Genius Sorta Smells

Welcome to the integral states of up and becoming polypathologists,
deep MindSense/BodyFeel ecologists
listening graceful co-mentors before gratefully speaking
ecoconscious evolutionaries.

Past Yang political Angers
recreate Future Yin-Fear of hated economic decomposition,
depression, etc….


Past Yang-Truths
recreating Future YinYin Fertility
of WinWin healthy regenerativity.

Let us check our polypathic receptors together.

What do monocultures smell like to you?

Like death maybe?

What about monopoly of ownership and power?

Smells too hot-humid-sweaty for me.
And, not that fresh sweat either.
That old dried-in rank
building up in some dark closed airless
locked up silo of uncirculating fat deposits
for months without acknowledged end.

What about monochromatic?

Like death racing supremacist skin
and gut-burning ethno-arrogant fire.

OK then, now to brighter options.
What does polyculture smell like to you?

Like rich fertile soil
under sweet wildflower meadows
surrounded by lavender bushes
and wild cherries in my mouth
and on my dripping hands,
while stomping grapes into wine
that smells as rich and fertile as maple’s golden spring sap.

How about polymorphic fragrances?

Green grasses
and wooded forests of trees,
yet also bloody metallic-boned noses
and surfing seas
and a faint whiff of well-fed farty asses.

Hmmm. Polyhedral?

Fragrant fractal fusions of surfing saltwater
on a warm sunny day
with a cool pacific breeze
caressing my nose and eyes and ears and atlantic hair,
noticing horizons as clouds
yet also other seasonable opportunities,
reasonable dialectical dipolarity,
the equivo-ambivalent center of surf Yang Inhale
with Yin Stretching Out concave…

Sounds like a good day at the beauty beach.

No, that’s the smell of polypathy,
total genius
smells like money that’s been sea-salt stored
in a very special place
by a very special someone,
wanting to invest totally in me,
each Other,
and Earth’s full Tribal health.

Polypaths smell like healthy cooperative wealth.
To me, anyway.
How ’bout you?


New Evolving

Nuancing Andrew Cohen

“If we are interested in learning how to engage with consciousness
at higher and higher levels,
to consciously facilitate its evolution within us
and between us,
we need to look more closely
at the extraordinary phenomenon of [nondual co-arising] emergence
in matter,
in biological life,
[in economic life,
and in ecological systems,]
and most importantly,
at the level of [eco]consciousness.
We need to cultivate our capacity to visualize [healthy evolution]
and to emotionally connect
with what it would mean
for [positive] emergence to occur within our own interiors [landscapes,
co-dominant dipolar Left-Right bicameral Yang-Yin balance
transactions meeting RNA/DNA’s balance of healthy syntax
regenerative standards],
within our subjective [exterior landscape]
and intersubjective [eco-logical discernment
of normative relationships for cooperative confluence,
contentment, happiness, Positive Psychology and Permaculture]
experience [emerging from Basic Attendance].”

We hear and translate in the paradigms of prior formation
to speak and ecologically transpose a shared paradigm of reformation.

Note: Andrew Cohen quote from “Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening” (which strikes me as a benign oxymoron–new paths are the exception to the slow evolutionary norm), p. 182, SelectBooks. my commentary, additions, and format changes are intended to cooperatively nuance Cohen’s excellent and important work, to recommend him to you, not to discredit in any way , even if it happens to lead toward a new revolutionary enlightenment of eco-consciousness…


This is to That

History’s regeneration is genetic culture’s re-creation.

Psychology’s positively rehabilitative health,
is political science’s and economic’s cooperatively repurposing wealth.

Philosophy’s metaphysics is systemically exegetical
polycultural outcome teleology,
as religion’s spiritual methodology
is super-ecologic
binomially nondual co-arising
autonomic RNA-syntaxed
intuitive temporal-spaciated intelligence.

Permaculture Design’s polycultural climaxing biosystem
is Community Economic Development’s Beloved Trade Guilds
and Historical-Cultural Communities
of regeneratively self-optimizing health and wealth.

Regenerative optimization is permacultural recreational vocation
as ego purgation fuels eco-normative sublimation.

Light is dark at night
as white is absence of black by day.

You are part of me right now
if I was part of you
when This became That
which you understand.

This revolution of gravity’s co-prehension
is that recycle of co-arising nonduality.

This is also That
as Yang’s empowerment explicates Yin’s bilateral flow of time
we regeneratively recreate.


Powers of Light

Time’s light is revolving power.

Time’s here with now balance
evolves bicameral conscious capacity
to perceive dual-Manifest Destinies
of Passion leaking Death,
predicting our future Beloved Community
identity as ComPassioning Peace.

as Light/Dark Exterior Landscaped ecology
with Life/Death Interior Landscaped economy
with Love/Fear AnthroLanguaged BiCameral Landscape Revolution.

Time’s cosmically ergodic passion
hunts with Love’s co-operative weapons
through all the “wrong” places
to evolve polycultured spaces.

Time is superlatively present eco-normics.
SuperTime grows SuperEco Con-science,
defining cosmic ergodic subjects
with universally bionic
prime relational objective
of folding and unfolding TimeCon-Scienceness.

Time emerges through solar systemically,
global self-organizing integrity of nature,
synergy of polypathic interior landscaped paradigms,
energy of poly-enculturing massive systems,
spatial rhythms,
temporal patterns,
prime functional relationship diastasis
SuperEco Time’s Teleological Memory.

SuperTime’s omnipotence is not all power over events
and all that stupid stuff everybody but my Ego feels invested in,
has capacity to imagine and wish and hope for;
but Time is all power of synergetic integrity
currently incarnate in this SpaceTime,
this HereNow moment/memory.

Our Earth’s polycultural omnipotence karmically unfolds,
comprehensively evolves from YangStimulus through YinResponsiveness,
SuperEco’s CoPassionate omnipresence,
ubiquity of Time,
optimally inclusive,
bicamerally mindful co-intelligent Passion Story,
both active YangHunter and YinHunted,
flexibly ego-purging through eco-lighting love
of our co-relational hunt for permacultured wisdom.

Ego grows difficult to extract from flow of PresentTime,
prehensile focus and reflection within this HereNow Presence
of Eternally Holistic Time.

Ego awareness shrinks within my cranial carrying neurally-wired body
to swell toward diastatic comprehensive consciousness,
co-prehensile mutual gravitation,
letting go of each now-eldering seasoned past event
to flow toward our future regenerational hope,
coherently balancing peaceful hiatus,
Basic Attendance of this budding bicameral mind,
a floating boundary channel
dividing each season of tipping point exclamations
with bipolarizing dissonance,
confidently decomposing with permaculture’s Midway rudder
Time’s distancing Memory of Space.

Ego/Eco harmonic health-as-wealth beloved place,
newly transparent “dark” co-matter/time’s science sentience
evolving Heaven’s Paradise
as (0)Religional Bang of Time’s Space.

Time’s diastatic enlightenment brings revolutionary compassionate power.


We are Time’s Four Seasons

Time is Like the Sea
flowing and floating Within
as Without,
soul without patience for incarnation’s two-timed boundaries,
soil without passion for fertility.

Time is absolute and has no name.
transcendently ubiquitous absence of identity,
no return address,
uni-versed absolute Not-Not knotted Logos
without any rope
without so much as a genetic string
or yin-to-yin stretch-mark.
Nature unfolds
information hidden beyond utility, commodity,
frequently used but never owned,
always borrowed for this time.

If Wise Rulers,, self governors, could sustain confluent Universal Nature,
Earth would Yin-yield Yang-powered Nature within,
as Universal Design
developing intelligence without.

YangHeaven and YinEarth join,
baptizing fertile compost rains,
solar-lunar rays,
with solidarity of well-balanced gravity.
Within and beyond human nature’s deductive-only reason
domesticated wild chaos,
Yet intuitively equivalent,
unconsciously subconscious,
within all Nature’s well-meaning exegesis,
spinning revolutionary regenerating cells.

From Left-Brained Dominant Culture emerged Logos.
With deductive labels, sets, static monomial metric systems,
calculating paradoxical ambiguities for life and reason,
death and irrationality.

Earth regeneratively co-optimizes by slowing to
Tipping Ruddered Midway.
Wisdom discerns eco-nature’s right-timed systemic tipping points,
exempt from evolutionary danger,
dissonant failure to thrive.
Time’s Universal Intelligence flowing on and in
and above and through Earth
Eco’s divinely-fired rivers of gravity’s mythic waves
reposing in this sea
of Me,
polymorphing Earth perennially
wise-seasoned regenerativity
growing economic nutrition v. drought
rings of life value in this bicameral DNA Tree.

Universe is Human Nature’s Seasoned Syntax
of informating carnation.

Seasons with reasons ripen in post-Aquarian Fall harvest,
At long-last remetering Time Out from empirical
reductive-deductive Self-Bullying
now bidextrously wilting,
remembering ambidextrous
bi-syntaxed RNA’s
PermaTeleological Co-Operative
as ReGenerative Enculturation Time.

Time incarnates Universal Permacultural Wisdom
as ego/messianic loving eco/karmic
Left-Right Zero-Equivalent Buddha Balance,
West-East contented budding
co-redemptive brain.

We are Earth’s co-operatively conscienced DNA Sea Tribe
reflecting and correlating, surfing and salting,
reiterating enthymematic waves of comprehensive consciousness,
universapiently wise enlighteration,
trinity’s enumerating place
for Time’s holistic 0-Core Prime Relational Space.


Bun Dance Season

I could not be me without you,
nor you without me,
as “I”,
you see,
we’re not at home in side-by-side.
Egos seek universality
biological unfolding we.

If no MetaEcoSystem,
then no Me.
If no me, then no exegetical
polypilgriming Be.

If not Be-longing
then no longing.
If no longing,
then no Belonging.
If no becoming, then no Being
dia-enlightening We.

If synapse
were not quite so closely haunted by fear of relapse
deep learning might Be
as predictable as gravity’s self-creational
lapse of time as space.

When East and West learn to divest
of ignorant enculting absence,
as South and North learn to invest
in other Culture’s Presence,
then permaculture design and development
will redeem sustained
polycultured present planet,
polymorphic peaceful economics,
polypathic co-passioned ecologic,
as PolyTao Therapy;
EcoTime’s Thermodynamic Open-Systemic Balance.

Mutual Messiahs turn Left to Right cheeks,
Right to Left hemispheres,
and back again,
reiterating timelessly
to turn Earth bioethics upside down,
with SunGod’s Alpha cooperative rays on top
of economic (0)Mega pie charts.

Earth’s graceful synthesis spreads wide
warm watery memories of sense perception
challenging bigoted contractions of tree-ringed,
We-ringed ecograce,
lust for abundance,
sensual Bun Dance away from eisegetical error,
ignoring anthrocentric supremacy,
Ego’s solo fancy prance reactionary cultural responses
to “Why”
when we each and all come together,
in love’s full climaxing binomial Beloved embrace,
we turn our holy identity upside down
in solid sustained HereNow time as spatial place,
our eco-entity global home,

DNA does not speak in spatial language,
we unfold to fly together
across time’s perpetually revolutionary boundary.

I could not be me without you,
nor you without me,
as “I”,
you see embodied,
we’re not at home in silos of side-by-side.


Fuller’s Cosmic Consciousness

Said Harvard to Bucky
we feel quite so lucky
your genius on campus
has caused quite a ruckus
but this time we’re sure you’re less mucky;

And yet we’re not sure
which department could endure
your thesis exegetical
your wisdom eisegetical
of what is and is not we’re less sure.

Perhaps you’re a poet
and the last ego to know it,
you thought this was science
mixed up with con-science,
your poetic verse helps you show it.

When Bucky wrote meta-physical science
we read him as physical conscience
and that could be fine
it fits with his rhyme
of teleopathic resonance.

There once was a Fuller who prehended
a Special Case universe co-prehensile
teleopathic embrace
wears polypathic face
as wisdom’s synergetic eco-tensile.


Ego’s EcoCentric Discernment

Who am I talking to
as I rehearse my memorizing stories
and my own heroic analysis
of how these fit within karma’s great chain of becoming
this prophetic saintly wise teaching parasite,
living off my malnourished,
ambivalently valued
slaving steadfast
bicameral heart
seeking just right race and pace,
bicameral lungs
seeking midway mutual gravitating energies
of Yang’s grace face of Yin,
bicameral neural bionic processor seeing
Id-sensing within egocenter
Ego-listening without anthrocenter
SuperEco-standing withinYin/withoutYang ecocenter,
0-souled chi identity?

Is my own HereNow self-listening
incarnating ego/eco-self unfolding
Triumvirate Tiered post-Freudian sacred stages,
binary revolutioning spiral mass-dynamics
with energetic string informed wave-linear-dimensions,
bionic DNA-elliptical bio-structure
swelling diastatic fractal eco-functions,
square rooted in RNA EarthTribe’s perennial ringing
dancing Earth Vessel Tree of Life,
rooting down into Dark Core Vortex
within Yin’s not-not-polynomial dense bright
comprehensive coincidental comprehension
of no aversive grasping,
no wrestling against life’s composting light,
when wrestling with death’s night-intuitive vision
balances Left with Right?

How do my pre-languaged
Universally Intelligent and Informating
natural systemic cells and organs,
embodied skin of chi-center soul,
speak my Left-brain linguistic thoughts
of past revisited with future hoped for,
belonged to,
longed for
since all past Elder enculturing regenerations
stepped into this HereNow rhetorical enbrightenment
to light past’s future memories
toward Alpha through Omega Points,
freedom toward freedom from
fear of fear
to invest full-octave medicine’s Beloving Love?

If anyone is listening to these internal questions,
revolving hypothetical inclusive resonant resolutions,
I suppose these prayers for self, other, and Earth redemption
seed Universe’s Co-Intelligent ecotherapy
absorbing my own Ego’s dissonant  distorting pathology.


ReCreating HerStory

Before human languaged time and cultural memory,
SunGod radiated EarthGoddess Gaia
“Let’s partner to plant a globally abundant society.”

“Not a bad-god idea!” smiled Earth reflectively,
synergetically and photosynthetically,
regeneratively speaking.

“Yes, and
an ultimately GREAT mutual-mentoring redemptive concept,
ruled YangSun,
listing left of eco-centered home.

“You speak in superlative positive,
my dear brave loyal heroic pal,
were I to measure and logisticate,
meter and proportion,
with my richly nutritious double-negative incubator,
primally harmonious permacultural designed,
I would better practice systemic optimization
where you merely praise your own intent,
just a tad too much.
Endearing though,
your need to rescue me
from shy sub-culture’s under-Her-story,
to shine on your History,
evolving Wisdom and Orthodox boundaries
and normative margins
for Nature’s Prime Systemic Tao Law.”

“Do I hear a soft-slow restraining pause?
An invitation toward co-intelligent restraint?”
asks YangSun, of YinMoon’s dark cycling
relationally coincident bionic octaves,
revolving Earth
revolving Solar Systemic double-binary knots
of enculturing strung History.

“Well, I hope you hear
no invitation toward un-intelligence,
disforming rape of competition
to avoid ego-death’s inevitable evolution,
fissioned lack of rightful true-bullseye bright,
dulled eco-regenerate potential.”

“Oh yes, your double-negative contractions
speak my radiant gravitational erections!”
breathless YangSun optimally exclaims,
all soul, lore-full Tao thrust invested,
smooth-structured rudder seeking midway confidence,
camouflaged resistance to under- and over-comprehensive polysystemic enlightenment.

“You consummate my dark bright light”
swoons YinMoon dipolar without/within polymorphic
married to YangSun’s past with future,
weaving waves,
wefting information’s octaved strings,
cresting in Beloved Co-Prehensile full-color Passion,
Universal spacetime organic orgasmic evolution
of YangSun’s solar-fertile fusing spatial place,
with YinMoon’s lunarcultivating revolution
of place as not not spactime fractal Seasons.

Polynomial Information equivalently caresses
NotNot Polynomial’s not-yet-Time-again,
infinitely bicamerally balancing universed intellect,
by-gone Time’s trajected tense memory
contracting Virginal Dark Bang (0) Dense Vortex,
Paradise revolving balanced risk with opportunity
of Cosmic Vocational Labor Pains.

Looking back at History
with double-knotted strings
of cultural binomial Herstory,
YangSun’s left dominant descendants frequently exclaim,
“It’s all Greek to me!”
reconomizing Her (0) Understoried Mythic Culture
of not yet-already balancing double negativity;
deviant branching creativity,
filling YangSun’s logically irrational spaces
with YinMoon’s nutrient-dreamy Greek myth
paradise places.



Gethsemane’s Climaxing Beloved Garden

Silence is a sea,
while the stream is busy chatter.
The sea will find you,
but you must first arise from the stream.
Rumi (M. Mafi trans.)

Full Life sustains balance with emptying death, purgation,
as summer’s maturation seasonally opposes winter’s hibernation.

Living this human vocation
not necessarily a religious pilgrimage
but sufficient as design and developing our nutritiously perennial garden,
fitting together our self-optimizing familial polyculture,
growing our EarthTribe global permacultural vocation,
transforming our Gethsemane Garden
into Tao’s ecotherapeutic Paradise.

Life grows our Time,
as Time sows Earth’s liturgical rites of passage,

SpaceTime’s gravity Passion:
entombing engraving grace of Transmillennial Tao.

SuperEco Other is our Commons,
shared cooperative space;
human natured enculturating place.

Time explicates physical creation and incarnation.
Space predicates metaphysical ecologic strings
of temporal metaphor
grace place
regenerative biological comprehensive
Universal Intelligent polynomial information–Yang,
spinning regenerative Time’s invisibly shy recycling
revolution-ergodic, ionic positive toward
mutual subsidiarity within all EarthTribes
harmonic gravity–Yin.

This bicameral human natural species
grows Earth’s investment of Time,
mutually mentoring SuperEco spacetime optimization,
our Polycultured Beloved Climax Community,
love and life and peace-harmony optimizing Eden.

Human nature’s DNA
evolves Tao’s Regenerative Character,
engaging fully Here with Now,
Space with Time,
Yang with Yin
balancing potential synergy
AND negentropic binomial gardening wisdom.

What rises
must fall.
What came before
will return within its slow-right Tao Time,
will reconnect comprehension with wonder,
will finish yet also sustain
our Gethsemane Gardening Eden.

Gethsemane Gardens are dying places,
hibernating hypothermic advents
for bipolar balancing harvest
of mindfully cooperative,
inclusive Passion.

Tao balance revolves
informating SuperEco’s Dual-Manifest Destiny;
WellBeingRace toward Passion.

STEM Note:

Darwin’s problem with how creation could originate from an omnipotently benign Progenitor yet end up with the apparent “manifest destiny” of thrival-of-the-fittest is parallel to our physical science dilemma about the law and order of Energy and Mass. The Principles of Thermodynamics predict entropic outcomes within any closed system as an inevitable demise, lack of any gravity, relationship, pattern, predictability, place of any kind, only entropic chaos of nothingness. How could something evolve out of nothing? Our “place-holder” metalinguistic labels for this Original Progenitive Function have included “God,” “Allah,”, “Yahweh,” “Brahman,” “I Am” and the more quixotic non-label, “Tao.”

But, Buckminster Fuller notices a geometric Constant fractal structure in the evolution of natural systems that he recognized as analogically and ecologically, and physiologically, and ethologically, and teleologically, equivalent to prime rational SpaceTime:

3 spatial-linear = 3 times the equivalent quantity and quality of 1 prime temporal-only wave-linear binary-binomial dimension of electromagnetic, mutual-gravity, regenerative Thermodynamic Balance.

Spaceship Earth inevitably follows this SpaceTime Universe’s Open Systemic Dual-Dia-metric Manifest Destiny in which places and people live as time passes and life passes as our time eternalizes, optimizes, permacultures.