New Evolving

Nuancing Andrew Cohen

“If we are interested in learning how to engage with consciousness
at higher and higher levels,
to consciously facilitate its evolution within us
and between us,
we need to look more closely
at the extraordinary phenomenon of [nondual co-arising] emergence
in matter,
in biological life,
[in economic life,
and in ecological systems,]
and most importantly,
at the level of [eco]consciousness.
We need to cultivate our capacity to visualize [healthy evolution]
and to emotionally connect
with what it would mean
for [positive] emergence to occur within our own interiors [landscapes,
co-dominant dipolar Left-Right bicameral Yang-Yin balance
transactions meeting RNA/DNA’s balance of healthy syntax
regenerative standards],
within our subjective [exterior landscape]
and intersubjective [eco-logical discernment
of normative relationships for cooperative confluence,
contentment, happiness, Positive Psychology and Permaculture]
experience [emerging from Basic Attendance].”

We hear and translate in the paradigms of prior formation
to speak and ecologically transpose a shared paradigm of reformation.

Note: Andrew Cohen quote from “Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening” (which strikes me as a benign oxymoron–new paths are the exception to the slow evolutionary norm), p. 182, SelectBooks. my commentary, additions, and format changes are intended to cooperatively nuance Cohen’s excellent and important work, to recommend him to you, not to discredit in any way , even if it happens to lead toward a new revolutionary enlightenment of eco-consciousness…


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