Green Empathy

You’ve heard that self-unfulfilling prophecy?
“I love humanity–
it’s just people I can’t stand.”

I love healthy humanity–
it’s just wealthy and/or snooty people I can’t stand

I love cooperative humanity–
it’s just overly-competitive individuals I can’t stand.

Not so distant from,
I love U.S. society
and nationalistic patriotic jingoistic culture,
absence of non-bully matriarchal-power culture,
or whatever I don’t feel like thinking too historically
or too systematically,
or too health systemically about pathology today,
it’s just Trump as President we all should politically adore.

And to think he gave up a lucrative White business man career
over-invested in high end real estate,
developing and seductively marketing naked elitism
and capitalistic worshiping consumerism,
while Earth’s climate begins to burn
and flood,

Further polluting rivers
and oceans
and lakes,

Further polluting and thinning what’s left
of fertile ground soil,

Further polluting and strangling healthy food
and consumption,

Further stressing slippery non-conservative slopes
and neglected health care systems
and abusively ballistic non-health receiving war and terror-tool development industries
instead of cooperative gospel multiculturing messages

Further bruising and killing internal feelings
and external climates
for both ego-therapeutic
and eco-therapeutic Win/Win peace,
synergetic wealth.

I’m not sure post-millennial people
with or without disabilities,
people with sacred faith in God’s diversity
reweaving natural/convex
with spiritual/concave creations
dipolar feeling authentic bicameral tensions
between nationalistic RightWing U.S. capitalism,
and retributive justice patriotism,
and also more active fear and anger
toward Don Trump as failed and bitter
and cynical bullying AntiChrist President
during the Great RedFlaming Millennial EndTimes.

In a post-millennial narrative,
we all go back to unhealthy Win/Lose capitalistic
LeftBrain dominant
ly encultured ZeroZone
competing non-cooperations.

I’m not sure about my own transmillennial ZeroZone issues
about loving U.S. RightWing economic conservators
moving toward green natural organic health choices
and love experiences of divine humanity
of and for faundamental goodnews Win/Win
non-violently communicating

which embraces all our mythic stages

Evangelistic jihad
Trump-praising and defending
Great BornAgain elite dogmatists
ignorant of experience with wealth
of Holy/Holonic
Patriarchal/Matriarchal Balancing
Harmonic Spirit

not worshiping capital idols and false gods
loyal to Win/Lose messy EarthClimate Futures,
betting against Creator PatriarchalGod of Win/Win Love.

Such dissonance is theologically troubling
because RightWing fear- and anger-mongering
elite nationalism
is so much more like pre-millennial Jealous YHWh
than post-millennial God of Green Sojourner Love,
Messiahs of Truth,
Bodhisattvas of Timeless Beauty,

Maybe we could do Win/Win better
with more green democratic
extended family choices.

I do believe Christians have special scriptural reasons
to actively search for healthier green
in organic community gardens
and permacultural cooperatively-owned and operated farms,
and poycultural EcoSchools
for natural/spiritual bilateral nutrition
before over-investing in Lose/Lose anti-eological
anti-theological capital ungreen vampire gains
toward building climate threatening and threatened
shore-front high rise,
old real estate BusinessAsUsual eyes
still blind to rainbow arcs of post-millennial windmill Paradise
as a more long-range patriotic investment choice.

Why such living green prejudice?

Because it is both historical and scriptural wisdom:
Gospel people are to be known by our love for each other,
more than our investments against each other,
especially the non-elite and at risk
of other alien nations and religions and cultures
and maybe ages
and gender
and color
and fragrance
and touch
and feelings
and language

GreenGrace invites us
To include wounded children and their mothers and grandmothers,
To include residents of punishing legal systems
and insane asylums
and old age homes
and persecuted sanctuaries for our failures,
To include people with disabilities
and terrorizing spirits
and disabling inside voices
and lack of outside therapeutic choices,
including healthy organic and medicinal responses
to pre-existing conditions.

Do I mean pre-existing sinful mental conditions?

Not necessarily loved quite so much
as pre-existing Win/Lose ignorance of Win/Win humane nature
divine spirit
healthier multi-lateral opportunities

But, yes,
pre-existing sinful conditions
for those who experience sin
as absence of sufficiently healthy multicultural love.
Why not open polypathic bridges
across value paradigms?

What if our love within Earth’s divine everyday humanity
teaches us to value enchanting love climates
comfortable for all green
and unseen
ultra-violet resources
rather than more Win/Lose competing disvalues
exploiting no one more chaotically in military-industrialized disarray
than disenchanted RightWing Trumpian patriarchs

Who originally intended to master longterm economic green
and serve Earth’s ecological creation stories
of GreatGreen Rapture
co-relationally EarthTribe staged
and Win/Win restoratively played
Humane animals and plants to the Left
with Divine people on Earth’s GreenGrace Right.


To Patronize EcoPrivilege

To patronize,
co-invest in:

To express positive WinWin attitude,
sacred gratitude,
through mutually cooperative investment
of healthy bilateral Time
past and future researched,
as wealthy sacred history of EarthSpace

SpaceTime ZeroZone Zen
Zero-notnot interest
in equivalent polypathic co-investment,

ZeroSum NegEntropic,
right-brain sacred Left-wise/Right-elder ZeroZone,
Ego/EcoCentric Place,
in MatriarchalBorn EarthTribe.


To vulnerably and transparently matronize
EarthTribal healthy-wealth:

To vocationally transport
mutually cooperative transubstantiating communications
dialectal creolizations
of polynomial languages
and notnot in-between

Polyphonic TippingPoints
octave-doublefractal harmonics
5Dimensional binary spiraling
polypathic double-binary WinWin enculturations

Cooperative Yang InterPolitical secularity
with YinSquared IntraPersonal sacrality,
grace-filled DNA with RNA follow the light solidarity for
and integrity of
Patriarchal ReVocational ReStorations
and Green MotherTree reforesting revolutions–WinWin.


Going PositivEnergy with God

I realize it’s been over a year now
But, sorry dear,
I just can’t seem to move past our loss,
nearly half our extended national family
in one cataclysmic day.

You mean the Donald
and those who might consider voting for him again
and tomorrow
if they could?

Especially the ones
who believe they are Christians in good faith
and Catholics in good moral standing.

You sound pro-life judgmental.

And I feel victimized
but these ZeroZone victim feelings
of violation
and fear to listen to national and Earth news,
my sense of imploding climate doom,
these include us all,
even the most bigoted
and demented
and desecrating RightWing OnePercent,

Because all our children
and theirs
and theirs
are democratically equal
in these exponential risks
against Earth’s 7-Generation designing
and planning
and cooperative living,
in supporting PositivEnergy Democratic Trust
restorative healing
self-with-other perpetuating
WinWin resiliently brillant
healthy future regenerations.

would your sacred ecotherapy
co-arise RightWing
ego restorations,
health trends toward something resembling
secular with sacred healthy sanity?

Well right now
I would settle
for becoming capable of explaining
to our wealthy optimistic kids
why nearly half those who voted
in the U.S.
in November of 2016,
in the very last election before our 2020 PolyCultural Rapture,
Why would good faith gospelers
vote for competitive
and punishing monocultural Trumpism,
playing the miserable role
of Anti-Restorative Healing Christ,
when he specifically threatened
He is pro-nationalistic supremacy
more than pro-All EarthLives Matter.

He is against protecting clean air,
against restoring healthy organic soil,
against protecting purity of living water,
and against a federal commitment
to universal health-care giving and receiving
affordable to all U.S. PositivEnergy co-investors
in good-faith social security
and ecopolitical health-conservation optimization;

His Red White and mostly Blue DeathLips
spit against No Gun EarthZones,
against WinWin non-violent
PositivEnergy Democracy,
cooperatively invested Trust,
Good Faith,
Healthy-Wealthy Enculturation.

Your fascination with this CEO selection issue
for this time
and in this divided Red-RightWing
Blue-LeftWing place
has taken on epic Green Revolutionary West-Greets-East proportions
of good YangRight resilient ego/eco-centered voters
conjoining YinLeft resonant RightBrained poets
and prophets,
and permacultural healers
who prefer not to fade among
Naked Apprentice Kings.

With embarrassingly vain combovers.
Don’t forget his transparent mendacity
when what Christians,
and all good faith adults,
pray for
is moral integrity,
within as without.


Two Cooperative Capitalists Are Better…

Cooperation is
about integrity of relationship,
for equitable integration,
maybe even some healthy co-arising assimilation,

Cooperatism is about investing our healthy time
in ourSelves
and each and every EarthBound Other,
as iconic of Earth’s vast health potential,

While Capitalism is also about health-investing our money,
commodities of Time’s equivalent value,
physical resources and ecosystemically considerable assets,
our vital true ErosCapital transubstantiating Earth’s affluently assimilative Agape,
ionic future value-icons to become redeemed
by, for, with Earth’s EcoSystemic regenerating therapeutic balance,
political and economic cooperative evolution, of course,
but recovered
re-involved through polyculturing/multiculturing true-health EcoLogic,
where Earth’s longing to repurpose
greets Ego’s most sublimely heuristic wu-wei co-belonging.

Capitalism, divested of its Cooperatistic Political and Economic Evolution,
is a sad reminder
of wealth v. poverty over-industrially severed from their permacultural roots,
health v pathology;
Capitalism, divested of Cooperative Models and Theorems of ReGenerative Evolution,
is a suffering suboptimizing reminder
of Capitalism re-invested through Natural EcoSystemic Cooperatism’s vast health potential,
within as without.

Capitalism is iconic of Cooperatism
as light is ionic for time’s evolutionary passing.
Capital is to Cooperate
as economic mind is to political body.


Christian RePublicans USA

So, Doc,
I have this huge black looming doubt
it is possible
in this disUniting State
to remain both Christian and Republican.

Really? Because…

because “Christ-like RePublican”
begins to sound like an oxymoronic hybrid
for self-dissonant identity,
encouraging those who bear this cross,
as I emergently do,
to perpetuate some identity
as Publican
but also Co-Messiah.

Like a rich advocate for the poor.

Like a rich extractor from the poor
without intent to return anything of value.

If we do our political and economic and cultural analysis
of the ecosystem including Nazareth
about 2000 years ago,
Republicans recast themselves as Publicans
and Christians regenerate as eco-polyculturally cooperatively networked
RePurposing Messiahs,
reiterating messages of globally cooperative love
as evolutioning synergetics,
dissonant with hate and fear and elitist anthro-centric
the anti-Christian hell of devolutionary over-reactionism,
overly domesticated deposit accumulator,

Well, now that you mention it,
but I thought you were a Taoist,
and a Democrat.

Maybe that’s what I need to talk about?

Well, I have heard that you don’t always
get your yang political universalists
lined up with your yinyin cooperative economic integrity.
Sometimes engaging Win-Lose campaigns
hoping to achieve Win-Win outcomes.
not sure you can be a Taoist Democrat either.

Maybe I’ll just go off and build my own little garden
and evolve as a PolyCultural DeComposer of Cynical Paradigms.

But, if successful,
you risk re-emerging as a Christ-like Publican.

Maybe an EgoPurged so EcoGlobalPublican Cooperative Revolutionary Christian.

Hmmm. yes, someone should try that.
Sure hope it isn’t me.


Turquoise Dawn meets Purple Dusk

Earth’s Day issues our collective invitation,

echoing out and back through all incarnation,

enculturing all EarthTribe’s living natural systems,

to celebrate balancing harmony,

confluent peace with fairness,

contented mutual equity,

mindful compassion between

Caesar’s commodified Physical Universe,

also known as branching Yang,

and SuperEco’s graced Metaphysical Universe,

also known as rooted Yin;

both economically and ecologically self-optimizing

Prime Relationship of Tao’s mutually compelling

0-sum Win-Win Group Game Soul Theory.


To optimize Earth Day’s here and now contentment,

minimize suffering silos of stratified separation

from humane nature’s cooperative eco-normic balance

between Purple MetaPhysical paradigms polypathic

and Turquoise Physical 4-dimensional dynamic math polynomic.


With gratitude to G. Perelman, W. Thurston, D. E. Beck, and C. Cowan


Heads Will Roll with Laughter

What to do,

how respond,

to totalitarian tyranny in someone else’s home

or community

or economy?


OK, good question, I hope,

yet with ample precedent in polycultural battles

to attain harmonious balance

where we have become monopolistically lost.


What do you do,

how respond,

to monocultural stimuli advancing in your own heart,

across your backyard?

When death stalks you,

declares you alien to life’s current probabilities

of rationally redeeming praxis,

when your friends recognize your karma

arcing from past memories

inviting evolution’s highly personal fragile future?


What do you do when you fear

your ego and relationships of love,

and sometimes even faint suggestion of domestic peace,

may realistically be at an unwelcome end?


I tend to ask myself,

then those around me,

profoundly wise questions:

Have I done something to tick you off?

Why this tyranny,

where is the winning function of decay,

mayhem, mercenary merciless mob

thuggish behavior?


Who is winning what in this long-hot summer

of monopolistic habits, norms,

assumptions of egocentric,

rather than ecologic,

zero-sum lose-lose strategies

and principles of economics?

Who designed such chaos?


And, my answer always echoes

resoundingly back across our Eternal Transitional Moment,

“no one,

this is a fool’s game we witness.”


So, whether this totalitarian monocultural weedpatch

of a socioeconomic culture is your own

or your neighbor’s

or your larger DNA/RNA-rooted and regenerative cousins



stardust Elders,

if you know them as interdependent relationships

within EcoTherapeutic Praxis

we mentor with, by, and for each Other,

continue to water your cooperative flowers

and ignore that violent weedish autocrat

suffering from too much yang,

too little yin flexibility and graceful mind

and inclusively grateful breath.


If you can’t win them back,

join them in laughter at ourselves

for being such an autistically exclusive species,

distracted by our own solar spots and days gone solo,

we forget we’re all in our mess together,

whether we aim ballistics at eco-systemic hearts,

and wallets, and purses,

and values,

or not.


When my teenagers cannot believe they need not fear me,

because my actions tell them otherwise,

according to their diverse abilities,

they laugh with me.

This laughter always surprises

I cannot retain my fear and anger,

but maybe a little suffering,

and my daughter shuns me,

and my older sons ask me what is my problem?


It helps when they remember to ask with kindness

and patience with my pain and fear

and cherished suffering.


So, why not a simple email from one head of state,




to Other:

I can see you are suffering catastrophic loss

of wealth and happiness,

your nutrients are leaking,

your polycultures fade

and your monocultural trend is sharply rising,

how can we help?


Sometimes I’m in no mood to talk.

I want to hang on to my suffering,

to fully harvest its positive lessons.

Sometimes I’m in a mood

to not tolerate shunning

from Ms. Oppositional Daughter,

but my son who cannot speak,

understands no language beyond rhythm and resonance,

language as music in personal keys and chords,

when he laughs at my vast righteousness,

I melt and wilt

to join his polycultural revolution

of atmosphere


primal assumption of mutual gratitude,

we will always laugh together

as we have throughout our incarnations.
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