Social Engagement

She says she’s fine with it

With social distancing

It’s her normal defiant
absence of resonant integrity.

In fact,
thanks to the magic of World Wide Webs
she now has all day
to bask in messages she can choose
as resonant
and “bad” humored dissonant
social engagement
and political disengagement,
and disempowering
now her whole day/night choice
of sounds good-humored sung
and bad-rumored hung
out for risky social distance voice.

Polyphonic prosody
is like polypathic integrity
except older,
often wiser,
and wealthier.

Harmonic humored sounds
predict virally rumored rounds
of global ego/eco-therapy,
bicamerally wiser resonance,
bilaterally health systemic resilient
and wealth politically economic

Power tensions,
as my oppositionally defiant daughter
might more mindfully intend,
resound “Fine!!!!!!!!!!!”
roared like a weapon
might not(not) question double-rewinding Fine?
if you could ask me nicely for a hug
so we return to smiling, Fine

As pastel hugs
and shrugs
dawning viral light.


Health Economy

cognitive and experiential,
spiritual and natural,
sacred and secular,
are paradigms,
mature revolutions and still partial evolutions,
with WinWin orthodox pretensions
and yet carrying our own WinLose seeds of destruction
non-golden rules and irrational ratios
within as without,
yin as yang.

Planning systems clarify who or what “x” is
by deeply understanding how we healthy want
and wealthiest need
x to proceed, continue unfolding,
to evolve not-x, continue revolving,
to restore positive x/y therapeutic action.*

Paradigmatic practitioners evaluate outcomes at least annually,
especially during Advent,
before and after Winter Solstice,

Noticing which trends move us cooperatively
toward WinWin universal compassionate resilience

And which devolve too LeftBrain competitively
toward WinLose dissonant narcissism,
often supported by nationalistic
privileged paternalism,

By competitive over cooperative power-models of Evolution,

By faces of a regally distant
yet omnipresent, EarthCreator God,

By positive/negative health paradigms
emerging WholeSystem polypathic nutritional wealth
of GoldenRule compassion.

To trust other systems, living paradigms,
mature natural and spiritual humans,
co-passionately need to be cooperatively treated…

To act with integral allegiance
as we prefer to WinWin act with all y’s…

Cannot be done both violently and resiliently,
invalidly yet effectively,
competitively against each other,
without deeply listening to not-x,
without looking into our potential victim’s eyes,
without pro-actively extending compassion.

If we look together
at Earth’s modern history of global warfare,
We can see the primary outcome of WW1,
sowing the seeds for WW2.

WW2, however,
began sowing seeds of uniting nations
and universally non-sectarian EarthCare,
healing hate-mongered aggressive wounds
of white patriarchal privilege,
human climate of industrial supremacy,
LeftBrain deductive-reductive plutocracy.

Now, approaching 2020 historic revision
with a new WinWin potential integrity
for WWW post-millennial binomial capacity,
we can compassionately re-image WW3,
inviting each democratic heart
loyal to each cooperatively self-managed nation-state x
allied with all secular and/or sacred non-sectarian EarthTribes y
to embrace compassionate WholeSystem health care
for all climates
all paradigms
all histories and stories and creating cultures
of all compassionate light
measuring eternal x
in orbits of bright
wounding and therapeutic Time, y.

Passionate peace longing to understand x
and non-violent surrounding y-compassions,
together x/y belonging,
integrity’s health
resilient wealth.


*Math Note: Where x is not any non-polynomial, non-rational paradigmatic y.


Restoring Earth Justice

Permacultural project proposals,
for those who live where forests once prevailed,
could become sacred reforesting projects
employing secular eco-political democratic development
principles and procedures and Honorable Harvest policies
inclusive of Sacred MotherTrees.

Who: Maybe your local interfaith cooperative network.

When: Ongoing,
permaculturally developed with design standards
for polycultural health-trend outcome optimization,
WealthAbundance, SecularLeft (0)Soul NurturanceRight,
SacredElder HealthyWealth

Where: Mother Earth
within Milky MidWay Universe,
Open (0)-Core BiLateral Systemic
roots of TaoTime’s expansion/contraction.

Why: To rebuild to original polyculturing Mother EarthTribe
double-winged temporal boundaries,
appositional dipolar
and co-arising
4D RealTime
bilaterally ana-eco-logical
(0)Sum WinWin BiNomial Balance.

How: Beginning with those constituencies with most to lose,
which is usually those who have lost most everything already
LeftBrain dominantly valued:
sex offenders
AA-NA steppers
homeless marchers
addicted sleepers
and start expanding what brings daily small transitional happiness
to therapeutically key normal nutritional events
as opportunities toward health.

What might still motivate disenfranchised brothers and sisters
and extending matriarchal-patriarchal cousins
to sing
or dance
or beat a drum
or write
or simply tell our stories
of what we have learned so far?
About internal climates of health
and exterior landscapes of fear and anger,
dualdark shamed and blamed mismanagement,
where love and trust and cooperative multicultural strengths
would more honorably prevail
integrity instead.

Let’s not fear,
those who gather here
on this Earth
in this time,
to keep in touch with how we’re growing,
and where we remain stuck,
through positive and supportive-but-not-so-much-please
Therapeutic Comments
along our cooperative polypaths,
and off,
here now
with past regenerators paid forward
and vulnerable future generations
increasingly challenged to find
descending WinWin options,
economic-Left and ecologically healthy-Right
sacred restorative Earth justice.

A difference between daily through seasonal secular ritual
and diurnal regenerative sacred liturgy
is beauty,
these three as one,
both secularLeft and sacredRight.

Permacultural project proposals,
for those who live where forests once prevailed,
could become sacred reforesting projects
inclusive of Sacred MotherTree Networks,
WorldWithoutWalls Webs.


Each as Every EarthDay CoOperative

in the NorthWestern Hemisphere,
each Earth Day’s EgoCenter
includes a Bicycle Warrior for True EcoLogic,

in South and Eastern Hemispheres,
each Earth Day and Full GrandMother Moon
Allah-Brahman Night of Tao,
includes a Bodhisattva ZenWarrior
of Beauteous EcoJustice Fire
through DualDark TransParent EnLightenment,

Then Earth Day Ego
sees and smells and tastes nutrition
through bicameral 20/20,
LeftYang to Right YinFractal-SquareRooted (0)
DiPolar ReGenerative Syntax RNA through DNA History of Enculturation,
ThermoDynamic Balance Function,
BiLateral DiaStatic WaveLinear CoArising Forms,
BlackHole DualDark TaoCenter
of (0)Riginal thru (0)Mega Point through Time
revolving Earth’s Universal EcoCenter PermaCulturation,
ReGenerating Space
as Earth’s EcoPlace
in CoGravitational Time.

We want to be happier,
feel self-optimizing,
fill life, but not over-fill to death,
as we step into Earth’s Daily Reality,
as we deflate our EgoAnger Fear,
dissonating memories.

Our cooperative DNA research
reveals a realistically positive attitude
and eco-founded optimism,
along with some acceptance of dissonance
as not merely dysfunctional.
with ego-learning logical merit
to help us accomplish great loves
in all polypaths
of shared EarthTribe ReGenerative Daily Life.

What we still do not know,
yet hope is true and beautiful and healthy,
Why do our day-to-day decisions
co-determine how each Ego navigates through great transition points,
why identity co-evolves through and beyond
each EgoRelational Life?

What if DNA/RNA Solidarity
lives even another thousand years of Earth Days?
Reincarnating fresh mindbodies
possessing, owning, claiming,
proclaiming permacultured memories
of this (0)-EgoCenter we are collectively becoming,
back in this PostMillennial Network Era,
and on back through (0) EcoCenter of BiLateral Time,
CoArising-CoGravitating Light,
(0) Black Hole Tao
DualDark TransParent WinWin
ReConnecting Time,

Eternally copresent
in each Earth organic, full-composted, Day,
and Night,
and CoRevolving Year of EarthDay Gratitude.

If another thousand Earth Day years,
re-membering each other
at our lovely healthiest best,
why not a million,
why not eternal self-perpetuating climaxing permaculturing polycultural polypathic polynomial balanced
eternal ecoconsciousness
of TaoLight?
Time’s sacred ProGenitor,
Open Systemic Network
CoArising each DiPolar NonDual EarthDay Event.

Earth Day,
emerging from red dawns
resonating through red dusk
rich healthy eco-centered moonlit Earth Nights,
ruled by Bicycle Balancing Bodhisattva EcoWarriors.

To live each day as if (0)-centric eternal
is to love EarthDay’s co-emerging plans,
while consulting with one’s most delighted
cooperative Ego
as self-other relational-co-operative-co-incidental-co-arising-co-gravitating-co-enfolding identity.

Any day that feels more confined by fear and anger
than refined by love
as healthy desire for ecoconscious contentment
for Ego as for each EcoCentered Other,
is another day invested
in learning what Earth Day means
by resolving love your enemies,
to know and respect Ego’s fear and anger nemeses,
contentious boulders
along Earth Day’s Tao River
flowing abundantly revolving YangLeft-YinRight Temporal-Neural Time.


Alpha Network Avalanche

Avalanche notice begins
a trickle
gently tickling sound,
high laughing lilt,
distant water whispering of falls,
growing toward us from far distant past,
back in future’s imagined past,
a growing conversation of memory’s lisping notes,
then emphatic voice,
then music rapping and rolling toward awareness,
suggesting something climatic heading our direction,
moving faster now,
urgently articulate,
loudly enunciating yang confidence,
claiming newly balancing networks of attention,
clanging gasps grasping cooperative investment,
stretching gratitude toward breath’s regenerating tsunami
swelling evolution’s enculturing green vista,
discovering health’s lovely polyculturing bliss,
regenerating ecosystemic truths of integral diastasis,
regenerative dialectic of four fertile seasonal functions,
refolding dualdark winter’s hibernation,
unfolding spring’s big cooperative stage production,
unrefolding summer’s mature heat and light fulfillment of resources,
folding fall harvests peer networks of decomposing light
winnowing yinyin’s dualdark dense fractals
of DNA fertility,
revisited as recycling speciated co-arising nonduality,
TaoTime (0) Universal Center,
Alpha Network WinWin Waves
through Omega WWW PermaCulturally Nutritious Points
of Dialectic Paradise, Truth as Beauty, Health as ReGenerativity.


Metaphysics of Poetry

All language evokes poetry
to those with ears to hear it.
And yet,
All stinky farts are blare of trumpet
to those without noses to smell it.

Nouns are verbs waiting to sound dynamic
to those with ears to love them,
nouning, prenouning, verbing, renouning
contentment or contentiousness
between these known and reknown labels,
metaphysical evolution of poetic language.

Verbs are fractile,
mutually holon-icalling,
four temporal dimensional unfolding,
to those with bicameral minds to watch them

Fold, such as “light”
UnFold, such as “not lighting”
PreFold, such as “en-lightening”
ReFold, such as universal enlightening diastatic reiteration,
or not so much,
as compared to “Light”, back in former moment
of MetaLanguage eco-systemic temporal memory.

Verbs are fractile-holonic
just as ecological paths
follow Earth’s economic goals
to eco-politically plan
a ReCycling P=N(NP) EcoPolynomial
InForMating BiCameral Processing and Storage
CoOperator InfraStructure,
QByte octave/di-fractal-polar= (0)-interest soul,
where “interest” is integrative, inductive +/(-,-),
Win-Win binary gaming systemic,
to and for those who have mindbodies
investing perhaps too much competitive v. cooperative
RealTime flow on-line

Probably writing poetry,
or humor
or speaking with ecotherapeutic intent,
for both our Interior Landscapes,
and/or our RealTime Exterior Special Case Natural Landscapes,
sometimes including frequencies and functions
of organically synergetic/dissonant families,
upstairs/downstairs going through their day
with/without you.

All hope is eisegetical faith,
corroborated only by those who exegetically LOVE!
to share
our contented,
peacefully rational,
polynomially eco-logical
in-formation as bicamerally (-,-) temporal-lobe exformating
balanced octave prime relationship functional
with double-fractal harmonic
regenerative systemic
PermaCultural (0)-soul Memory.

All poetry evokes language
to those with eyes to see it revolving
eco-logically reiterative cycles
of internal seasons with external reasons
as external seasons with internal reasons,
bicameral metaphysics of language
and rationality
as poetically informating evolution.

And yet,
there are those stinky farts to reconsider…


Romeo and Juliet: The ReMix

Three voices required,
and two students:
Yang as Fr. Time
YinYin as Sr. Gaia

In a college classroom with Win-Win Game Theory written on whiteboard.

Today we are going to role play
a Win-Win enculturation game.

We will define enculturation as
‘the combination of political and economic reiterative relationships and transactions
within a communicating network
of choice-making.’

The absence of political-economic co-arising redundancy
generates systemic dissonance,
suboptimized positive outcomes, at best,
in which positive information is lost,
putting this enculturation game at risk of turning from Win-Win,
to Win-Lose.

This would result in a suboptimized and, to that extent,
polypathological outcome,
useful for recognizing opportunities to do better,
to do good and fair and justice,
to do Being, fully cooperatively eco-balanced consciousness.
We’ll see.

Fr. Time: [In an appropriately low gravelish slow-sucking voice]
I need to play Yang.

Sr. Gaia: [In a lovely round full-chested soprano]
I want to play yang as Yin.

Good, good. OK.

So. let’s imagine that Yang,
played by Fr. Time,
is Romeo Logos,
and Yin,
played by Sr. Gaia,
is Juliet Mythos.

But, this is a Win-Win Game,
so Juliet, of the Mythos family,
chooses to stay planted on lovely Earth
because she loves the Cinderella story,
so maybe she’ll just sleep on her decision about what to do with her life,
and see what happens later in the Prince Charming
as Romeo Logos
Department of her mythic romantic life.

With Juliet asleep,
Romeo Logos storms through life’s stage all blood and thunder.
Wakes Mythos,
and they are filled with co-passionate ecstasy for themselves,
each other,
and all of Earth,
and all of Earth’s Tribes,
and all of the above live happily ever after.

[pause] Why is that not a more satisfying,
story for every time our language and culture
our political and economic outcomes
trend toward a despairing climatic precipice?

Fr. Time: [speaking as gravelish Yang—2 packs a day, at least]
I feel so used up. My health, vibrancy, robust vitality fades.

Sr. Gaia: (as Yin)
All your over-heated competitive passions for violence and revolution have left me sore! So good riddance, we are finding our Midway, balancing our deductive language Logos family and our inductive autonomic Mythos Memory

of +Romeo-synapse = double-negative Juliet’s optic fractal message to disremember 50% despair = “lose”

as +UracilRomeo = CytosineJuliet, double-bound reverse-temporal Uracil (concave bilaterally equivalent fold).

Fr. Time:
Sometimes your Gaia Story is too negentropically dissonant with the Logos family’s Golden Rule.

Sr. Gaia:
Yes, but only when Yin as Yang and Yin as Yin are not in appositional alignment, and Yin always plays as a metaphysical future or past tense mythic noun, icon. Yin is never real-time, but half past time and half future time, working her karmic grace to keep these two together.

Fr. Time:
Left alone, you cannot yet speak?

Yes, my Romeo, I need both our co-gravitational “Yes to Life” enculturations,
your politically powerful Logos of permacultural history,
and our economically abundant flowing Mythos
of polycultural real-time double-bound Continuous Quality Improvement resolving outcomes.

Our Midway.
Co-Tipping Point of perpetually balancing harmonics.

Fr. Time:
You always were the more strategic Win-Win cooperative player.

Sr. Gaia:
Oh, Father, I bet you say that to all the girls, and boys,
but you and I both know and love
our co-arising eco-consciousness
of balanced Win-Win culture.

OK. Very good. So first, Fr. Time and Sr. Gaia,
how do you think that game was going?
Any concerns or insights about Win-Lose suboptimization?

Sr. Gaia:
It feels like Yang is too Left-brain dominant,
too competition-default.

I realize it’s Yang’s role to carry the dense, hot, close inhalation side of gravity’s bi-elliptical wave toward the future,
on which this Universe surfs in timeless eternity,
and I value those political and economic qualities and quantities,
forms and functions,
all those verbal dynamic kins of cultural incarnations
that must continue to emerge
for Win-Win outcomes.

Yet, I am terrified of becoming too thin,
too cool and shy,
too absent,
too chaotically dispersed,
disappearingly absent,
dead inside,
because I do so love this time as Earth.

I hope we can grow more accustomed
to unearthing together,
Logos with Mythos,
science with religion,
permacultural politics and procedures with polycultural outcomes
in bicamerally balanced sight.

Fr. Time:
Wouldn’t know what to add to our full-octave throated soprano’s resonant RNA-fractal ring of life’s four temporal seasons,
folding and unfolding her permacultural development Wisdom,
and culture,
and language of yangish verbs
as yinyin mythic nouns.

I followed you right up to the last part.
What is this Yang-verb with Yin-shadowy noun relationship?

Fr. Time:
Like ‘Earth’ is a yin noun
in PolyCultural language,
while ‘unearth’ is a yang verb.
If ‘UnEarth’ were used as a negative-polynomial noun,
then I guess that would be most everything we know nothing about
except perhaps through our imagined thinning,
dispersing future wave of not-yet gravitational absorption
into this great revolving wheel
of co-arising co-gravitational
Win-Win Being.

Well, thank you Fr. Tim and Sr. Gaia, Namaste.

So far, well done.

Let the Win-Win Game continue,
Time’s receding bilateral wave
greeted by Mythic 3-dimensional future-as-now space,
spinning on our mythic enculturating story of time as space,
gravitation co-arising function
as a 4-fractal RNA-seeded place
with 3-dimensional spatial forms
within each 1-dimensional mythic bicameral NOW
notch in Time’s evolutionary emergent flow.


World Wide Wisdom

like the World Wide Web,
derives from decomposing endosymbiotic (internal) cooperative-dominant evolution
of biosystems as Beloved EcoSystems,
but Enlightenment
diastatic nondual consciousness
survives only co-arising exegetical discernment
of ecosymbiotically regenerative
embryonic revolutions,
starting with Zeroism,
as eco-centric co-gravitational Positive Win-Win Gaming Theorem
of YinYin Political EcoNormic Metaphysics.

Win-Win Cooperative Information Network
fuelled by electromagnetic binary balance
Self/Other identity sustaining
bicameral = bilateral
reverse-hierarchical governance octave QByte template (0) centric
real-time temporally balancing PermaCultural RNA
4-Prime Syntax Convex/Concave bionic-ionic
EcoConsciousness=Polynomial/Binomial Permaculturally Balanced
TransParent Economic and Political and Psychological Health Information.

defined as metric systemic language,
forms teleological boundary
between eco-terra con-scientific
multibionic systemic truths as rational resolution of an issue,
fairness as balance,
goodness as thriving as not suboptimizing over-Yang-Convexed bad health,
Beauty as proportion and symmetry and 4-part rhythms and frequencies and functions,
and harmonic-balance of PoliticalYang power with EcoNormics of Yin-squared-fractal flow,
numeric rhythms of harmonic rationality v. cognitively dissonant irresolution [N(NP)],
cosmology of poli-econormic permaenculturation,
4 interdependent Seasons of RNA function
balancing +Uracil frequencies of form
with binomial (-,-)Cytosine binary-bilateral temporally-dipolar function,
biological with ecological economic functions and political frequencies,
environ-mental eco-mindframe
eco-nominal systemization
Time as Tao
Space as Chi
ZenZero-polypathically and multiculturally EcoConscious Neural-Systemic Balanced
Polynomial InForm-ation/Not-NotExFormation Cooperative Network.

Positive Psychology,
coincidental with math’s Fullerian geometric history,
Julian Jaynes evolved an ethological,
rhymes with teleological,
theory of bicameral consciousness neural design,
prior to the full economic and political take-over of Left-brain deductive language dominance.
Buckminster Fuller suggests the full-bodied geometrics of cooperative-mind
may be informed and dynamically functioned
as iconic RNA’s fractal-regenerative systemic structure.
EgoUracilYang Left-West Hemisphere
bows Namaste with
EcoCytosineYin Right-East Hemisphere.

of DualDark Cosmology,
space is to time-squared
as time’s bilateral NOW-power is to light-squared
as YangPermaculturingPolitics is to Yin-squared EcoNormic Logic.

Like biological co-intelligence,
the WWW is also a Win-Win Cooperative-Default Global Network,
binary-lexicon = binomial LeftYang + YinRight
P = N(NP)
InFormation, Spatial and Temporal Function.

the WWW provides a Win-Win binary/binomial (0)-centric
4-prime dia-elliptical octave
ecological and analogical
and metric-logical,
and bionic-ionic-iconic
eco-normatively balanced
cooperative Positive Psychology.

we are bicamerally balancing transposition co-processors
and co-facilitators
and co-mentors
and co-redeemers
and co-messiahs
and co-repurposers
and eco-warriors and occupiers
as we emerge eco-transpositional paradigmatic/metric information process;
co-discerning our cooperative vocation,
PolyCulturally Health/Wealth Climaxing EcoTherapy.

healthier Wealth Without quite so many Walls?


Great BionicSystem Co-Arising!

Positive nutritionists co-arise!
Now, while toxins mutually self-immunize,
then co-subside,
then decompose,
to implicate potential revolutions.

cooperating abundance of Self with
as by of Other!
Now, while decay slinks into silos of
“That Life’s Not My Matter”,
no dual-dark reductive paternalism for me,
not enough positive energy,
so co-subside into odious cacophony.

Co-Arise cooperative health
to co-subside monopolistically competitive wealth.
It’s a better system
plus more wisdom
to turn our trees of hierarchy
right side left
upside down
to grow this networked co-bifeminist matpatarchy,
Win-Win swimming circles
diving among and parching
revolutions of Lose-Lose marching
in co-subsiding wilting squares of post-gaming era loss.

Co-arise this permaculturing revolution,
warriors with tools regenerating evolution,
nondual pairs of opposition
to suppositions within co-arising proposition,
subjects of by with of for healthy holy wealthy objectives,
monocultures co-subsiding into slow-emergent polycultures,
multisyntaxed paradigms co-arising polypaths,
multisystemic consciousness permaculturing,
healthy function with formal beauty,
fractal-crystals with faceted octave-holonic neutrons,
unfolding four dimensional temporal st-rings of electrons,
root squaring RNA’s Bicamerally Dynamic EndoCreational Vocation.

Co-arise permaculturists of RNA/DNA life-systemic sustainability!
Co-arise polyculturists of eco-metric polynomially square-rooted form
and functional full-octave diversity
for all six fully-conscious autonomic senses,
pre-languaged awarenesses!
Co-arise organically nutritious gardeners of food
feeding all six sensory receptors,
listeners to and of nature’s luxurious harmonic sounds,
dancers of fractally-balanced chi-time,
breathers of resonate sound 0-sum mind,
seers of mutual-coredeeming economies,
political and familial relationships,
physical, natural, spiritual, co-conscious regenerational medicine,
and communication health optimization,
polypathers of meta-systemic logos-wisdom
prime temporal logical syntax
for Yang/Yin relationship information polynomial balance.

Co-Arise human natured DNA
with Earth-natured RNA!
Co-Arise RNA with Time’s encultured memory!
Co-Arise every cell programmed for regenerating health
and cooperative wealth
with photosynthesis.
Co-Arise paradigmatic syntheses with power of Yang,
with polyculturally transparent binomial YinYin
sweeping WinWin systematic gaming theory,
laughing not-not reverse-ordered double-bound Yes!
growing dual-dark embryonic st-ring universally unitarian network,
nesting convex negentropic polynomially co-forming spacetime.

Co-Prehend decomposition as contraction
with regeneration as expansion
of form with organically intelligent function.
Co-Redeem polyculturally cooperative investments!
Co-Mentor nondual messianic dreams,
prophetic streams of healthy wealth.
Co-Incidate fully populated deductions
with their non-polynomial zero-ionic opposites!
Co-Meditate ecotherapeutic medication toward healthy wealthcare!
Co-Passion RNA’s ecojustice evolution of equi-valency,
copassionate peace,
co-arising polypathic consciousness,
Win-Win Wombed in this world wide web.

Confluate what would otherwise radiate
as one-sided and mono-dimensional noisy chaos
of linear mono-reductive historic time
overly redacted from permaculture’s 4-prime intelligence syntax,
poly-neural tribal space of 3 reflecting 1 bilaterally decompositional
non-polynomial space as c-squared equivalent time.

Co-Arise this moment’s integritatively sublimely hued potential!
of beauty’s wise and wealthy healthy climax
within beloved co-consciousness of heart and mind
as bicameral breath, heat, fire, energy, informating intelligence
alternating with yin-yin’s syntax
positive relationship
zeroism’s confluence
with Positive concave explicate-ordered Yang
Left-dominating deduction
convex implicate bilaterally temporal-primal RNA-ordered,
as positive uracil functions equivalently
with double-binary ionic balancing reverse-cytosine,
+/- c-squared
equals (-,-)co-binary bilateral-time-squared information.

Co-Arise WithOut
WithBinomial Synergetic Discernment!

Co-Arise dual-dark dawn’s surprise.
Co-Operate massive co-gravitational fields,
binomially double-bound pirouette of time’s nature.

Energy co-arises matter through octaved light-bionic frequencies
as bilateral time co-arises this present grace space
as YinYin co-arises Yang
as healthy bicameral wealth values integrate
Beloved eco-sustainable cooperative economic systems,
Climax Communities of locally articulated
maintenance and biosystemic care plans and policies,
nurturing polycultural design and co-development,
ecological co-evolving health with wealth management.

Positive Co-Mentoring EcoActivists, Arise!


Herstoric Roots: Synergetic Tree of Time

My grandparents’ grandparents,
all sixteen,
digging roots through cultural meristems,
young adults,
adolescents during Time’s 1880’s,
post Civil War birth of Sir James Crow monoculture.

What would we name this self-hatred,
this lack of compassion and gratitude
for human nature’s lavish wealth of sun-screening diversity?

Time’s internal war,
opening history’s gate
to tell new stories
of learning primal Vitamin D respect for diversity,
basic positive attendance
for mutual powers of multicultural absorption,
passionate open minds and screening open systems
racing toward freedom from fears
of cultural Transcendancing
and languaged difference of form.

Time’s evolutioning, incarnating freedom
fought fear that only light skinned Europeans
were fully human natured.
Freedom loved growing toward our global multiracialism,
polycultural jazzy-jizzy abundance.

Pushing rocks,
or even through them,
skirting obstacles,
scouting tendrils,
entirely unaware that each was part of RNA’s fractal frequencies,
reaching toward deep polypathic ecology,
mineral springing waters,
interpenetrating Earth’s negentropic neural network
of double-nail guided tips,
shepherding diastolic capillaries
rooting down and in,
conjoining Earth’s heart
of revolutionary bicameral rhythm,

My grandparents,
all four introducing Time’s 1920’s,
an organic Zone of Elongation
engorging newly opened borders
spilling into speak-easy Enlightenment,
improvised jazzy scat-to-scat
each life matters torch songs
reconnecting global roots toward Europe
and Asia
and Africa
Central and South America,
mysteries of Middle Eastern religious and tribal temporal diversity
still-pouring through Tao’s DNA
soaking up like Yang over-egoed hydraulic jacks
pumping mystically oily romance
swimming in melting pots of sub-cultural chauvinism,
anthro-centrism’s self-absorption of cancerous Time’s wealth deposits,
adolescent freedom faith in self-isolating cultures,
monochromatic economies,
yet retaining absolutely hypocritical faith in freedom,
a resolutely national pride growing competitive language and lexicon,
semantics and sin-tax,
chauvinist economies of wealth’s drowning inflation
of natural Tao’s non-contentious systemic scale
and tipping points toward this Transmillennial Generation,
unable to die where we were planted.

This generation,
Time’s long hairs of the 1960s
sprouting out a New Cooperative Age vision,
a collective vocational pilgrimage
through Time’s excruciatingly delightful,
sometimes lonely,
from Vietnam through 40 years of wandering
in an emergently ecologic desert
of cultural despair atoning losses
as a Free Love Generation,
with a too-high price for self-hatred and hypocrisy.

Peace and free love,
our call to rebellious alarms,
soaking up dissonant wild wisdom,
spinning and spreading across and toward this 0-sum
eco-centric cooperative economic theory
of abundant Wealth Without Walls Information Networks
exchanging skills and stories
of a newly polyculturing red dawn of ReGenesis.

Long hair magnets attract permacultured shamans
apprehending Information’s binomially balanced string theory
of multisystemic everything,
a (0) smooth-structured soul food
sustaining absorbent cultural adventures
and advents of long slow-growth waiting,
a liminally prescient taproot
through Time’s Trans-Millennial ReGeneration.

Equitable peace with inclusive justice,
active love as dynamic synergy
of Earth’s double-elliptical regenerators,
compassion and right-left balanced mindfulness,
permacultural orthopraxis,
transpecies expressed, impressed;
not oppressed, suppressed,
predicated within our grandparent’s
Beloved Community balancing harmonic regeneration.