World Wide Wisdom

like the World Wide Web,
derives from decomposing endosymbiotic (internal) cooperative-dominant evolution
of biosystems as Beloved EcoSystems,
but Enlightenment
diastatic nondual consciousness
survives only co-arising exegetical discernment
of ecosymbiotically regenerative
embryonic revolutions,
starting with Zeroism,
as eco-centric co-gravitational Positive Win-Win Gaming Theorem
of YinYin Political EcoNormic Metaphysics.

Win-Win Cooperative Information Network
fuelled by electromagnetic binary balance
Self/Other identity sustaining
bicameral = bilateral
reverse-hierarchical governance octave QByte template (0) centric
real-time temporally balancing PermaCultural RNA
4-Prime Syntax Convex/Concave bionic-ionic
EcoConsciousness=Polynomial/Binomial Permaculturally Balanced
TransParent Economic and Political and Psychological Health Information.

defined as metric systemic language,
forms teleological boundary
between eco-terra con-scientific
multibionic systemic truths as rational resolution of an issue,
fairness as balance,
goodness as thriving as not suboptimizing over-Yang-Convexed bad health,
Beauty as proportion and symmetry and 4-part rhythms and frequencies and functions,
and harmonic-balance of PoliticalYang power with EcoNormics of Yin-squared-fractal flow,
numeric rhythms of harmonic rationality v. cognitively dissonant irresolution [N(NP)],
cosmology of poli-econormic permaenculturation,
4 interdependent Seasons of RNA function
balancing +Uracil frequencies of form
with binomial (-,-)Cytosine binary-bilateral temporally-dipolar function,
biological with ecological economic functions and political frequencies,
environ-mental eco-mindframe
eco-nominal systemization
Time as Tao
Space as Chi
ZenZero-polypathically and multiculturally EcoConscious Neural-Systemic Balanced
Polynomial InForm-ation/Not-NotExFormation Cooperative Network.

Positive Psychology,
coincidental with math’s Fullerian geometric history,
Julian Jaynes evolved an ethological,
rhymes with teleological,
theory of bicameral consciousness neural design,
prior to the full economic and political take-over of Left-brain deductive language dominance.
Buckminster Fuller suggests the full-bodied geometrics of cooperative-mind
may be informed and dynamically functioned
as iconic RNA’s fractal-regenerative systemic structure.
EgoUracilYang Left-West Hemisphere
bows Namaste with
EcoCytosineYin Right-East Hemisphere.

of DualDark Cosmology,
space is to time-squared
as time’s bilateral NOW-power is to light-squared
as YangPermaculturingPolitics is to Yin-squared EcoNormic Logic.

Like biological co-intelligence,
the WWW is also a Win-Win Cooperative-Default Global Network,
binary-lexicon = binomial LeftYang + YinRight
P = N(NP)
InFormation, Spatial and Temporal Function.

the WWW provides a Win-Win binary/binomial (0)-centric
4-prime dia-elliptical octave
ecological and analogical
and metric-logical,
and bionic-ionic-iconic
eco-normatively balanced
cooperative Positive Psychology.

we are bicamerally balancing transposition co-processors
and co-facilitators
and co-mentors
and co-redeemers
and co-messiahs
and co-repurposers
and eco-warriors and occupiers
as we emerge eco-transpositional paradigmatic/metric information process;
co-discerning our cooperative vocation,
PolyCulturally Health/Wealth Climaxing EcoTherapy.

healthier Wealth Without quite so many Walls?


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