Christ’s Great Passion

What is the great Passion of Christ?

What are ever present
HolySpirit great compassions
internal desires
and co-passions in-between EarthNature
restoring justice within
all Earth’s life systems?

Of mutually devout Trust,
sacred Respect,
intense multiculturally informed
exflowing listening
glistening in golden growing facets
of Bodhisattva-
Messianic ecological
analogical East/West systems
of theological experience,
structured re-experience prophets
of internal regenerative desire
for externally felt compassion
reflecting internal light
externalizing power
through breathing in green eco-political peace
and out non-violet communicating
cooperative just-us.

What is transubstantiation
transmutation of HolySpirited
humane natural desire
for mental/spiritual democratic Trust?

Through physically dynamic Passion
experienced as in and out connecting CoPassion,
male patriarchal God-given equivalent
to ecofeminist nature/spirited intuitive ComPassion
for empowering
and enlightening

Why are healthy robust responses
predicted by wealthy resilient
ecological/theological questions?

About externally natural
and internally spiritual
bicameral transubstantiating quest experience

From now
back through sacred history
and animistic
pre-historic inspiraling
multiculturing regenerative
holonic bicameral spirit-natures
warmly and safely embracing
great health/wealth compassions
of pre-millennial
regeneratively predemptive
power and light
way and truth
and life of Compassionate
NonViolent Communicating


AntiChristian Trump

Communion does not approach dawn
to vilify our most public egotistic victims
and predators.

Who would it help
to dismiss, with terrifying labels,
reproductions of sacred history?

But, global legends
contain lessons
for our interdependent
deep cultural learning.

What is a Western Messiah,
an Eastern Bodhisattva?

A wise leader
who sacrifices personal health
immediately transcendent empowerment,
on behalf of those left behind,
poor in spirit,
wounded in nature,
fractured in mind and body.

So, an AntiChrist
is self-serving,
a worshiper of mammon,
a capitalist pig,
if you prefer,
although this feels unfair
to the contented
peace-loving reputation
of healthy pigs.

An AntiChrist
would weigh the value
of personal
and corporate quarterly,
and annual,
and election term profits
more heavily
more selfishly
more anti-Christian
more anti-Islam
more anti-Buddha
more anti-peace
more anti-health
more anti-compassion
than the value of aging lives
most transparently vulnerable
to this post-millennial Virus.

No naturally healthy
and spiritually wealthy
and religious person,
whether disciple of Christ
or follower of Mohammed
or contemplative with Buddha
or ecofeminist as yin-faced Laotse,
could look
and listen
and feel
and think
with cooperative integrity
to discover restorative fruits
of the Holy Spirit
and/or indigenous HolyWind
in the Nationalist Republican
and narcissistic Capitalist Trump

Competing against multicultural campaigns promoting
faithfulness to wealth of health,
hope for conserving Earth’s living safety,
long-suffering patience,
peaceful democratic compassion.

By our active love for Other,
for the immigrant,
the sinner,
the pagan,
for even those who are privileged
and intolerant supremacists
and bullies,
are we known as not AntiChrists.

None of us can prove
by salvific action
or fruitful compassionate deed
that we are redeemed Christians.

But all of us can disprove
by unhealthy degenerative divestments,
by selfish actions,
by pathological misdeeds,
by violent and intentionally misdirecting words,
that we are unredeemed AntiChrists;

Not that I believe Biden
and the not green and non-violent enough Democrats
are likely to invite,
much less multinationally enact,
the global healthy wealth Second Coming
of Earth’s peaceful rapture.


Christmas Political Correctness

It’s almost Christmas
when the news caster abouter announces
a precipitous new trend in the U.S.

Now, more tired and climate stressed citizens
are against non-violent Political Correctness
than for political and economic government business
as contentiously nationalistic
and ineffectively partisan usual.

I wonder what the first Christmas would have looked like
if God the Loving Father
had been more Politically Correct
and sent His only beloved ChristChild
into the palace of Caesar Augustus

Who might have celebrated with a proclamation:
“All residents must register,
whether natural born citizens or not,
back in your original place of birth
so you can pay more taxes
to support more soldiers
to make more empire-building weapons
to protect my royal monocultural Reign,
soon to be overpoweringly extended
by God’s great patriarchal meritocracy reward,
Jesus Caesar, free of cooperative Politically Correct weaknesses,
Prince of RomanWar.”

birthing Jesus in a shepherd’s barn
to parents temporarily homeless and displaced
by greedy war-mongering machinations
of Caesar Augustus…
Was that effective Politically Correct choice
or not?

Are you an evangelistic Christian
for growing rebirth into non-violent peace communication,
healthy relationships with all God’s EarthTribes,
advocating cooperatively owned and managed wealth and happiness
and resiliently nutritional and nurturing prosperity?

Internally effective prosperity,
mutual friendships
reflecting external natural and spiritual climate health care.

did God your Loving PolyCultural Father
intervene in history with Political Incorrectness
from your more humble Christmas manger view?

Among homeless immigrants,
nationalistic violent intent
to unbirth a suffering servant of non-violent Peace,
teaching theological and political points
of healthy effective internal
with environmental co-governance,
natural/spiritual Correctness.

Peaceful Christmas to Healthy All
multinational residents,
whether Politically Correct citizens of Rome
or Washington
or Mecca
or Bethlehem
reborn through this our non-violent co-passionate messiah vocation

To follow Christ born in a temporary shelter
and in ambiguous paternity circumstances,
surrounded by stars and angels
and by threat of Politically Violent Incorrectness.

May we all become reborn in climates of non-violent health,
reborn in multiculturing friendship,
reborn in compassionate Politically Correct peaceful wealth,
and sufficient clean water
and air
and soil prosperity
for God the Father’s Kingdom
at healthyLeft with wealthyRight hand,
Yang with Yin,
Nature with Spirit effective sojourner feet and minds
and Peace-commissioned bodies,

Reborn PC non-violent self-with-other
co-governing strong intent and flow-practicing
historic scripture-rooted, seeded
Multiculturing healthy Life,
Compassioning Truth,
Loving integral WuWei.




Story Lessons

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The apparent insanity of inmates
and prisoners
and addicts, conspiracy theorists and paranoids,
does not prove,
nor necessarily even suggest,
the keepers are not also self-entitled nuts
with unhealthy powers,
delegated detached responsibilities
loyal to ratchet race competitions.
Passion Story

When you are crucified, naked, poor
and occupied by Roman yangish powerful voices
and Win/Lose commodity values,
unhealthy fought and sold colonizing authorities,
irresponsible power occupiers,
violators of healthy green peace objectives
applicable to any sanctuary and asylum
with humane organic embodied rituals and behaviors
yet still Win/Lose divine punishing evolution machine minded,
we have been historic asylum invited
to purge messianic homeless egos
on HolonicSpirit’s centering Earth-cross,
rather than remain comparatively imprisoned by traumas
to the disassociating left or right.

Health History Story

A. Earth was born, still, flat, without form and ZeroCentric void.
B. S/he remains newborn and young,
springing organic life
WinWin preferential solidarity with all EarthTribe.
C. S/he still grows mature healthy Heavenly summer sun
over nurturing MotherEarth,
sacred/secular conjoined.
D. S/he co-emerges Northern revolutionary Yang/Yin bicameral,
bilateral healthstream co-arising poly-paths,
-nomial maps,
-meme messages,
-frames of secular/sacred nutrition.

One Flew Into the Communion NestEgg

See “Health History Story” above
The apparent stillborn insanity of original patriarchal residents
need not predict
Yang/Yin co-redeeming caregivers
are not also ego- v eco-logical sanctuary sociopaths
sabotaging our own potential opportunities
for polypathic communion asylums.


Genesis of Cooperative Enlightenment

Who died
and made God the Father
the Christian Natural Law Body of Cooperative Redemption?

Well, dear, that was Jesus of Nazareth,
your CoMessianic Avatar of regenerative health trends,

OK, so,
in my heroic ego-narrative,
we are the purest, most right, oldest exegetical unchanging Words of Jesus’ cooperative-organic BodySpirit ourselves,
Spiritual Avatars of God the True Father Conservationists.
My vocation,
and your true Jesus-given MindBody of Christ vocation,
is to integrate
to transubstantiate humane integrity
within Love’s cooperative WinWin potentialities,
multiculturally speaking.

We are the Body of Christ’s most fertile becoming polypathically cooperative, enspirited with co-arising trust, together,
co-redemptively within our organic-cooperative ecotherapeutic Body of Christ’s co-creative Earth regenerativity
of fertile regenetic multiculturing evolution.

Honey, is this supposed to be turning me on?
Because it’s not working.
Too many words.
No rhythm.

On and in and around this disintegrating Body of Christ Place,
we cohabit with those arrived and gone before,
and those to follow our paths toward increasing positive-organic integrity.

Is this where we finally approach climax?

Prior to our Body of Christ presence,
and still to this day,
Earth’s natural-spiritual progressions
through forested
and oceanic
and atmospheric
healthy climates,
both bio- and eco-systemic,
then, more recently, both Western encultured anthrocentric
and nonWestern encultured ecocentric,
would together (Christ’s SpiritMind and NatureBody) consecrate
sacred ecology of our cooperatively integrating health-potential,
Love’s eco and biotherapeutic Body of Christ embers
of embryonic Creation
of CoMessiah understories,
prehistoric through now increasingly both-and
matriarchal her-storic
with His Patriarchal Body of Conserving Purity of Christ’s Original Intent.

We, Conserver Avatars of ReGenerative CoMessiahs,
regardless of class or race or gender or nation,
would not naturally or spiritually choose monopolistic purity of MindBody
over multiculturally organic-regenerating empathy,
but search instead for purest loyalty
to following wherever Christ’s co-empathic integrity
of polypathic-nurturing love
leads toward cooperative self/other regeneration
of healthy bio-eco systems.

Here, only, lies time invested embodying Christ’s Original Intent
more than merely competitively spent,
exhausted in WinLose unredemptive gamesmanship;
exhausting monoculturing climates
of overheated adolescent State-commodified Ego’s
shaded quasi-independent hypocrisy–
as if this part of Christ’s Body would better go it patriotically alone,
playing an internally cancerous
terrorizing and fear-mongering,
condemning and disingenuously pathological game.

We either live and die together as One Body of Earth’s Christ,
or we die by living too de-sacralized
degeneratively apart.

Purest MindBody of Christ could never become full-integrally optimized
as and with merely humane nature;
sacred EarthNature integrates all God the Father’s living systems
until disintegrating into decomposing no-growth,
former-fertile systems.

No coherent
healthy Body of Christ organic system could long lack,
or survive de-valuing, co-empathically trusting integrity.
And, no system,
regardless of how loyal to its own MindBody of Christ virginal chastity of good faith,
could thereby regenerativey thwart co-emerging degenerative potential,
seeds of our own too purely autonomous
AntiBody of Christ degenerating destruction.

Could we have Body of Christ robust forests,
with interdependent holonic nutritional root systems,
without Earth’s therapeutic surfing oceans?
Oceans, without pure yet integral sacred atmosphere?
Holy Spirit of Christ’s HealthyWealthy Climates,
without root systemic cooperative ecopolitical nutrition-systems?

No more could we have humane MindBody of Christ integrative nature
without Earth’s Messiah-CoArising sacred ecology,
birthplace of Christ’s organic-cooperative reason.

Now you’re remembering the best part.
Let’s go for a long walk outside.
Listen to the birds and the wind,
the ocean and the trees,
watch for clouds,
look for stars and moon light.

I see.
Time to clear our Body of Christ neural-sensory palette?

Time to watch for,
and listen to,
other forms and sounds and hues and cries,
liturgies of co-redemptive worship.




Jesus Christ as Climate Savior

To my sisters,
and narrow-way brothers,
in Jesus Christ
as Supreme U.S. Savior,

I reached U.S. voting age during the 70s.
During this time,
the Religious Right
and Republican Party Center
were about the same place;
not distinguishable,
inscrutable, perhaps.

In strong conserving defense of retail-commodified AntiChrist,
yet wrapped in Fundamentally-Wrong Christian
and Way-Not-True Roman Catholic Orthodox
Never-Even-Think-About-Change-Or-Evolution as Co-Relational Tradition,
(although what on Earth do you think was on Jesus’ mind
having been brought up to be a good Jewish Orthodox boy,
with regard to the change/not-change Tradition dilemma?)
Religious Republicans described Feminists,
GLBTQ Civil Rights,
and Earth and Immigrant CommonRights Advocates,
as leaders of an increasingly powerful godless, immoral,
relativistic derailing system.

Economists and Politicians and Ecologists and Therapists
who supported ubiquitous freedom toward integrity
and freedom from dominating GodLust Exegesis of Orthodox ReGenerativity,
were leading us away from your Beacon City of Calvinistic Judgment,
supremely sitting as WinLose King of the otherwise blotted
blighted Hill;
a Hill which other Christians still more primally felt
as ecological WinWin Earth’s nurturing network nest.

Or, at least this was the way Conservative Christian consciousness was portrayed,
reflecting back on us and to us by media and academic institutions,
and sometimes heard in our homilies,
yet there is little, if any, economic support for this view
of 1970’s Religious Republicanism.

Could it be,
I wonder,
our cultural historians,
talk show pundits,
and our own clergy,
often misunderstood our Religious Right’s Republican Center
in a Holy Spirit of ecological, primal co-redemptive relationalism,
misunderstood as mere secular relativism,
more accurately exegeted as One Body of EnSpirited Christ,
both Patriarchal and Matriarchal,
both Conserving DNA-encrypted Tradition
and Nurturing Nutritional-EcoRelational Integrity,
but each primally,
embryonically virgin-wombed
within Earth’s nurturing compost
of Matriarchal-CoOperative EcoPolitics;
Mother’s Milky Sacred ReGenerative BeComing.

A U.S. history,
or any history,
of ecopolitical revolutions
is also a continuing teleological story
of religion’s embryonic through millennial phylogeny,
maturation of ecological democratic evolution.

The Christian Right reformed both Republicanism
and U.S. Christian belief systems
to fit secular enculturing beliefs,
rather than noticing the richer civil, Earth, and immigrant nurturing opportunities side
of Christ’s bicameral humane-divine Body,
speaking about how uniting the nations of both Americas
with all the integral-healthing nations of Earth
could be revolutionary change
led by true Orthodox and Beautifully Beloved Communities,
ecopolitical Christians in solidarity with all EarthTribe Others.

Throughout the 70s,
a majority of Christian Republican women,
and a large minority of Christian Republican men,
usually did not miss opportunities to support
universal civil and Earth rights
and integrative, nurturing compassion for Sojourners
at the margins and borders of our international health as wealth economy.

This continues to this day.
Most lay leaders in our Christian churches,
black and white,
occasionally even black and white and Hispanic and Other together,
are Christian women and Other
who know in our reborn again Holy EnSpirited Hearts
that Jesus of Nazareth
was the First among CoMessianic nurturing,
ecopolitical equals,
to carry Earth’s regeneratively compassionate love in our guts,
as Earth has given rise to Religious Right Republicans,
deep heart-learning centered,
agapic-erotic integrative,
healthy humane-divine Left-Right us,
embodied Holy Spirits,
CoMessiahs of love’s polypathy
co-mentoring nutritional wisdom
speaking ecological narrative,
after listening ecosystemic regenerative.

If we are reborn through co-empathic belief
in a shared Commons-Holy Enspirited
wombed Body of Christ,
then we are of Virgin (0)-sum ecopolitical rebirth
and, if so,
we are transgenderally originally regeneratively recreated
for optimizing ecopolitical healthy wealth abundance
of nurturing love fertility and beauty
and goodness through polypathic nutritional integrity.

One dimensional bilateral erotic biological climax time
is also four dimensional transubstantiating agapic-ecological spacetime.

Each Christian Ego had to begin somewhere, sometime.
It is our shared embryonic polypathic experience
and faith
and belief
and truth
and empathic trust
this spacetime is both Alpha Yang Erotic
and Omega Yin Agapic,
timeless West-East
nondual co-arising
Ego/Eco-Logical Wisdom.

At least,
so it seems within this regeneratively evolving,
but also degeneratively devolving,
bicameral conserving-integrating
Left-Right mindbody
of Christ’s Co-Empathic Climate of Trust.


GoFlow On Our Mountain

Once upon an eternal sacred time of Earth’s Golden Age,
Yin knew her body as a divinely virginal forested place
given equally to all for and of Earth’s holy

She, without language,
but with marvelously holonic ecological symmetry
and sensory proportion,
recreated organic ecosystems,
bilateral branch/root trees of nutritionally reversed hierarchies
with mutually subsidiary memory,
digesting compost icons of Earth’s Yang spaciated,
convexly articulating,
four dimensionally spacetime octaved
health-nurturing prime (0) relational time resonance,
autonomic integrity,
universal positive Left-Yang
unitarian double-negative eco-binding Right,
Yin’s dualdark WinWin
nondual evolving nature-spirit.

Elder Matriarchal YinRight mind
and Younger Patriarchal YangLeft body were,
and remain,
happiest and healthiest together,
and cognitively-feelingly dissonant
when Yang remains adolescently uppity,
believing his superior polypathic brain runs his ego body,
which may be too often his suboptimal flow of quasi-graced state,
yet Yin’s RightBrained autonomic DNA-memetic
ecological body
still integratively sacred dances
our LeftBrain’s best reflective language,
poetry of embodied form
with Earth’s ecosystemic functional flow-powers.

Climate health-Positive Yang
external/internal landscapes decomposing dualdark Yin flow,
WinWin future/past regenerative (0)Riginal Intent
within Earth’s ecosystemic nondual co-arising
polypathic bicamerally continuous
memetic-iconic re-imagination.

Tell it on Earth’s mountain:
this MindBody of ChosenAnthro Christ reborn
Bodhisattva Warriors,
Yintegral Princesses rebirthing Yang Conserving Princes/ses
of Earth’s Post-YangSupremacist Peace.


Our Future Evolving Selves

This leans rather heavily on a Taoist reworking of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s The Evolving Self, especially pp. 234-238, which is excellent and worth reading without my more expansive ecological analogy.

Greek Gods as muscular Yang athlete images
evolve from older internal messianic bodhisattva Yin,
double-edged imaginations of power with wisdom.

It is in this coincidentia oppositorum,
claims Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
that the peaks,
the Taoist Tipping Points
of wu wei human regenerativity
become interdependent integrity.

Cosmic Christ CoMentors
permaculturally parent integration of ego
within larger regenerative ecosystems,
culture images no longer limited to anthrocultural imaginations,
climates refacing interior and exterior landscapes
of regeneratingly sustainable ecopolitical wealth.

Teilhard de Chardin charts a hopeful healthy (0)Mega Point
assuming evolutionary models deliver intrinsically valued meaning,
purposes for bicameral imaged imaginations
of Cosmic Christ as ecoconsciously balancing
YangFather Sun with YinMother Earth’s grace of regenerativity
begun within Eden’s ecopolitically polycultural balanced landscape,
human and otherwise,
gardens ebbing and flowing Omega Tipping Points
toward ecological healthy wealth within
as Cosmic Christ without.

EcoPolitics of Earth’s optimal regenerativity,
future Cosmic Christendom,
develops through anthrocentrically interdependent development
of a child with biological health needs
and pathologically self-isolating aversions,
immunities learned through long-active mistrusts,
cognitive and affective dissonance,
best replaced with nutritional comforts
as embryonic mindbodies begin deep learning
how to regeneratively self-organize
to interdependently care for their healthy wealthy needs.

With co-redeeming practice,
supported by a helpful, not condemning, family
and community
and ecopolitical climate,
infant powers with others
expand from needs to be accepted,
so also wants to become accepting,
from needs to be loved,
so also wants to be Cosmic CoMentoring Lovers,
from needs to be nutritionally respected,
so also wants to become polypathically healthwealth respectful,
through all economic transactions
as also politically empowering and disempowering relationships
with others,
within Earth’s ecological TaoTimed balance.

YangEgo LeftBrain
deductively remembering
reweaving Elder RightBrain’s Yintegration,
Earth’s nurturing proportioning fractal-flow
toward bicamerally balancing ecopolitical maturation,
replete with DNA/RNA Solidarity drive
to appositionally explore this balance
of independent Yang monocultural powers over others
within interdependent Yin polypathic powers with
Cosmic Climate co-passioning healthwealth others;
fully DNA balance potentiated,
uniquely integrated biosystem,
primarily invested in ecopolitical health for ego
as ecological wealth for healthy all.

Now EarthTribe re-approaches bicameral wisdom
to co-invest in broader nutritionally cooperative goals,
deriving future self satisfactions
cooperatively helping, and certainly not competitively condemning,
this Cosmic ClimateHealth Cause
multiculturally even greater than self-diastatic Cosmic Christians
because of now adding ecologically reasoned regenerative conviction.

Ecopolitical ontogeny,
internal landscape nutritional development,
recapitulates ecological phylogeny,
external climate health v pathology.

While future selves may continue increasing competitive either/or
LeftBrain dominant
Business As Competitively Usual,
we remain more permaculturally attached
to Taoist independent/interdependent action
and RightBrain balancing empathic visions favoring trust over mistrust,
as if co-mentoring helpful health were evolution’s trump-suit,
stronger than self-condemning competing pathologies.

Earth’s climate devolution,
melting of ice,
reminds of nutritional values informing ecoconsciousness
of a viral cooperative revolutionary growth
toward bicameral balancing ecopolitical majorities,
multiculturally polypathic evolution of CoMentoring EarthTribes.

To experience ecopolitical flow,
adds Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
we first identify our favorite Yang challenge
to LeftBrain egocentric heroism
through letting go of power over others as extensions of oneself.

The second face of this Yang challenge
represents RightBrain’s regenerative Yintegration skills.
Cosmic EcoPolitical Polypaths
harmoniously combine these appositional tendencies,
universally original Left-ego
yet unitively networking Right-eco-capital-home,
authoritatively independent Yang
yet harmoniously co-responsible Yin,
politically bold yet economically cooperative disciplined,
monoculturally rational yet polyculturally intuitive, integrative integrity,
deductively systemic yet inductively nurturing.

We each have sought,
since still within Earth’s womb,
Yang’s unevenly mature uniqueness with Yin’s deep nurturing co-mentorship
within multiculturing nutritional networks of Earth.

As either/or oppositional competitions of LeftBrain dominance
balance both/and appositional cooperations of RightBrain flow,
then we become regeneratively EarthTribe resolved,
participating in Tao-optimzing flow of Earth’s revolution.


Christ and Laotse

A Tao (0)Mega Tipping Point Zen-Christ
could become no better or worse than your own spiritual experiences
of your own bicameral mindbody of Christianity.
These Christ-icons are all made of the same LeftBrain yeast
becoming fully diastatic bread
becoming RightBrain’s fully diastatically Beloved Community Body.

Jesus of Nazareth
was neither the first nor last
to recognize both Self and Other
as bread of life
sun of life
light of life
son/daughter of life
words of life
yeast of life
body of life
body and blood of life.

On the other hand
Laotse may have been the first and last
to see Self within syncretically enculturing ElderOther
dipolar yeast health-diastolic,
avoiding more static flat-line pathologies.

Tao of Yang body-life
reverse-facing double notnot humored YinYin
wu wei’s flow of diastatic ego-death,
reproduces a great deal of in-between cognitive-affective dissonance,
so the devil appears within details
inscrutable Eastern nondual co-arising ecometric politics of namaste,
LeftBrain Western enculturation dominance
tolerates, with chronic stress irritations,
all our yeasty Taos
of full 7-Grain Sabbath Breads of Life
longing to conjoin
in and through Beloved Spirit-Natured Communities.

I suppose a Jewish therapist
deeply immersed within the Torah,
reading words of Jesus
in the first three gospels
might easily imagine these the teachings
of an often depressed schizophrenic
with compulsive self-obsession
as a sacrificial lamb
living in an unredeemed economy,
but this sidesteps sacred truths,
yeast does transubstantiate diastolically through organic bodies,
a positively deviant virus becoming fertile nutritional commodities
for anthrocentrically benign-as-healthy
wealthy evolving purposes,
etching yet evolving through yeasty regenerations
of self-redeeming health with beauty generations.

If the original primal Christian intent
was also the Tao of Self+Other ecoconscious
egocentric sacrifice to (0)Zen Center,
then Jesus of Nazareth was also transubstantiating
Eastern nondual co-arising ecology of nature-spirit mindbodies
into Jewish sacred organic ecopolitically correct sheepish language.

But, this inquisition about
humane icons with divinely evolving spirit-souls,
each holonically RNA/DNA integrative-proportional-relational
instructions for a folding
prefolding fractal Universe of organic health becoming
continues within each living cell’s core rooting system,
each yeasty plasmatic culture,
each health v pathology subclimate
with four equivalent seasons,
trinitarian LeftBrain traces
across bilaterally eternal co-present notpast/notfuture
RightBrain time.

Elder RightBrains never die,
they simply enter and exit deep erotic/agapic sleeps,
co-arising positives as notnot quite so much is more.


Messiah Wilderness

How do we rebaptize this our shared glad day,
raising up our wellness drenched
with non-elite christ mindbody?

Surely Matthew the Fox would know,
and other postmillennial gospel singers,
swingers of new cooperative economic communication fortunes
found without disciplined searching
among Earth’s daily revolving wild baptisms,
co-gravitating reborn seas of regenerately fishing men
now become bicameral hunters and co-equal gatherers
of Beloved East-West Community.

Wisdom scriptures swell through every harmonic creed
each deed spoken across culture’s regenerations,
singing multicolored psalms of Paradise
rebirth again through death
of stale humans only need apply
to and for heaven’s radically ridiculously open gate
of ecojustice sung by crickets
feeding songbirds
flying on and on back toward sunrise
surfing Earth’s original baptism
dunking sun’s fertile rays of godlight.

Christ incarnate presence
without cultural elitism
or even anthrocentrism;
christ as light by which all have come
from progenitor Elders,
by which all return,
no creature comes through Father Time
on Virgin Mother Earth
but through and with each co-messianic Other.

Christ pilgrims loved as nature mystics
learning to plant and harvest souls, Earth’s seeds
of holy holonic consiliance,
integrative agape I AM
this Earth WE ARE,
fathers and mothers of rich cultural child traditions
evolving revolving time as light
remade in humane image,
creation re-imaging
regenerating time’s revolving warm nutritious light.

like economics, of religion
is either cooperative or tyrannical,
Earth-centric or fundamental ego-centric hubris
rooted in polypathic trust
and fear of monoculturally elite dinosaurs
of vacuous spiritual paths toward further competitions.

Political bodies of peace
build economic outcomes
of Earth’s CoMessianic Right to ReGenerative Justice.