Facing LifeTime CoOperative Service

All creatures with a Yang-formed face
with Yin bilateral sensory receptor function,
are looking out together
while riding this front edge
of ReGenerator Time’s huge sacred
pay-it-forward investment
in creating each and all of these incarnating faces
with mindbodies.

Most of our value
to and with and for each Other
of Time’s InVestments
we meet along love’s potential way
co-emerges through this cooperatively self-optimizing memory
information system
stored in each of our cells
inherited from our parents
on back in time
all the way back
to diastatically climaxing Black Hole
of timeless dense-eternity,
containing everything save dissonance
and disharmonic decay.

We ride time’s co-gravitating surf,
Earth Tribe residents and co-arising investors,
worshiping our echoing internal voices,
gods of PolyNomial LightSpace
and Not(Not Polynomial) Double-Dark TransParent Time
for DeComposition
as reverse-face of ReGenerating Time.


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