it does me,
to so often hear “either-or” deductive
left-brain dominant reductivism
and wonder why not first cooperatively consider
ecofeminist “both-and?”

I appreciate what you just said,
and I wonder if adding X,
and even Y,
and maybe even YY=XY,
might make your idea even better.
Do you agree,
or maybe you see concerns
for yourself and/or others
new to me,
of which we might more curiously learn together?

Could a cooperative election,
a vacation from judging and blaming and shaming,
a social-neurological peace revolution campaign,
begin with compiling interdependent win/win hopes
and wishes
and loves of Who Are You?
and Me?
as We?

Thereby more smoothly avoiding win/lose stuckness-traps
of fear and anger
and dissonant
pathological constipation

Could investing both-and cooperative listening norms
better lead toward co-investing in healthy wealth,
politically co-empowering policies,
procedural and dialogical compassion transparency,
polyculturally healthy design
and development
and wealthy discernment
of poli-eco-logical therapy
v. multi-morphic climate pathology?

Could deep cooperative listening
co-arise local
through global
health outcome networks,
climax ecstasy as mere everyday eco-normativity,
embracing each and every sacred Person A
and B response
to Who are We?


Straining ToGather

Our cognitive and emotional struggles against dissonance of all varieties,
and struggles for more love and consciousness and health
work better as decompositions laid out between Ego and Eco,
as cooperative nondual co-arising partners,
Left and Right MindBody
of one Tao (0)-Centric Soul identity
with interior landscape of primally inter-relational diastatic dipolarity,
a sensory-rich neural DNA/RNA encrypted-implied replication

and by “implied”, perhaps with David Bohm and Bucky Fuller,
precessively stretching toward WinWin reiterative balance

living in and as an embryonic ecosystem
with universal open-set group-4D,
reverse-hierarchical Win choice-making
toward most fully abundant resonant resolutions.

EgoLeft, new AnthroKid within Earth’s Elder RNA Tribes,
was never intended to dominate struggle between EgoSelf
and SuperegoGod,
much less a competitive struggle to collaterally reiterate
cooperative polycultural outcomes
mutually reinvested
within all Earth’s RNA/DNA ReGenerate Scripture Stories,

RNA’s natural evolutionary hope to predict light v dark,
warm v cold,
as ++WinWin v (-,-)LoseLose
fractal-dialectic dipolar electromagnetic balance
to optimize multiregenerational folds,
and more revolutionary trending
pre-empathic PreFold PolyPathic Primal Relationship
ecometrics of 4D Information Systemic Time
speciating as spaciating, flowing functions
branching and rooting
in ++/(-,-) Trees of regenerative information,
past identity AND memory future imaginative-empathic strings,
back and forward,
time’s bilateral eco-selfconscious intention as dialectical information,
and NOW eco-therapeutic diapraxis.

This is our shared bicameral cooperative,
our Bodisattva Warrior Occupation,
our Earth’s RNA/DNA Common Rights
to revolution-balanced as reiterative-balancing
EgoLeft/EcoRight CoPresence,
redundantly Self/Other empathic co-conscious,
balancing polypathic +,+,
deductive AND implied-inductive co-function,
with yin-squared (-,-)
as WinWin 0-soul group theory
concerning ecosystems and their dynamic 4D equivalency
within time’s bilateral and bicamerally incarnated
neural-temporal articulation
Time’s binomial dipolar 0-centric
double-bindary () equivalency
of Qbit double-fractal octaves harmonizing closed-set octaves
ionic and iconically reminiscent of RNA’s interior landscape
as also dialectic-function-fractal and dipolar-equivating
self-optimizing toward Continuous Quality Improvement
Health and Safety ReGenerative
CoOperative DoublyDense,
yet TransParent,
Original Intent.

Warriors for, with, as, by
time’s bilaterally regenerating health and safety
RNA-syntaxed EarthDesigner’s CoAgenda,
which, for me,
speaks in dialects of PostMillennial Tao-TimeZeroism.

Our shared Warrior and Occupier struggle,
as individuals,
as DNA Tribal Sacred Holons,
as parents with positive and negative intentions
and co-mentoring practices internal as externally intended,
as economists with health and pathologically competitive intentions
and co-mentoring acquisitional transactions and habits,
commodification addictions,
cooperatively healthy eco-emergence
yet fear of future internal and external mindbody market failures,
anger about past internal and external losses,
but also love for nutritional full-sensory
deductive/inductive nondual co-arising health
as Self+Other+Earth co-optimizing WinWinWin wealth.

Economic CoOccupier leaders lead toward cooperative,
mutual-subsidiarity as WinWin GoldenRule equity
0-interest sum-total balance of play options
within one ecosystemic life’s abundant and beloved
and perennially climaxing every summer
full-octave revolving repurposing
regenerative love-life value.

CoOperative Political Warriors begin to see
how one thought leads toward another,
both-and another paradigm,
and another polycultural evolutionary health-paradigm,
and a polypathic eco-normic bicameral full-fractal WinWin
4D bionic networking 0-soul naturally webbing paradigm
within Time’s self-reflective
wise and healthy
permacultural eco-intelligent CoPresent.

We could not find each other
without this globally permacultural language
accessible to all,
and reasonably assured of discerning
which choices tend more positive-therapeutic MidWay,
as those which are also double-negative co-pathological
decomposing trend-lines pointing up
toward revolutionary refolding of status quo suboptimization frames
within Time’s historic languaged culture.

There can be no true and honest and logical,
rational dichotomy between individual
and Anthrocentric
and Earth’s ecotherapeutic rights
to abundantly celebrate equivalent freedom
to cooperative regenerative multicultural health,
with freedom from DNA-languaged past anger
about wealthy-ego-loss mindbody
as freedom from future-fear
about wealthy-ego-loss design
of this mindbody’s 0-centric CoPresent
timeless immortality.

Each and every bicameral ego-holonic life begins
with 0-soul intention toward political and economic cooperative diapraxis
through communication
developing communal intention through ++/(-,-) syntax default,
and it is with this same sacred-holonic CoPresence,
paradise-attentive balance
that we re-enter our eco-conscious diastasis
TransParent network
regenerating square-rooting fractals
implying timeless CoPresence,
when not decomposing more like a Beehive Nest,
drowsy with all that luscious warm honey,
hibernating through winter’s dreamy rest
toward timeless co-elational unbirth.


Memes of Dreams in Paradigm

He said
Permaculture Design and Naturally Reconstructive Development
applies Regenerative Evolutionary ConScience.

Well! she promulgated
Evolutionary Science
applies Positive Teleological Faith,
and Love,
on good days.

Not to be undone,
he responded
good Evolutionary Science days
and nights, perhaps,
apply Revolutionary Systematic Theology
for co-arising

Hah, that was a good day one!
she more cooperatively replies,
Polypathic parasites
apply natural systemic development
to spiritual systemic co-arising evolutions
to evolve co-intelligent regenesis
of spiritual development
with eco-natural therapies.

Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that.
he thinks to understand,
Polycultural polypaths
polymorph eco-normative paradigms
of metaphysics
by deeply comprehending
ecological systems
of nature’s (less-meta) physics.

Well done!
she warmly enthymemes,
Polypathic translators
of 4-fractal seasonal syntax
uncover analogical laws and meanings and value
by recovering ecological functions and purpose
and co-arising frequencies
of bicameral consciousness.

He began,
Breathe in Left deductive
to exhale Right seduction,
love as beauty functions,
life as function reforms
most holy-healthy beauty,
balancing 4-prime polynomial harmonic octave,
universal-left loves unitarian-right,
and vice-versa.

She ended,
Co-arise full-functional content
within contentment
conjoining contentious dissonance
through timeless eternity
of Time’s positronic space pace.

He reiterated
as she began iterating his begin,
Permaculture Design and Naturally Repurposing Development
applies TransParentive
Evolutive-Revoluting ConScience.

And so they and we continue,
through endless loops
of soupy regenetic issues
racing toward confluent


Gummy B’s of Life

Love without Beloved,
Beloved without Love,
neither alternative could be
me without you
you within me
both equivalent would be We.

We without you,
or me,
this simply can not be,
we takes both equal ambivalently
Without me,
just you,
or me,
which We can not be.

I could not be me without you,
nor you without me,
as I, you see
we’re not at home in side-by-side
teleologically biological We.

If no MetaEcoSystem,
then no Me.
If no Me, then no exegetical
permaculturing Be.

If no Belonging,
then no longing.
If no longing, then no Belonging.
If no becoming, then not Being
en-double-lightening We.

If synapse
were not quite so closely haunted by relapse
deep learning might be as predictable
as gravity’s self-creational

When East and West learn to divest of Other culture’s absence,
as South and North learn to invest in Other culture’s partsense,
then Permaculture Design will co-redeem
sustainable We
polycultural Planet
polymorphic economics
polypathic ecologic
as PolyTao Therapy.

Messiah’s turn Left to Right
and Right to Left
and back again
to revolution Earth ethics upside down,
with SunGod’s cooperative rays on top
of Earth’s economic pie charts
and global graceful synergy spread wide
warm watery reception,
challenging bi-generic tree-ringed contractions
of grace,
karmic abundance,
a Bun Dance away from eisegetical ignorance,
Ego’s fancy prance,
of why when we each and all come together,
in love’s full climaxing binomial embrace
we turn our identities upside down
in this HereNow timely space.

We each come to redeeem our Ego investment
born of Earth’s long-lunged DNA regenerating narrative,
double negative binding Ids
creating SuperEco-Normic sticky bliss.


Hospitality Economics

Never give up.

Always give down,


only what you would hope to receive

from upstream.


Ego identity only exists now.

A moment ago,

and a moment from now,

you ecologically individuate,

balancing self-identity with environmental messages

and memory string revolving through your seasons

and imagination,

both hopes and fears,

values and disvalues

back to doubly-bound DNA,

maternally and paternally balanced.


What you received downstream

evolves what ego invests upstream.

Karma hosts time’s regeneration,

your ecological investment,

sometimes dislodging revolutionary synergy

when space and time reveal themselves

as yang and yin,

polymorphic positive physics

hosting -(-) meta-fractal fold

flying binomial time.


We submerge spatial out

with temporal echoing in.