Christian RePublicans USA

So, Doc,
I have this huge black looming doubt
it is possible
in this disUniting State
to remain both Christian and Republican.

Really? Because…

because “Christ-like RePublican”
begins to sound like an oxymoronic hybrid
for self-dissonant identity,
encouraging those who bear this cross,
as I emergently do,
to perpetuate some identity
as Publican
but also Co-Messiah.

Like a rich advocate for the poor.

Like a rich extractor from the poor
without intent to return anything of value.

If we do our political and economic and cultural analysis
of the ecosystem including Nazareth
about 2000 years ago,
Republicans recast themselves as Publicans
and Christians regenerate as eco-polyculturally cooperatively networked
RePurposing Messiahs,
reiterating messages of globally cooperative love
as evolutioning synergetics,
dissonant with hate and fear and elitist anthro-centric
the anti-Christian hell of devolutionary over-reactionism,
overly domesticated deposit accumulator,

Well, now that you mention it,
but I thought you were a Taoist,
and a Democrat.

Maybe that’s what I need to talk about?

Well, I have heard that you don’t always
get your yang political universalists
lined up with your yinyin cooperative economic integrity.
Sometimes engaging Win-Lose campaigns
hoping to achieve Win-Win outcomes.
not sure you can be a Taoist Democrat either.

Maybe I’ll just go off and build my own little garden
and evolve as a PolyCultural DeComposer of Cynical Paradigms.

But, if successful,
you risk re-emerging as a Christ-like Publican.

Maybe an EgoPurged so EcoGlobalPublican Cooperative Revolutionary Christian.

Hmmm. yes, someone should try that.
Sure hope it isn’t me.


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