Polycultural Party Invitation

and hopefully last,
organizational meeting of the Polycultural Party
in our conjoined Meeting Room,
between your bicameral eyes.

If you
work or live in a cooperative,
would like to live or work in a more cooperative environment,

If you
garden or farm, or just feed, with organic preference,
would like to live in a more nutritious environment,

If you
write or dance or sing,
or some other variety of artistic expression,
or your mother calls you “artistic”
because she just doesn’t know what else to say,
or you would like to live more artistically,
within beauty of Self-Other creativity,

If you
are New Age spiritual
but feel old age natural,

then you are already an uncertified member
of our Polycultural Party.

Let’s continue certifying each other,
speak and listen
about how to be
and become
this Party,
more cooperatively organized,
more organic.


Your space and mine: co-operating.

Your time with mine: co-arising ec(o)-science-consciousness.


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