Why Just Get By?

What would you do
if I walked out on you?
Would you stand up
and sing out of key?

I’m really quite sure
if you did this to me
I would sit down
and dream how to be.

Do we need everybody?
We sure need sometime to be.

Could it be anybody?
As long as that someone’s not me.

What would I do
if you came home from school?
Would I ask what
you learned out of key?

You’re not really sure
what they thought they might teach.
You were being
what you might become.

Do you hear anybody?
I just need someplace to be.

Could it be anybody?
As long as they don’t act like me.

What would Yang do
to fill out his vast form?
Would YinYin win
to flow and fill in?

How light might we get
to know empathy?
Could time’s nature
refold us again?

Do we need to feel better?
We all need someEarthTime to love.

Could we be anybody?
No, We Occupy CoPresence Today,
we occupy EcoPresent ToNight
Earth’s ReGenerate Rooting Rite
to appreciate
even more ecotherapeutic
political with economic
eco-logical consciousness.

EcoPolitical Science
merges co-evolutionarily
positive v. negative dialecticality
theories sharing ecologically
with analogically
primal roots in BiCamerality
Syntaxed Fractal-Time Form with Balancing Functionality.

with NeutralYin as Holy Holonic (0)-soul Spirit
with DoubleNegative YinYin EcoPresent

Aptic co-arising “content-Present” reiterative default (-,-)
CoPresence of Time’s
PreFolder Prime Relational (0)-Soul EcoSpiritNature.

I think it is true
but I’ll leave it to you,
we could gain a better therapeutic high
sustained through future regenerations
with a little more help
from our more ecotherapeutically self-governing
and cooperative health optimization policy writers,
and investors
of both time and
that stuff we use to get high off ego-competition
consumer games,
when we could richly
warmly invest in eco-cooperation
Win-Win Games.


Note: With apologies to John Lennon, and mutually intended thanks for rich resonance. we’re still getting by, etc., “With a Little Help from My Friends.”


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